Kash Patel....well this is interesting... It appears the DT crew is climbing aboard....discuss

  1. Kash Patel is one of the honest government officials out there (yes there are some). He was on Trump's team (which could be viewed as good or bad, depending on personal views). I've followed him for a while now. He's often on t.v. calling out corruption.

  2. A griftrr involved with an alleged recent theft of classified documents and who's also an election results denier. He may happen to dislike financial terrorist Ken Griffin as much as us, but it doesn't make him trustworthy or credible in any sense because his reasons are rooted in self-interest rather than the protection of the American public.

  3. Be ruthless! It’s this cowardly behaviour that got us here, unite and fight for your rights, before they’re stolen and sold back to you, again.

  4. Violent overthrow, while definitely a possibility on the table, would be the absolutely worst possible outcome of all this. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

  5. This guy posted on truth social. First brigading claims, now a post full of shills inciting a call to violence that originated on truth social. Give me a break. They are coming after superstonk… endgame is near and they need this sub gone so the masses don’t come here…. Wake up apes. Violence is never the answer and no bailout has even occurred yet…. The op of this post is a popcorn supporter and has NO DRS POST.

  6. Walk him to a one square open acre in the middle of the prison yard and throw some food over the fence once a week.

  7. This is the kind of sentiment I wish more people in the U.S. were feeling. Everything happening right now is textbook predictable (bail outs, media propaganda and smoke and mirros, bought politicians apathetic to the very people they should be serving, etc.). The whole country (or even the whole world since what happens here has a domino effect on all economies) has every reason to be outraged at this small collective of rich people with common interests literally conducting financial terrorism under the protection of the U.S. government and law. This is borderline dystopian. And it will only get worse if people continue to sedate themselves and accept what they're shoving down our throats.

  8. If we follow the Social Contract by Rousseau, revolution is the right of the people who need to defend their country. While we're seeing applications of it like the raid on the Capitol, this economic revolution seems like a better reason to get incited. I feel ya.

  9. We need a VAST MAJORITY of Americans to refuse to pay their taxes….a financial revolution! This is what they’re most afraid of. This is why they plan to hire 87,000 new armed IRS Agents. It’s always about the money. Take away the money, take away their power and frivolous spending of OUR tax dollars! 💎🙌🏼🦍💪🏼!!

  10. Think about it. Early last year they could have gotten away with a modest payout. But By being arrogant and thinking we would go away, wouldn’t discover drs or lock the float….. by continuing to naked short into oblivion, an “idiosyncratic risk with infinite losses” has been created.

  11. this lady at the seveneleven I go to every morning is the sweetest kindest person. Poor thing has really bad teeth and she's understandably self conscious about them. Little does she know she has a windfall coming her way. Spread the wealth don't hoard it.

  12. I would argue that it's better worded as "if they are against corrupt markets they are aligned with Apes". Some of the people who are against the realities of the market do not believe that redistribution of wealth away from the corrupt is a positive result.

  13. Can someone please explain to me how being a FICC member is synonymous with a bailout? I'm not necessarily disagreeing, just want some clarity on how that conclusion was made.

  14. This entire post is filled with comments regarding violence. I believe this to be fake sentiment. This is not what this sub is about. No cell no sell is not a meme and we don't need violence to achieve that. Check yourselves, check your ape brothers.

  15. If you only understood we’ve been here the entire time. We’re fighting the same war. Against the same enemy.

  16. I never said they were. My post says this is interesting and if DTs crew is coming to the party, its a good thing. I was never endorsing this as factual.....merely saying that KP says KG sucks. That is good in my book

  17. It doesn’t matter if you lean right or left. One thing is certain: THEY want to screw US. I lean right politically but want justice, including Kenny to serve many life times over and over. I will defend you assholes because I love you.

  18. Lol fuck Kash Patel, what's he going to do anyways. Dude worked for the president who openly acknowledged Ken was hiding money offshore. They're all in on it.

