Carl Icahn Being Short is some of the best damn news we could have received. Calm down and get in here.

  1. He’s been short since 480 apparently which is bullish as fuck. He can close his position with massive profit, while igniting the squeeze

  2. He closed already. Financial Times column from him writes “We made a lot of money.” He shorted at the top $483. Remove post cause post is debunked

  3. Imagine Icahn being the first one to the door and after closing his short position - leaving us with a 30-40 share price - he goes long and MOASS-triggering news are released

  4. That's always been my "wtf" here. The first one to fold pays the least. I always expected shorts to see the writing on the wall, cut losses and buy long, triggering moass. I didn't expect a united front of shorts also chanting HOLD, but it happened.

  5. Wouldn't this all be market manipulation if RC went to go and see him last month to inform him of everything they were building etc?

  6. Again, if he took out a short position recently, it'd be a stretch to call that bullish. Him having a long term short position makes him a guaranteed buyer at some point.

  7. Folks around here love idolising people, no matter what their actual actions are. Icahn has never been someone interested in the benefit of all, so I'm not sure why people think he would be. He's a cold blooded capitalist.

  8. Yhis is exactly my thoughts. Icahn is short, covers his shorts and goes long, sending the rocket ship to uranus

  9. I just wish I understood all this. But I did finally get a PS5 with some extras and the total cost was $741.04. So that was cool.

  10. I recall Icahn stating he was waiting for earnings on a prospective new company… could he be waiting for GameStop earnings upcoming to close his short position and go long?

  11. Possibly. Especially if he's counting on us announcing profitability. He can't act until it is public info. Makes total sense why he has to wait!

  12. Edited my post to discuss this. Thanks for triggering my eternally optimistic, hyped af speculation!

  13. He will not go long. These billionaires will do nothing to help retail prove this is a fraudulent system when that’s how they made their money.

  14. He is aware of the Ichan Effect and knows that disclosure of his positions moves the price. He rather price go down so he can close cheaper and, possibly open longs cheaper. Especially if he's getting an ATM deal

  15. icahn seems like a very rational actor especially if his position is still in the green. the other shorts seem to be very underwater and don't have the ability to be rational. this could get spicy

  16. Absolutely why else would Ryan post that pic. Think about it Carl shorted it from the very beginning back in January he is way up. waits till the stock hits rock bottom, Wait a lil longer until the Hedgies get in worse trouble. Could be right after mmtlp blows up in the shorts faces. Then when they are they’re weakest possible moment he places millions of calls then closes his short position. So he protects his downside on the way out blowing all the Hedgies up in the process. He could be the first domino to set this all in motion.

  17. Short sellers are future buyers looking for “their” price tag. It’s super bullish to see that he wants in gme. Also all publicity is good publicity.

  18. Ok hear me out in the interview RC said: "I'm not a fan of short sellers... I shared that sentiment before" and later "You can learn alot from Carl".

  19. The split dividend does not count as newly-issued shares, with regard the earlier authorization. I'm not aware of a sunset date on that authorization, so the company could issue more at any time.

  20. This actually seems like the most most probable outcome of events. Delete this post and don't give the enemy info like that again🦍🤣

  21. People literally spin him being short or long as bullish. How about we just don't give af about him and DRS lol

  22. I think he would load up on calls then close his shorts. Price goes up and then Carl executes his calls options. The whiplash and resulting upward momentum created would be violent enough that you'd damn sure want to be buckled up. Yeehaw!

  23. As an investor I would be absolutely fucking pissed if they diluted me to bail out a short. Honestly what kind of insane idea is it to try and put a positive spin on that?

  24. Yeah, an ATM offering is not good for us at all, especially if the main reason is to help a short close their position.

  25. More plausible would perhaps be that the meeting was due to the declining volume to try to get an ATM for the shares to cover without impacting price. Hopefully he was told "nah".

  26. There would be no incentive for GME to agree to that. Only if he's actually going to take out a long position would it make any sense to agree to an ATM on the whole thing

  27. I like it. Honestly, any situation at this point with this is bullish. MSM lying about it? Bullish. Mr. Icahn has a large short position he needs to close? Bullish. Mr. Icahn is flipping to a long position? Also Bullish. All bullish.

  28. I can't wait until MOASS simply so I can stop reading how "This week feels different" for the last two years. Buy, Hold, DRS and onward to 100%.

  29. Icahn isn't stupid. If Icahn is short, he had a reason. And what OP is saying could be it. Go short on Gamestop when it was high as a kite is goddamn brilliant. Imagine how much he would make when closing those positions.

  30. There is a tendency on this sub to spin virtually everything that happens to GME in a positive light. Posts doing that always rise to the top. That said, this seems somewhat plausible.

