wallet.gamestop.com is LIVE GO DOWNLOAD RN!!!!!

  1. bro i’ve just had the longest day at work, some guy fender bendered me on the way home and i get home to this??? crap day turned so much better

  2. Yeah man I hear ya! Woke up at 5am with an intense calf cramp, pinched my back getting out of bed, then went to clean up and had dishwasher liquid squirt me in both eyes. Add to that I'm at work doing an overnight shift with behavioural children. They laugh and run amok while I'm sore and half blind. I also have muay thai class in an hour but unfortunately I have to miss it.

  3. Been trying out the app for about 10 minutes. It seems really well designed, and more foolproof than the average wallet (good for us apes)

  4. Same question. Is there a separate app for the NFT marketplace? I bought 100 USD worth of ETH and not sure what I’m doing with it

  5. Perfect timing for Thanksgiving. "Could you pass me the turkey?" "Oh man, I'm so glad you finally asked about GME. Did you know..."

  6. Let's all congratulate GameStop on the release of its iOS wallet. Two years ago, it was just a brick-and-mortar store and there was only a confusing website to order a few things online. Today there is a very clear app that makes shopping super easy. In addition, GameStop has developed a Chrome-based crypto wallet from scratch. But that was far from the end. They also created an NFT marketplace that has the potential to be the marketplace for the coming era of Web3 games. And with today's release of the iOS wallet, an even larger number of users will be able to participate. The kind of software tools GameStop has developed in this short time is really impressive. It is even more impressive for a brick-and-mortar store....

  7. Wait did this really just come out today??!? I just bought my first laptop and it was one of the first things I did today haha, killed it without even knowing 💪💪💪

  8. Today they released the iOS app (for apple‘s mobile devices), that’s new! Was usable as google chrome browser extension since quite some time…

  9. When I search on iOS app this shit hidden. Amazon is the first thing it shows followed by GameStop app and then a bunch of games

  10. Scrolling through my home feed and seeing all the different crypt-toe subs talking about GME and how smooth their app is, is BULLISH.

  11. If I already have a wallet on the chrome browser can I just recover wallet with my code or is it best to just make a new wallet and transfer?

  12. Can’t tell you what’s best for you, but yes you can “recover” your browser wallet from the extension and connect it to this app.

  13. Now I’m just waiting for the smart apes to drop a post on how to set up your wallet🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

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