  19. Is that how you deduce? Okay, stay at your level then. "The media only lies about GME" -ahungrylilsandwhich (probably)

  20. This seems like a correlation does not mean causation kinda thing. Kash Patel worked for a previous president but nothing stated about why fuck that guy besides his former work experience. BTW one of the reasons why that president got popular is because he would slip the truth every now and then. The tax system is rigged for the rich, MIC, oh and probably that Ken Griffen is trying to hide his money offshores...mayo force recently took a trip to Africa.

  21. This is all my fault. I enjoy playing video games and I'm retail so it goes without saying that I'm dumb so I bought gme stock and now the world is ending, because of me.

  22. Ban this damn post already, literally on truth social and full of shills calling for violence. The op is a popcorn shill without a DRS post. First attempts to ban us for brigading and now a post full of fake accounts calling for violence. Ban this fucking post before superstonk is shut down.

  23. Unfortunately, WallstreetApes is a popcorn pushing account. They sometimes link GME in with some of their posts, but it’s primarily pushing popcorn bullishness. The Truth Social crowd is actually a good group to inform, they are completely dedicated to fighting corruption and fixing the problems in this country/world. Becoming filthy rich isn’t a priority with them, but if they were presented with the solid DD regarding how the entire market is one big corrupt Ponzi scheme, they might be interested in becoming activist investors.

  24. So we keep getting robbed, and nothing happens to them? What kind of action can we take to see change? Calling and writing only seems to fuel their greed.

  25. We need a VAST MAJORITY of Americans to refuse to pay their taxes….a financial revolution! This is what they’re most afraid of. This is why they plan to hire 87,000 new armed IRS Agents. It’s always about the money. Take away the money, take away their power and frivolous spending of OUR tax dollars! 💎🙌🏼🦍💪🏼!!

  26. After submitting apps to agencies in my more narrow specialty, I applied to work at the FTC and started an SEC app. Told my boyfriend, “the Reddit boys got me all riled up this morning” lol. Y’all got me applying for jobs I’d get fired from within a week. 😂

  27. If it happens, the whole market is a scam and they can literally do what they want. They burned a warehouse and the fucking fire chief was so corrupt he called the reason for it while it was STILL BLAZING. It was on mainstream TV and we all saw the fraud

  28. I hope we get that copy of the constitution while we are at it. Such a slap in the face of all who wish to retire one day.

  29. The DT cronies don't actually care about this they're just pissed at Ken because he came out in support of Desantis. That being said, if this helps take Kenny down I welcome them

  30. For SA Kash Patel is very close to Trump; he was one of the highest ranking officials at DOD, ODNI and the White House. He ran real stuff.

  31. I don't like DT at all, my political views are further left than even the green party- but I can't help but agree. The way every media outlet on Earth was against him, the way he got banned from every platform- I don't think he was ever supposed to become President, and if he was supposed to, he was someone's useful idiot and they don't have use for him anymore.

  32. Trump and his people are known to bullshit or spread lies to gain an advantage/following. We've been here before with NFTcon. People say/acknowledge what we want to hear for popularity. Maybe he wants people to buy his book. We need ACTUAL DD to figure out what this means. Can't trust anyone in political sphere. Regardless left or right. They're all liars

  33. Better than a current president who’s son uses his dads position for his own financial gain but yeah, fuck Kash for calling KG out publicly! How dare he?!

  34. It's on Truth Social, there's no chance I'm going to trust anything this guy says. And all the dorks whining about politics, sorry but politics are incredibly important and relevant for our situation, we can't ignore it

  35. So… you guys know like most of that $300B (also definitely way more than their actual AUM) is like pension and public Sov Wealth money. Plus there is nothing sketchy about the Cayman structure. Every fund pretty much uses it so foreign investors don’t get double taxed. Everyone still pays taxes as required by their domiciled country. Also also, all FICC membership means is that citadel is trading fixed income which like, they have a million different strategies so is completely unsurprising. This literally means nothing but y’all seeing ghosts

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