Carl Ichan admitted to Shorting GameStop in an interview to FT in Feb 2022. MSM is creating FUD on the day of launch of iOS Wallet.

  1. Nice find ape. Like I said before when the Icahn posts were flooding this sub. There is only one person that is going to trigger MOASS. That person is you: you DRS’ed regarded ape. You are the one.

  2. Mentioned it in another thread….but if he opened the short position “right at the top” he must have entered around $400. The price was down to $38 (pre split price, which would be around $9 now) on 2/19…so it’s more plausible he closed his position by then and didn’t get greedy for it to dip a couple bucks more.

  3. So, it's not talking of a current short. It was a move seeing what was about to happen (GME getting shorted back down from it's peak) and he cashed in on it.

  4. They are so obviously wrong, Carl is all for DRS. No chance he's short gamestop. Unfortunately the masses don't pick up on it. Really hope he contradicts them openly

  5. Was going to say, the short position was always known we just didn’t - and don’t - know whether it’s still open. MSM certainly don’t have a clue. What we also don’t know is what Carl and Ryan talked about. In short, nobody knows but the timing of this is an obvious distraction. Note that nobody in MSM is talking about the first extended interview and only one in two years with the man they have been obsessed about - and even criticising for his silence.

  6. The truth comes from us, dont trust any other sources. Especially not from the persons involved - MSM around the world.

  7. Just adding some data to this. This is directly from Icahn Enterprises 10k filing for the period ending Dec 31, 2021. It appears Icahn’s investments had a net loss of ($32,000,000) in 2021, with on notable short position gain of $204,000,00. See page 32:

  8. He uses the past tense in this quote. “We…made a lot.” He could have opened shorts again, so who knows. Either way, bullish.

  9. Totally! He also mentions when he was shorting it, and how he felt afterwards. That’s a complete different narrative from what’s being described today.

  10. "Icahn started building the short when GameStop was trading near its peak of $483 per share and still holds a large bet against the retailer’s shares, said the people, asking not to be identified because the matter is private."

  11. Something I haven't seen mentioned before about RC's Ichan picture. Ichan's head is cut in half in the preview. It's scalped. Ichan scalped the drop and closed his shorts already.

  12. This article actually quotes him and he says himself that he “made a lot”. No way he says that for just a gain on paper

  13. News: "A whole hell of a lot of SHF managers just went to prison today as GameStop stock price passed 741million dollars a share " 💜

  14. True. I was almost too lazy to DRS in the first place - not undoing it. Now I have a reoccurring bi weekly Computershare buy set up. Can't stop won't stop gamestonk

  15. If anyone in the know knew that the buy button was going to be turned off, the ONLY play at that point would be to short the stock. Wonder if ichan was in the know ar that point...

  16. It almost seems like the Congressional hearings could have benefitted from hearing from some of the other short sellers who made bank when brokers colluded to prevent investors from buying certain stocks.

  17. All it means is the guy worth $17.9B had a hunch that GME would not stay at or above $400 permanently. It doesn't take insider knowledge imo. He isn't aware of the "infinity pool" or doesn't believe in it.

  18. Dude I just realized - any HF paying attention to Www esss bbb would have known based on the number of people reporting in on various brokers.


  20. Simple thought. What did RC do with two trades? 1) As GME needed money, they watched it skyrocket and then sold and made $1.5B.... they paid off all/most their debt. They are cash rich and debt free. 2) BBBY, he jumped in, it took off. He then jumped out and made 8 figures or so. What if he learned this maneuver from Carl? Or if he asked Carl to step in on BBBY when they decided to go rogue versus letting RC take them over and spin out BBBaby?

  21. January 2021 was almost 2 years ago. If he shorted January 2021, then closed February 2021 and made money, he is neutral at least. If he had closed his short position months ago, and we see a spike tomorrow...then they publish this story because they know there will be a spike tomorrow. Mandatory buy in from FTD (probably not) or liquidation.

  22. He did talk about having to wait until earnings to take a position in some stock he liked. If RC dropped some info it would be insider trading until it became public.

  23. Wouldn't he have had to close in order to actually make the money on his short play? Otherwise it's just on paper.

  24. The speed at which SS saw through this bullshit headline just goes to show how far ahead of the game retail is. Amazing. This card has been in a certain back pocket for a while, got beat an hour after it was pulled 😂 too good. Too fucking good.

