I don't know about you, but I think that's bullish for the Gamestop wallet

  1. Your post was removed for not linking to the ORIGINAL NEWS source. Please don't link to Twitter if it was published by another news source.

  2. IP logging is pretty standard practice but I can't say I'm a fan of the overall amount of data collection corpos do in general, even if it's coming from our company GameStop.

  3. I mean yeah there's some privacy issues. But it opens up a huge range of utility for nft's. Local deals, location dependant nft's, integration with other dapps, etc.

  4. The difference between this policy and other policies is that individual investors will own the company, therefor I have a voice that will be heard by a board that has the shareholders best interest in mind, and if you don’t believe that, go look at the turn around plan that was initiated a year ago, oh yeah and look at the balance sheet, you’ll learn about something new called negative debt… Happy Turkenburg!

  5. Quick question. Does a VPN randomly generate an IP address over and over again? I still don't know how it really works but this was my understanding of it. Problem is if that is what it does I'm positive there is some sort of reverse engineering software that can backtrack to the original IP address. Am I mistaken?

  6. Does the gamestop wallet or loopring wallet do the same thing? The people on CC are claiming that the gamestop wallet collects IP addresses as well, but I have no idea whether they do or not

  7. I don't think you need to transfer anything. Gamestop wallet and metamask use the same seed system (dunno what the correct term is). Just use your metamask seed phrase in the Gamestop 'recover wallet' option. You can then use both wallets simultaneously.

  8. No need to transfer inventory! You can just recover your MetaMask address in the GameStop wallet with your MetaMask seed phrase. In the app go over to profile, tap the wallet name at top above your address. You should see two options, add another wallet and import wallet. Adding another wallet just creates an additional wallet address, but tap import wallet and you will be able to enter your MetaMask seed phrase! Make it your active wallet in that same screen.

  9. Because people value privacy in the crypto/web3 space, and metamask is the most popular wallet out there, so there might be a lot of people who will switch to other wallets for more privacy

  10. I’m afraid that will become the norm as governments force companies to gather some info from users, the real solution is self sovereign identity which will give users control over their data and give us a choice on what we want to share with companies while staying compliant.

  11. I mean. This is just FUD against metamask. It's not metamask that will track IPs, but Infura which is the default ETH RPC... Just change the RPC and it's a non-story.

  12. If on the same chain, a wallet is a wallet is a wallet. Meaning, if you have two wallet apps that operate on the same chain (for example, Metamask and GameStop Wallet), and they use the same seed phrase config (12 words, 18 words, 24 words, etc.), you should be able to simply use the seed phrase from one wallet, and "recover" to the other wallet app. The wallet address exists on the blockchain, the wallet apps are merely the way you interact with the assets held within.

  13. Whenever you see things like this make sure you comment and spread the word about how awesome the GameStop wallet is

  14. Gamestop wallet also collects your IP. If anyone worried about that they would already be on a hardware wallet anyways.

  15. The best part is how they can’t just step up their product quality (which is the only real way to win for them). No matter the rivals of Gamestop, all of them just piss on their customers.

  16. I had issues with Metamask breaking functionality of some websites. Switched to Gamestop Wallet on it's release. Haven't looked back. The Gamestop Wallet wins hands down. Now it's on iOS is the cherry on the cake.

  17. the second polygon network works on gamestop wallet, ill never use metamask ever again. i don't prefer polygon over loopring, i've just existed there and have a lot of nfts on it.

  18. Can’t find the tweet but the devs said they don’t actually need the IP and will discontinue tracking with an update next week.

  19. Consensys…. rofl. what a fitting name for a company youd. probably disagree everything they do with…

  20. I'm excused by my boomer-age 🥳 so please help me understand why collecting IPs in this case is bad. I'm not trolling, just trying to learn :)

  21. I am not big into crypto, but I was holding a couple eth + some random stupid coins in metamask from b4 GS wallet came out & my LRC + a couple NFT'S in my GS wallet... well looks like everything is heading over to my GS wallet after this news

  22. You guys seem to fail to see how useless an IP address is. Unless you are planning a targeted attack, who cares who has your IP?

  23. I'm certain that the GameStop wallet is also using Infura by consensus. It's essentially the only way to use Ethereum at all.

  24. Kinda wish I could use my first wallet I had when the website beta was first up. That’s connected to my Trust/MetaMask and I can’t even get those two to be connected to the iOS wallet app. Tried everything. If anyone can help please I need an adult

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