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  1. If I brass balls and don't sell even a single share through MOASS, can one of you give me a small piece of land for me and my dogs?

  2. The news was so dry for GME right until the wallet release which also coincided with the “Icahn short”, everything happens for a reason

  3. I eagerly await the day that shorts constitute 90%+ of daily sales yet the day still ends up green and they lose all control.

  4. Amd for all my Apes I'm the Superstonk. I would like to give a special fuck you to the Wasabi sub. They can suck my nuts too.

  5. I've been staying zen for many moons, and now with all of the FUD, it's time to buy and DRS more

  6. It's such an unforgiving world. One thing though I'm thankful for are my muhfuckin Apes. There's more work to do after MOASS. We need Apes in office

  7. Greetings from Germany I can confirm that. But it is probably due to the fact that the Volksbank no longer wants to offer such "small" shares because of some fees

  8. Just got off work & finally home from the new big boi job! Catching up w/ the homies in the daily, rippin fat dabs & smokin big doinks. Bought 4 more during a lull @ work #Bullish DRS 🚂🟣🟣🟣💜

  9. Way too obvious at this point that when this thing unravels, Ken's gonna be blaming crypto for crashing the American economy as it was the first domino to fall. He'll scream political favours (not his team ofc) allowed FTX to go unregulated and that contagion was the one and only reason why Citadel now needs a government bail out.

  10. I think I’m stupid, how do I activate my wallet with Apple Pay? I don’t want to pay the fee for ramp or whatever.

  11. Tin foil lite - MSM is tryin to pump out extra GS fud so when ppl start searching "GME" over the holidays after listening to hours of DD from their regarded relatives they'll have some fresh fud results

  12. Help fellow apes, currently logged on to CS and want to change my planned shares to book shares if it helps the cause, thanks in advance

  13. Click your shares . Click details or whatever by the plan ones. Go to terminate plan. Shares then get converted to book. Important! Your fractionals will be put up to sell. Go to pending transactions and cancel it.

  14. On the 14th of next month, the SEC will decide on a sweeping reform that would semi-force market makers and internalizers to route retail orders through various lit markets. That means a lot more chance of real price formations.

  15. lol i thought we fatigued and moved on a long time ago why bother spinning the narrative to cArL iChAn iS sHorT ... xD wtactualf

  16. Anyone ever get a weird NFT transferred to them called “@redchessqueendeciet”? What do I do to get rid of it? Someone said send to a burn account but then another said a bad thing would happen if you did that. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I don’t feel safe with it hanging around in my wallet. Please help!

  17. I do believe prolonged elevated interest rates will choke out many bad actors in the financial sector. I feel that it’s still pretty early in that regard.

  18. Zen mode. But seriously, how many DRS shares have been sold in the last two years? Likely close to zero……lol that’s why I’m zen. See you on the moon. 🏴‍☠️

  19. Been on here for years and never commented once on this sub, only bought. 👋 just wanted one single hello in here

  20. 🚀🚀 the best part is no one can decide how long we've been here.. I've seen 83, 87, 84 years lol you're locked in here with me.jpg

  21. I think that Volksbank literally ran out of GME shares so they delisted it - no charts or anything. I could be wrong though so anyone is welcome to correct me.

  22. Elephant in the room, GME talk in other subs and clarification that DRSing shares isn't a bet or trade will cause a Streisand Effect. Dunno about you but when I hear of something getting banned/shit on that I've never heard of, I look it up.

  23. Quick questions folks. I’ve been buying one by one 🧱 on CS directly but haven’t gotten any letters in the mail. Is that a concern or did they change how we are notified?

  24. We don’t need dubyu ess bee, they don’t need us. But I’m a member of both. I also happen to be long on GME for two years now, never sold a share, not even bagholding. It’s strictly coincidental I enjoy both subs.

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