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  1. Ok i finally figured out my question. I understand the questions were vetted before the interview, so that's all fine, but i really can't get it out of my head that there were no questions related to DRS, stock split or more questions about Jan 27th. I think there was only one regarding the halt early on, but nothing more deeper.

  2. With all these faceswaps going around, can someone with more tallent than myself get me Margot Cohen in a bathtub?

  3. I felt the RC interview looked kinda weird. Not sure if deepfake, beauty filter, virtual background, shit webcam or what, but his head looked kinda disconnected from his torso. Some fringing around the top of his head and the background. No questions about MOASS, no questions about short interest, no questions about DRS. No questions about future of the company. No questions about the books.

  4. Hey I’m sorry but I can’t figure this out for the life of me, I’ve received my mail from Computershare but idk if I’m a dumbass or what but I’m not seeing a clear 5 digit code to access my account. Where would that be located on the sheet? Thanks in advance for the help

  5. There will be a second letter in the mail, unless you lucked out and already opened an account. I suggest simply waiting, I was too eager and tried too early too many times, and ended up being locked out of ComputerShare for a few days as a security measure.

  6. Just watch the whole interview with Ryan it was cool to see him go through all his tweets, it was cool to see and hear him and talk in general, made me feel like he really is like one of us. Excited to see what he does with gme and what it will grow into. Definitely just up

  7. I think it's pretty darn cool that I can directly register my favorite stock easily with CS and watch the main man talking about the wealth gap disparity and the real issues that plague the country, not fluffy bullshit. I'm down wit that.

  8. No way, Scrollwheeler spent way too much time on here. He’d be nonstop at it. I don’t believe RC would spend that much time commenting

  9. 11/19 teddydotcom launch. 11/19 Daniel Wang moves 100M LRC to his own wallet. 11/20 first RC interview in 2 years. 11/23 immutable Wednesday. 11/25 Black Friday/Fresh Friday. 11/28 Cyber(crew) Monday. Am I missing anything?

  10. I lik that part about how RC sed he likes the degenerate memes and the shitposters and it makes his day after a hard day’s werk

  11. Wow. I think gme gonna be positive earnings for Q3. Fuck your tokenized shit, golden crosses, MACD.... Profitable quarter is the moass fuse 👐 🚀

  12. On top of that, the NFT promo should be part of Q4, I am bullish on Q4 earnings regardless of how Q3 will be.

  13. gmeDD is done because their DDs was based around the turnaround of GME, not the short squeeze or the deep seeded corruption in the stock market. RC doing the interview most likely means the turnaround is near complete so their gmeDD is done, all they have left is to see if the price target they set comes to fruition.

  14. He also said he'd done no interviews because he was busy working. Suggesting that now he's not busy, ie the work is done.

  15. Ugh I have a cold and a fever and a cough. Called the teledoc and getting meds tomorrow. My Molly Golly is bumbling me.

  16. Anyone know why somebody would award me with a preposterous amount of awards a few hours aho on something i posted to the Loopring sub 5 days ago? Seems very sus

  17. When the internet was called the information super highway, they said it could harness the potential of global peer t peer information sharing. This would be somehow profoundly democratizing.

  18. Anyone else kind of speechless after that interview? I’ve been trying to find the right thing to say but I’m just at a loss for words. The man is in complete control. Soon.

  19. I am glad Ryan Cohen released his books now. If he did it earlier, I would have no money left to qualify for that $200 NFT promotion.

  20. The real talking points will get circulated tomorrow during the media cycle, then you'll see what they think sticks enough to be a proper angle for the unwashed masses. one way or the other this interview is gonna be spun in the short and distort machine

  21. For RC to do an interview at this this after nothing in almost 2 years is bullish. It’s almost if these tweets needed sone kind of specific clarification as to if/when something goes down.

  22. I'm not sure an interview or a tweet is a sign that anything will happen soon. I interpret more as hang in there good things are coming, but we are not gonna get rich overnight in a month from now. Ryan would get destroyed by the medias if he made an interview so close to a shortsqueeze.

  23. You could spin it and say he didn't know it was still ongoing. After all, the MSM themselves said it already happened and was over. Who in their right mind would consider a squeeze as a 2 year long event.

  24. I was only able to watch the first 5 and last 5 minutes. Interviewing for so long about his tweets was so cringey.

  25. I personally find it better to look up to positive successful people than detractors who complain about other peoples accomplishments. Because of this I'm thrilled we got an actual in depth Ryan Cohen interview.

  26. "Ask me about what the conversation between me and Carl was about, so that I can turn down answering it, that'll really get em going"

  27. He works all day, comes home, takes care of his family, and when it’s all settled for the night…he unwinds by laughing at the communities memes. The best relationships are symbiotic.

  28. Can someone comment on this. I was under the impression that the folks at GMEDD were not publicly in favor of direct registering shares.

  29. On the face of it, the DRS movement is not a turnaround thesis. GMEDD always held the position of curating bullish news about GME as a turnaround in process, much like DFV did. They hardly did anything regarding the short squeeze thesis and their price target reflects that.

  30. That's correct, at least in terms of perception. It caught me off guard a bit, made me want to read more about it. I, however, am not a 37 year old billionaire, so perhaps I'll just chill.

  31. Will fill destruction of evidence to impede a federal investigation yeah I think the criminals have been doing a lot of that fire suppression system

  32. Ok I legit didn’t realize how hot RC is? Like obvs he’s a good looking guy but that interview did something to me…

  33. That interview went exactly as RC had planned. Calculated and meticulously planned, and done in a way so as to that come across as aloof and unprepared. The man's a genius. It came across as a big inside joke if you were in on the joke.

  34. I thought the exact same thing! Gives him safety from the dumb fucks who will paint anything he says in a bad faith light

  35. Idk why people feel rushed. Less than 200k investors have taken 1/3 of tradeable shares off exchange over the last year or so. I'm no math magician, but it only takes a couple more years of that same disciplined energy moving forward to end the shell game.

  36. I loved to see RC, but damn I wish he chose a More prepared setup, asking for tweet meanings was unecessary, he of course won't reveal the message (if there Is any), also no NFT AND web3 talk :(

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