  25. I'm sure they've been finding bagholders for their shorts all year. While they've been "stuck in here with us" all this time, they are the ones who have to figure a way out. We are quite comfortable in this arrangement; they are not. For every opportunity we've missed to make a dollar on some other trade, they've missed the opportunity to make millions, and the best part is every day we make our shared prison a bit smaller and more suffocating to them through DRS. The prison is still plenty large enough for us, but not them.

  26. It really isn't much of a brag to say you shorted at the top after the buy button was forcibly shut off to stop the squeeze...

  27. This is on Bloomberg right now. ByScott Deveau and Bailey Lipschultz+Follow 21 November 2022 at 22:56 GMT Updated on22 November 2022 at 02:31 GMT

  28. Don't care, if he shorted, he will pay me, I don't fucking care if he's long, short, fuck him because I WANT MY MONEY so yeah.

  29. The fact he shorted that high means he could smell the fuckery and knew GameStop wouldn't be allowed to destroy the entire financial market that easily. Still a gamble ;)

  30. How many people knew how deep this went in Jan 2021? Probably 0.001%. People knew it was hella shorted then though.

  31. Upvoting because some apes here are so smooth you got a better chance of playing pick up sticks with your butt cheeks than any critical thinking to be happening in between their ears

  32. Maybe i'm regarded but I thought the whole idea of being an activist investor is not too short companies... ?

  33. The current article says he still holds this short position. Meaning Mr Icahn believes the price will even go lower. Does it really matter though? The lower the price goes, the faster the free float gets locked. I'm not selling. And I think I can say safely, nobody on this sub is...

  34. Anyway.. buy more and drs.. I understand perfectly anyone who shorted GameStop back in January 21.. the problem is that it’s NOT the same company any longer, now.. is not the time to short and destroy, now is the time to buy and drs

  35. Heavy FUD day today…..they also need to build a library of recent FUD for upcoming earnings release in December. Being honest here, I’m a bit disappointed in the dip of only a few bucks. Would have liked to see something more pronounced to sop up some cheap tickets….

  36. The Carl Icahn "news" could backfire big time, if after Ryan Cohen's visit and subsequent picture he Tweeted, the result is a statement by CI or form filing announcing he nowhas a Long Position in GME. A greater than 5% stake would be really impactful. That would be nice, but who knows at this point.

  37. Theres two reasons why an article like this would come out at this time and both of them are bullish. 1. Carl Icahn is short gamestop and is looking to cover. 2. Carl Icahn is looking to buy long. An article like this would likely create some selling pressure allowing Carl to buy Gamestop. Thats the whole point of an article like this coming out now.

  38. I don’t care if he is long he is not an activist he shorted the company and stole from us. Why the fuck are we trying to defend him? Jesus this pisses me off so much.

  39. End of the day, he’s here to make money. He did what he had to. I am sure RC and him had a discussion about it. Looked like a nice conversation that he didn’t just walk away from it and not take a picture

  40. If he already closed his short position it means he doesn't think it's going any lower and probably thinks it's about to reverse.

  41. We all like a certain amount of tinfoil and speculation, and I have no knowledge of their conversation, but what if RC went to CI knowing he had a large short position and tried to convince him to close it because he thinks like individual investors (II) that the DRSing II are doing will end up costing him a lot. Like I said I don’t know but it’s fun to think about.

  42. That's not even an unreasonable course of action. "Hmmm, I'm betting that this over-inflated stock price that is a result of market manipulators getting caught with their pants down and their hands in the cookie jar by retail investors isn't sustainable."

  43. So with all the money he made shorting it, I'd imagine he will pump back into it and send the price soaring, profiting from both short and long positions on the stock.

  44. Lol Icahn shorted GME when the price reached the $400 mark. He probably already exited that position when the price tanked back down to $80.

  45. Of all the stocks that could be picked to short, how anyone could think it's a good risk management decision to short GME given the history of this ticker is beyond me.

  46. He shorted at the top, depending on him and others who made the same play! They are the first to get out, and if you counter hedge your short in this case with a long right before closing your bet man you get almost double profits but in a case like moass timing is everything. Except for short hedge fund who are locked in the positions before Jan 27. They are truly fuked

  47. So an article from the beginning of the year is getting new attention, and treated like it's breaking news to overshadow the wallet. Msm is treating this like its the first they're learning of Icahn's shorting.

  48. To me this means he already closed his shorts. Otherwise he wouldn't have made anything yet. You don't profit or lose until you sell or buy to close your short. Period. And if he didn't his investors could accuse him of lying to them and leading them to believe he profited already and closed.

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