1. I wonder if Carl Icahns twitter is suppressed too. He said in his documentary that he announced his long position in Apple on twitter

  2. At least I got one notification… but this one right here I’m late by an hour solely because I check on you fellow apes…

  3. The only 2 accounts I have notifications turned on for is GSMP and Ryan. The last two Ryan tweets I haven't seen are the only ones I haven't gotten notifications for after the least year and a half of mobile pushes. Wtf is right

  4. It’s been an issue for the past week where notifications aren’t properly working. The feed is also somewhat broken as a lot of junk is getting through.

  5. I figure someone should let you know… Elon Musk bought Twitter recently and is running it into the ground. The core infrastructure team that kept it working properly are gone. The shit is “kinda working/ kinda not” right now. This is why Twitter isn’t working right. It probably won’t ever again.

  6. I only had rc notifications on. The day before either deleted the app I was getting push notifications from fucking fox news

  7. So he’s either just Cohencidentally unaware that’s in the profile, orrrrrrrrr he just gave us an indirect sign pointing at a billboard saying drs your shit moass soon. He’s not leaving breadcrumbs anymore, he’s leaving a full loaf of bread for us. BUY HOLD DRS YOLO!!

  8. I know what you should do with your hands… you should jack those titties to fucking Andromeda, bro (assumption that your titties are not already there). Hang tight.

  9. Checked the shadowban site for RC's twitter handle, everything looks like its working. Wonder if there is a different meaning since this is the second time he has said this exact same thing.

  10. Captain free speech who had his buy funded by Saudis and quataris? I hear they love freedom of everything

  11. I think the tweet is calling out Captain Free Speech because that was one of the things he said he was going to do once he bought Twitter

  12. Did...did RC just reply to a person that has the DRSGME homepage in their Tweeter description (or whatever the hell it's called cause I don't use Tweeter).

  13. Yo @ryancohen mentioning @lawsondt is awesome. @lawsondt is a great person....as is RC. I am happy.

  14. The guy he responded to has drsgme . C o m in his Twitter bio. The guy that THAT guy was responding to is an astronomer. Do with this what you will

  15. I don’t really use Twitter that much so not very familiar with it. What does he mean by tweets suppressed? Is he referring to notifications or his actual tweets are not being sent out?

  16. Ohhhh shit. Here we go. Are we going to find more coordination between Wall Street and Big Tech? Maybe some pay for play action with suppressive algos?

  17. I need this framed on my wall as a reminder….and the rendering pic of apes dining at the last supper…that one’s my favorite!!!

  18. When the hardness of your dick, matches the jackedness of your tits. There is a stock about to rip, when tomorrow comes!

  19. I honestly think this is a big fuckin billionaires game between rich people and they all talk in code all the time. We are literally pawns for different games. Ryan is playing the beat wall st game and winning. Obama for example was playing the hotdog and pizza game (jk, maybe)

  20. Got no push notification of that tweet on twitter. I'm having the app installed only for him and GS. I get one for GS tweets

  21. Last time he said this we got NFT launch with immutable x and the price was suppressed… this time we got the wallet and the price is being suppressed?

  22. They will be paying fees until the end of human existence on their short positions because they will NEVER willingly pay to close the stock at their true price. I theorize once the float of real shares is locked they will still create synthetic shares to trade back and forth and short In the name of liquidity. The lack of liquidity is the Fed’s true nightmare. That’s their boogeyman.

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