Ryan Cohen, thank you for taking the time.

  1. some sad analysts wont be sleeping tonight trying to counter the positive sentiment and survive another day hour second

  2. Guess a majority of people here is quite open and libertarian. Not left, not right, as the world is not black and white and on a much broader spectrum.

  3. It was pretty cool to see. I thought they spent a little too much time on the tweets but great conversation overall and great to hear from Ryan.

  4. I loved the tweet part, it really showed more of his personality and humor. Dude loves shit posting and memes as much as we do. Feels nice that he vibes with our raunchy irreverent humor.

  5. It was nice. It was dope seeing him actually talk and discuss as himself, obviously with some legal limitations.

  6. He’s gonna make shit happen, because that’s who he is. He said it himself, he would work himself to death as the CEO. I don’t think he’s changed that mentality. He’s all in on this from a strategic standpoint, and he’s not going to stop, because he can’t stop. All of the DD, whether he referenced gmedd directly or not, has me resolute in my investment. I’m not going to stop, because I can’t stop.

  7. 200k people straight up love the company so much they directly registered their names as owners. So the 100k+ is weird and I would maybe change it because it's bare minimum a million individual investors as the smallest tiniest possibility a million.

  8. Honestly didn't know much about him before and had seen interviews where he was more closed off in the media, didn't think much of him. This interview did it for me. We got to see someone confident in their own home talking to someone in touch with GME and he was funny and humble and I really connected with him. His social media makes so.much sense now, which I like. But it does mean we should stop reading into everything he posts, clearly sometimes he's just being immature which I like. I think we all need to lighten up like him and be posting more memes and funny chap and laughing at ourselves more like he does and not come across too serious and cult like. Let's just have some fun whilst we wait and not be so uptight.

  9. Are you kidding me? Full support doesn’t even begin to explain what I’m willing to give to this guy.

  10. I'm glad he confirmed that the 741 stuff is all nonsense 😂 that's one of the most annoying theories out if the whole aaga

  11. While I heavily appreciate his interview, his books and his love for everyday investors, I cannot stand what this sub has done to it already.

  12. What do you mean “turnaround”? The stock was like $1 before the squeeze and is worth $25 now. Those are good returns! GME is up 513% over the past 5 years!

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