  31. Can you imagine if RC went in there like bro, you’re my hero and shit but get out while you can because I’m about to fuck this pig

  32. I think you're missing something. Icahn knows the game. He's the OG activist remember. He saw the buy button being removed and said, "nope, that's to far Wallstreet. The little guy won this round." He then shorted the shit out of it at the all fucking time high price. Then he waits.

  33. In the pic with Ryan, Icahn is literally wearings shorts. Ryan is wearing pants or longs, as in Carl's position is short whereas Ryan's position is long.

  34. I still don't get why they would share a picture? it's a possibile hint for the enemies as well and there is absolutely no reason why to do that

  35. It’s said Carl cohen Icahn is holding a large short position of deez nutZ. Honestly thought the way they put shot out on no real proof. Just using terms like it’s said or a reliable source like fuk u show me the proof. Like I showed my 💯shares proof with a purple circles.

  36. Had this same thought. Icahn is no dummy. He could make ridiculous gains from closing his short and make even more by then going long after closing his short position and riding the rocket with us.

  37. I was talking with a guy on WeBalls earlier about him shorting 🍿, and was curious if he shorted GME too. He basically said, no way... too risky.

  38. I'm seeing a lot of people hyping saying they think Q3 earnings will be positive. I think expectations should be managed at this point so everyone isn't bummed out if they beat estimates but aren't profitable yet. Q4 holiday earnings will be interesting though.

  39. Carl Icahn shorted before half the float was locked. Meaning his selling pressure then is half of what his buying pressure will be.

  40. The fact that he still has to add to his short position tells me one thing. He is stuck and can't get out. It's way to dangerous to drop the price further.

  41. I remember him saying this in Feb. They are Recycling the news. I don’t know what their angle is for doing it...but be alert.

  42. Everyone is saying that he isn’t short anymore and that he WAS short during the 🤧sneeze. Media just ran with the narrative cause it’s negative.

  43. He’s probably already closed his short. Price won’t move until news hits that he closed already.

  44. I read on Superstonk earlier that Carl Shorting is not new information. Apparently this was known in Feb 2022 or something.

  45. Well whoever let him short is is going to have to locate the shares if they never really did in the first place… there was no shares when the price was $480 so how was he able to get enough to short. Someone is holding the bag and it’s not icahns fault it’s whoever let him open the short without locating

  46. I love this kind of post. Thinking about what the future "could" be is what makes gamers so elite. Anticipation is one of those things humans can do and paired with imagination, we get glimpses into possible future realities. A+ work ape!

  47. Only thing is that Icahn short was out in Feb 2022 and in those high level finance billionaire circles, I'm guessing people knew he was short already.

  48. This is compelling and in line with other educated speculatory comments I've read this morning. It's simple, logical, and the strategy would be untouchable without Kenny and friends essentially naked shorting themselves to oblivion. We could be in for a very merry holiday season.

  49. 8d chess idea: the rule say that every short is a future buyer. He shorted in 2021 and now it’s “leaked” after the picture with RC? Then RC broke the silence after 2 years? IOS wallet finally there? I think the next news would be Icahn closed his shorts and buy in Long. Let’s see what happens maybe right maybe wrong.

  50. I like this and the he’ll set off the shorts running for the door when he closes (exercises?). Of coarse we have the door completely shut by DRS 60% by then. That’ll be a squeeze

  51. It's old news. Also, the way Ichan phrased it "we made a bunch of money" sins like his short position is closed.

  52. In the RC interview, he said they were going to focus on short term profitability. I wonder if in her meeting with Icahn, RC mentioned the wallet and said, wait to see how many downloads we get. I bet if the numbers are the Icahn goes long.

  53. He said he made a lot of money off it in 2021 which meant he delete this. If they weren't closed then you can't really make money as it's unrealised gains.

  54. Disclosing you have been short for ages doesn't push the price down unless your audience is a bunch of idiots. It only shows you need to buy a ton of shares in the future - exactly the reason people have BOUGHT shares as they expect a squeeze. I mean having an old short position puts zero pressure for the price to go down...

  55. I really hate this tin foil theory that Icahn will save us. Fuck Carl Icahn and every other billionaire out there.

  56. Isn’t it ironic that the ones getting shorted can be accused of manipulation, but the ones doing it aren’t???

  57. I can only imagine Icahn closing his short position, rake in massive profits, go "hehe suckers", then completely regret his decision when he watches GME explode due to MOASS.

  58. All that actually matters is that Carl has a history of buying direct. My question is, how does the CS limit for buying in a year get effected by this. is it calendar year for buying, ie. could he buy max now and then in Jan double down?

  59. That's why he has to wait until earnings are published, once that info becomes public. Knowing/sharing inside info is not a crime. Acting on it is.

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