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  1. When I try to move eth from L1 to L2 I can’t because I can’t put a “,” to move 0,002eth . Am I doing something wrong or ? Please help

  2. Wait... now people on this sub are openly defending billionaires (IChan) who have openly admitted to shorting GME?

  3. Well, a lot of possible reasons. Imo it all come down to "All shorts are future buyers", and the fact that he shorted it with great timing, riding the moves of HF.

  4. The fact that they felt that they needed to publish refried moldy FUD from 9 months ago just because the company released an iOS version of the app shows how scared they are. 🚀

  5. If you have a wallet you can recover it. I tried it today. Works great. GameStop wallet to GameStop wallet I mean. Don’t try to like recover a loopring wallet into GameStop.

  6. There is a very sus post claiming a bailout and repeating the word every time possible, beware also very sus the timing of the awards, kicking the can is not the same as a bailout.

  7. Use the 'recover wallet' thing. In chrome, in the settings, go to 'display seed phrase' or something similar. Use the seed in your iOS wallet.

  8. Moved AMM tokens + other coins to GameStop wallet, I don’t see any earn functionality, will I continue to earn ‘interest’ or should I transfer AMM tokens back to LRwallet?

  9. I really want to bolster my collectibles to show my fam at thanksgiving. What was the consensus on sharing addresses on here for NFT’s?

  10. Im trying to figure out if I can import my Loopring wallet that I paid for to the gamestop wallet. I accidentally created a gamestop wallet knowing i already have a loopring wallet. Do i just copy the key phrase from my loopring wallet to the new gamestop wallet?

  11. Left 5 stars and a review on the iOS GameStop Wallet. It’s genuinely an incredible interface and the coming features and potential are exciting. 😁

  12. Trying to connect my wallet to iOS app. Went to connect wallet on NFT.GameStop then took screen cap of QR code then choose that pic in the scan section of wallet then my wallet comes up. But that’s it. Can’t click it or choose it or anything. So it doesn’t connect. What am I doing wrong?

  13. You’re trying to connect your iOS wallet to the mobile NFT marketplace site? I think it’s currently restricted to using WalletConnect currently and the GameStop wallet isn’t supported on mobile yet.

  14. Want to know a good time for shit to get crazy?!?! How about over thanksgiving weekend? When your family and friends gather to talk about their lives and the world around them. What also happens that weekend? Black Friday Sales, and if the emails I get daily from GameStop hint at anything, it’s that they will have some serious foot traffic.

  15. Can I send SHIB from Crypto.com to my GameStop Wallet? I want to do a full transfer of everything if possible but am smooth on these things.

  16. RC said in the interview that there's not a big difference between long and short positions, aside from reporting(not-verbaidem). Smoothe as I am, that struck me as odd and stuck out a bit wen I heard it at first.. This Mr. Icahn Stuff has me thinking about just that. Either way, my game plan hasn't changed, B/H/V/S/DRS. 💎🙌🚀🟣 Love you dummies! (Also the pic of them with a 💺 in the background). Somethings going down and I'm fucking here for it!! LFG

  17. I'm seeing apes stating that Icahn is up over 300% if he shorted at the peak. Please stop saying that. If he sold short at $483, he would be up around 79%.

  18. You gotta call your bank and tell them you trust the source and plan on making reoccurring transactions with it. They can tell their auto-fraud bots to back down.

  19. Can you have more than one wallet in the iOS app? I’m traveling for thanksgiving and don’t have access to my original browser wallet recovery key. So I may set up a new wallet and add my original one when I get home. Anyone have success with more than one?

  20. Lol yeah, I generally don't trust anyone who says money is "negative debt". With all they pulled from their asses the past 2 years, who's gonna believe them?

  21. Is it better to use wyre or ramp to add money to activate my wallet? Or does it not really matter? I’m pretty new to this

  22. Was Citadel trying to get a crypto market going to move around their crypto crime more easily?

  23. Is it possible to connect the GME iOS wallet app to the NFT marketplace all while only on mobile? I can’t seem to do this on my loopring wallet (it just doesn’t stay connected)

  24. Just bought a refurbished XBOX One and preordered FNAF Security Breach for my kid’s Christmas present from our store’s website.

  25. We need some wrinkles on that BOOKING with computershare situation, i feel like theres a lot of distraction right now

  26. I know, right? Like this is blowing my mind, especially if an off-ramp gets introduced? Everyone was up in arms over Apple taking a cut of NFT sales, but if their ecosystem provides security layer that traditional finance wants between fiat and crypto, and they get a piece of that, while the user still gets non-custodial asset holding? It's the best of both worlds, full stop.

  27. 10,000 hours. That’s all it takes to become an expert in something. Anyone following this since January 2021 or prior has put in the 10,000 hours.

  28. So do I recover my wallet in the app to finish setting it up or is there another menu in the create wallet section? Someone help a 35 year old old timer out please.

  29. What would you like to do, use the wallet you already created or make a new one for a separate reason? Like transfers only or just to deposit funds?

  30. Why can’t both of them have been shorting GME? And they’re not the only ones. Steve Cohen, Jeff Yass, etc etc. Icahn was short. Has he been building the position? Did RC think he could flip him to his side? We don’t know. We’re not in the club. RC said things in his interview, and he didn’t say things. The game goes on.

  31. Got a ? If any of y'all can help out be much appreciated. So when a shorter goes to close do they or is it smart to buy calls also cuz you know theres going to be buy pressure seems like a another way to profit but I guess you would need to have a big enough short position to really move the price when you go to close

  32. For as much as I want it to moon tomorrow, SPY still around 400.... It still needs to drop so collateral is worth less and the margincall comes and we launch. The exact same thing happened back in 2008: SPY fell, then WEEKS LATER, VW mooned.

  33. Hey guys, transferring my LRC from my Layer 1 to Layer 2 wallet and everytime I try it reads: Error loading gas. What does that mean?

  34. DFV says if stonk is trading sideways, its a good time as any to buy. RC put out a 40 min interview yesterday talking about memes, Gamestop ios wallet is out... life is good 🏴‍☠️

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