GameStop Short Sellers May Be 'Running Out Of Bullets': Analyst

  1. Same. Though I do love how they talk about short sellers as though them winning doesn't mean thousands losing jobs and a good company going out of business; as though they're good and valid people and not just leaching off of those who actually do something of value with their lives.

  2. Contradicts a bit doesn’t it? Short interest reduced dramatically and now there are not enough shares to borrow 🤔

  3. "... Duaaniwsky said shirt sellers don't have access to enough shares of Gamestop to apply serious downward pressure on the stock without significantly increasing cost to borrow."

  4. The lies they can say without any proof is unreal lol. The big one that stands out is “HEAVY SHAREHOLDER DILUTION”. If I remember correctly there was one. That happed what over a year ago.

  5. "price action heading into the closing weeks of 2022 will be dictated largely by buying demand rather than short selling."

  6. Something tells me the 2 million shares made available to borrow this week alongside articles like this means they can release the next article saying "Now THIS drop was definitely from retail selling and apes moving on." Shit's becoming predictable. Remember this comment when it happens lol. EDIT: WASN'T S3 THE ONES WHO SAID "PARABOLIC PAST 30"?!?!

  7. Straight up Fuddin’. Anyone else catch that NOW GME in an “e-commerce partnership with FTX” instead of just selling gift cards now that FTX has imploded.

  8. To me this seems like a warning to other short sellers to not fuck around and find out. This was written for their criminal friends on Wall Street with FUD sprinkled in trying to make GME less enticing to their casual finance readers. This is just a warning call so we must be close.

  9. “Without a significant amount of shares to borrow GameStop’s price action will be dictated largely by buying demand rather than short selling”

  10. “Limited shares for short sellers to apply downward pressure.” Now, called me regardet, but that sounds like they just admitted to market manipulation.

  11. Just got the text today that the GameStop shares I got on a biweekly buy were just dropped in my account. Going to switch them over to book after hours and we are good to go. I love accumulating real shares.

  12. Contradickshon there Ighor. Not enough shares to short, yet short interest is lower? Black is white and lgbt flags are allowed at the World Cup

  13. The bear economics can only last so long. The a transformed tech company will rise from the ashes and MOASS all over the haters asses. We will swim in the infinity pool.

  14. Ahhh now I understand. Short sellers running out of ammo because Carl Icahn shorted all of it right? Right? That’s how it works right?

  15. If I had a dollar for everytime I heard "SHORTS ARE RUNNING OUT OF AMMO!" on not only GME, popcorn, but literally any tickers comment section on Webull, I wouldn't be here waiting on a squeeze, wouldn't need it, it would be like finding a $5 bill on the ground when I had a crisp $100 bill in my pocket.

  16. These article highlight the true supply/demand issue of dark pools. Apes are buying and DRSing everyday. Short sellers are covering their positions per the article, yet the price has declined.

  17. Icahn seems like a nice guy (for someone in finance) and a smart dude. I hope for his sake he got out of the shorting GME game. If not, its gonna be a rough ride for him.

  18. Lol I don’t get it if gme is so useless why is there an article or video every other day taking about how useless gme is…I don’t know about you guys but might have to buy more to see what all the fuss is about

  19. I think these headlines about Icahn are trying to get other people to pile into the shorts for exit liquidity.

  20. The same people who tell you that short sellers are doubling down. Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.

  21. Make sure to sign this Petition for a call to congress to stop naked shorting.... which was the cause of the FTX failure since they were the front for the ability to naked short crypto through FTX just like they have been doing with stocks through the loopholes by the SEC from the DTCC... Trying to get this over 500 signatures and growing...

  22. Since when do we give a fuck about msm articles? If they are negative, you guys shit all over them. Buuut when it confirms your bias, you act like it's gospel.

  23. Tie this to the post about Kenny G getting a bailout... Is this the beginning of the coverup for the squeeze?

  24. Shorts can't close unless they buy real shares. Hedgies can sell as many synthetic shares as they want and drive the price down. If people don't sell, at some point the buying will have to start and hedgies will have to offer big money to buy them back.

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