WTF! This just popped on the TV.

  1. If he is now after two years saying he has a short position, he is signaling he thinks bottom is in and will be closing it, probably going long after the conversation he has had with RC.

  2. “U/Kahareddit has a penis the size of the sears tower says people who are familiar with his penis that wish to remain anonymous”

  3. "The size of his position is unknown". So your telling me you dont know how big of a short position he has, but throw out a big trust me bro. Now that is top notch journalism!

  4. Something doesn't add up here. RC met with Icahn and clearly thinks very highly of him. Our Chairman, for obvious reasons, doesn't like short sellers and directly said so in the interview. Outside of a direct business negotiation, he would have no reason to pal around with somebody who is shorting his company. I wonder if there's outdated info being used here - it sure made sense to short GME before RC and the Sneeze arrived.

  5. They are trying to get people to short it cause there is a carve out coming and they know the price is going to 🚀. Bruh we’re going to be so fucking rich.

  6. “Nearly wipe out their debt” = uh didn’t they wipe it out all save for a tiny covid loan in France with low/no interest of which they had enough cash to cover that loan like 35x over? No mention of how flush they are with $$ while other companies are struggling with interest rates? So obviously trying really hard to say nothing positive at all

  7. Question.. if you take a short position and lose does that money find it’s way back to the company at all or does it just go to the clearing house and who you bought the shorts through??

  8. "Icahn believes in GameStop so much that he's bought shares and loaned them out to retail so they can afford them, committing to buy them back at the Moon and Uranus prices. The greatest transfer of wealth in our generation, all thanks to this good man."

  9. If he has/had long dated puts from the height of the squeeze then presumably he's about ready to take a sizeable profit and go long at the turn of the tide? Isn't that precisely what whales do? 😂 Dumb article, hedgies are fuk, buy the dip, to the moon 🌚! 🚀

  10. that's the thing we've learned, they don't want to ever close. If you were short at the all time high, why not just close now, get out with the crazy profit? Same with towel stock, it's not about the profit, it's all or nothing. Either the company goes out of business or they keep shorting.

  11. Who is saying it? “People familiar with the situation”? Just like the WSJ article. I don’t believe anything these fucks say unless it comes directly from the source

  12. Exactly. It's another set up like when we jumped 30% AH in January over "breaking news" that Gamestop was developing an NFT marketplace

  13. We have been saying from the beginning that the ultimate hellstorm of fud will begin when we near the finish line. Thats what an animal in a trap does.. thrashes and lashes out at everything around it.

  14. He shorted at the top , very top. He now needs to close that position, let's see him close it without The Board bailout.... hence the meeting with RC. How this all ends is gonna be lit

  15. If he shorted it at 450 (112.50 now), then surely closing now will cost him.. but he will have made a fuck tonne. Closing out now is essentially him timing the bottom as the best time to buy what he already sold..

  16. This. RC sat him down and told him what % retail is holding and how much has been DRSed and how GameStop is turning around. RC basically gave him heads up of the MOASS nuke thats coming im case Icahn doesn’t want to go bankrupt.

  17. Maybe the whole bbby fiasco and RC is some agreement between them where RC helps Icahn close his shorts and gets BABY in return

  18. Lmao I knew he wasn’t to be trusted and have been screaming for people to not hype him up and always got downvoted. Time to get back to DRSing the float.

  19. Yeah the article says “sources say”. This goes Against his usual M.O. as well, he’s all about seeing mismanagement or not fully utilized company value and trying to turn it around via a long position and in some cases, a takeover attempt.

  20. In RC’s interview he states that A. he has negative sentiment towards short sellers, B. there’s a lot to be learned from Carl Icahn, and C. he didn’t want to get into the specifics of their conversation. It’s hard to say whether he respects him or just clumps him in the the average short seller.

  21. Bloomberg said icahn hold short position in jan of 2021, back when gme was at $400+ range. So icahn's position is in green. It has nothing to do with the current situation. Media make it sound like this is breaking news.

  22. "people, asking to not be indentified because the matter is private" just felt the urge to put this out the day the wallet releases, what an impeccable timing

  23. Omg… this is nuts. He could end up being the catalyst. Like everyone else has said, Ryan met with him and this could be it. He may be the first domino!

  24. This is bullshit. He already talked about it. Said he shorted because they turned off the buy button. It was a simple mechanics play to my knowledge. If people can't buy, the price goes down.

  25. Icahn claimed he shorted top and closed for massive profit, over a year ago. Gab plotkin claimed he closed shorts and was making big profitable trades then busted cause he was too short to cover. Icahn is nobody to me if he lied and is still short I will not feel any different if the money I pull out of this is his or Kenny's or Steven Cohen or Jeff yast or some random politicians or a regular person who followed him Cramer's bad advice. I will take that money and give it a good home when this is all over

  26. He shorted at $480. 🥱 look you dummy’s it doesn’t matter nobody knows what his short position is or if he has one. This story was pumped out by Bloomberg to drive negative sentiment, same about the WSJ article on Ryan Cohen over the weekend they were going to try and hammer GME because they are fucked fucked fucked.

  27. he could close now and get out with a decent profit before the whole thing blows up. depending on how large his position it might trigger a chain reaction of other shorts closing 🤔

  28. The fact that they release this a day after the Ryan Cohen interview tells me all I need to know…DRS more shares 🚀🚀🚀

  29. I couldn’t read this I was too busy downloading GameStop wallet for iOS. I know fud wen I see it. Can’t wait for these clowns to pay.

  30. Didnt SuperStonk review Carl Ichan's holdings and saw no GME? and it even led to theories about the apple falling close to the tree being Carl's son holding a lot of GME.

  31. They have just telegraphed their excuse for the next run up, Carl Icahn closed his shorts, that's why the price went up

  32. I actually totally believe this based on his whole sentiment during his interview he was super negative about crypto and said he doesn’t get nfts this really would make sense based on what he says and I feel like with him being an activist he would be proping it up if he supported it

  33. So if he shorted near the top at 400+(100+ since divi) ... He's in the money pretty good. So he can buy shares now at a gain? Did I eat to many crayons behind Wendy's or am I understanding that correct?

  34. Don't large shorts keep positions open indefinitely? Why close unless there is imminent risk.

  35. So if he bought at the top why hasn't he bought his shorts and cash in a bunch of money? Unless he expects it to keep falling.

  36. If he actually is, my tinfoil theory is that maybe Ryan met with him to discuss why he has the short position and what he could do to change that. Just get some more input. Idk just a thought.

  37. There was once a so called Melvin Capital that had a large short position in $GME. Does anyone recall what happened to good ol Melvin Capital after having to close said $GME short position?

  38. This is the most classic example of media being bought to suppress “good face” news events or use old data points to write a new lead that attempts to negate any positive momentum.

  39. Don’t know about everyone else but I’mlooking at the “for more information “. Lolol half assed written almost like it was copied and pasted in a hurry.

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