Ryan's Children's books are actually hidden messages for us! Just look at those titles! China? Money? Running the world? Words can't hurt you(FUD)???? It's the only way he can legally communicate with us...

  1. Tin foil: Teddy.com is a high value url. This site isn’t just for his children’s books. It’s the name and launchpad for an entire children’s products business.

  2. I bought from his link either way... Looking forward to giving these to my kids this Christmas. Hopefully it's part of GameStop. Nice little revenue bump.

  3. Always felt throughout this experience, the info we needed to know was always in front of us but we're too smooth. So Ryan set up fake accounts to guide us in the direction. Thanks again Ryan

  4. Remember when you were a kid and you went to a restaurant with your family and the food was taking a really long time to come out? And you started getting antsy and bored and then your parents would bust out a coloring book or wordsearch?

  5. …or he is just a good dude that wants his fathers legacy to live on in teaching good values to kids… nahhhhh what am I saying, let’s see if there’s a 741 in the ISBN so we can froth at the mouth a lil.

  6. It can be both. Even if it’s not intended to give us any clues or hints - it’s always a good vibe when the sub is focused on the words of a good man like Cohen. If that means we all read the books and in the process discover how to be the best people we can be, I’m certain he would be proud nonetheless.

  7. Or someone that just wants to increase capital. Hopefully there is another purchase of stocks in the future. I’m sure a few thousand people just spent a few bucks at Teddy today.

  8. Things can have multiple angles and objectives. It doesn't necessarily need to be binary. Also - and this is not intended as an insult to anyone here - just because you (you out there, not necessarily anyone specific), personally, cannot see the multiple concurrent objectives in a message, does not mean that the message does not have multiple concurrent objectives.

  9. Bigger than this. Teddy Publishing is part of Teddy Holding’s which has trademarks for learning, software, toys, drinking and eating products, and many more items. This could be who buys GameStop causing a merger.

  10. “My father, Ted Cohen, and his lessons have guided me throughout my life. He showed me an exceptional work ethic and an unwavering commitment to delayed gratification.”

  11. I really love that ALL of the short bag holders, from Ken Griffin, up to the institutions that backed him and are now in this up to their necks, are ALL BUYING THE 5 Book Bundle.

  12. Honestly some stuff in every book is relevant to at least some of his previous tweets. But imagine if we got it all backwards, all of his tweets about WORK and CHINA were actually literally only leading up to this book release and that was the hidden meaning 😅

  13. I like how communicating with us is one of the seven deadly sins yet literally counterfeiting and stealing and fraud is fine

  14. Who names his children Kingston and Princeton? Are we talking about Kingston and princeton golf and beach resort? The one were in 1957 the Bilderberg group meeting took place ? Discussing there the Western Alliance. Which is also the name of a book expected on august 1 2023 by Wilton bernhardt about filthy rich people losing all their money during the financial crash.

  15. https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/rmjm8n/attention_computershare_confirms_only_book_shares/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button

  16. I honestly can’t do anything but laugh. All the tinfoil theories and analysis of his tweets. He was just throwing hints at his books lmao

  17. Notice the faces in the title are drawing your attention to the "DD"...... TIME TO DOUBLE DOWN REGARDS !

  18. interpretation of what RC is trying to tell us: Banks and corporations (big money) owes and does business with China to continue enriching themselves as an effort to maintain power. Propoganda against China doesnt hurt them as a means to distort the public. Banks and Corporations still do business with them regardless what the mainstream media and population says or thinks. Its people like us that makes the world go round because we pay our taxes, work, and use our spending/savings that helps fund infrastructure while the Oligarchs evades their obligations and take advantage of the working class.

  19. Pretty awesome that we can get communication from RC via children's books. The BS financial media doesn't have a chance. We are inevitable 🦍

  20. I'm laughing so much right now. Imagine old hedgefunds buying books for childrens to try and get some hint out of those hahahaa. Ryan Cohen is the best "Joker" in this whole saga. They can't predict him, they are at his mercy hahaha.

  21. I find it rude to insinuate a man who has a deep love, respect, and gratitude for his late father would go to the trouble of writing a series of children's books with the hope to pass along the same values he learned and prizes so dearly, but OH BUT REALLY wink wink nudge nudge tHeY'rE aCtUaLlY sEcReT mEsSaGeS tO sHaReHoLdErS.

  22. So he randomly chose the moon, a rocket and a Gamestop store for his bookshelf pic? I was thinking the same as you but now I'm split.

  23. If our GME saga doesn't communicate that there are different levels of cognitive states, brain types, and forms of conciousness...what does?

  24. Not attacking you but evolutionary biology has established that even if they give an evolutionary advantage, mutations arise spontaneously and randomly; they are not adaptive or a response to the environment in any way.

  25. Give me a break. I like Ryan as much as the next guy here but he wrote these kids books to honor his dad and pass on his memories to his kids. There is no secret message about GameStop. He didn’t write this to secretly communicate with us. This is the BS that makes all of us look like idiots by association.

  26. I fully agree with you. But will say one book has GameStop in the background for a store, which is a secret GameStop message. Not saying the books are secret messages, just the comedy of having GameStop in one of the books.

  27. Seriously, it's pretty worrying haha gonna have people trying to find some tin foil theory on this and never go outside the whole weekend

  28. Not everything is a “hidden message”. Do people actually think he wrote childrens books just so he can hide secret messages in them for us?

  29. Are we just going to ignore the bones on the one about piggy banks, and all the ice cream cones on the one under it?

  30. This is an homage to his father, and his father would be very proud to see what a leader he has become. Unwavering commitment to his vision, employees and costumers, with the gumption to change the tides in so many faucets of our local and global economy, all while bringing the power to the players in his marketplace and his shareholders. I am very proud of my chairman and it’s really cool to see him speak to us, and all investors big and small, through the lens of his father teachings. Can’t wait to read them. Preordered the series.

  31. Maybe I missed it… but has anyone else pointed out that the older boy is wearing a black shirt with skulls on it? 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

  32. I love the absolute tone shift in the titles. Teddy learns the value of saving money, working hard, making the world a better place and respecting the people actually making society work. Then CHINA!!!

  33. This is cringy and creepy. He also can just release these as a tribute to his father and that's it? Not literally everything is about GME, even if it is connected to RC.

  34. Hard disagree. Not everything is a hidden message. For example, NYT story today discloses Carl Icahn feels GME overvalued, and he didn’t seem pleased RC tweeted photo of them together. Yet everyone keeps searching for messages.

  35. I even wonder if "Save 20%" means something LMFAO with all these potential hidden messages... like save 20% of my share? I was planning on holding all of them.

  36. Lol imagine. All his cryptic tweets were really about building hype for his series of children’s books 🚀🫶

  37. So Banks running the world... china (Ichan) working hard... and then words wont hurt u.. (Dont listen to shills)

  38. I felt something when I read the title Teddy and the people who make the world go round. Fuck yeah Ryan, a rich man with perspective. A rare thing.

  39. I like this guy. I had the same idea, but never went through with producing books. I’m glad he is doing this

  40. It's children books about lessons he learned from his father. It's a way to honor his father. Not secret messages

  41. dude, too much tinfoil for this Sunday morning. You think writing books is the only legal way he can communicate with 'us'

  42. I was gonna say STFU, then I read the titles ... in order on that ad ... calling the banks pigs ... calling out China ... calling the bullshit bullshit ... extolling the average Joe (retail) ... and then getting to work ... the titles are definitely a message, maybe not just to apes, but to everyone.

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