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  1. I went traveling down a rabbit hole and somehow commented on a fud post in the old sub thinking I was here, and for that I’m sorry, not sorry.

  2. Ryan Cohen still trending on twitter. I love this timeline. Would have never trended before Elon stopped the shadow bans. Next up, stop the bots spamming popcorn stock.

  3. Nah, it’s still there, just have to touch the two lines with circles at the top of your screen, then you can sort to your preference.

  4. Anyone else caught out from left field with this Teddy thing? It's extremely exciting, though I was not expecting something like this, especially on a weekend.

  5. It’s truly wild to me that at one point I was hoping to have the high score ComputerShare account. But now I find it a point of pride to have a low score ComputerShare account.

  6. Nothing makes me harder than the media getting caught in their bullshit. I truly hope this becomes an awakening to the masses. We deserve better. We deserve truth.

  7. For those confused on what to believe between plan vs book when DRSing, I feel confident Dr. T. would have pointed out any key differences if there were any. And she has been actively answering questions about it for months. My understanding is it's simply about dividend reinvestments. If you have a dividend-paying stock (remember, Computershare is more than GME), "plan" will take that dividend and reinvest it in the stock that issued the dividend. If it's "book," that dividend payment will come directly to you. Happy to be corrected if I'm wrong.

  8. This is also my understanding. Either one is a share in your name, and not in the name of the DTCC's nominee. The difference is strictly for dividend reinvestment. A non-cash dividend would be delivered identically for either type. A cash dividend would be paid to the shareholder (book) or reinvested in the security (plan).

  9. Their lives… were they meaningless? No, they weren’t. It’s us who gives meaning to our comrade’s lives. The brave. The anguished fallen.

  10. What about Personal Information that is publicly available (such as in chat rooms, message boards, or other interactive forums)?

  11. Idk about anyone else but I find it pretty suspicious that there is apparently a GameStop Reddit account now, right after it became incredibly easy to fake a verified twitter account, and the mods “confirmed it” through twitter with no post from GameStop themselves.

  12. I’ve seen many ads recently. It’s not suspicious that GameStop will advertise in more places when famous games/Black Friday is here

  13. So, was RC interviewed by WSJ or not, and if he was, why is nobody taking credit for doing the interview? Pretty suspicious

  14. Just pre-ordered 3 sets of the books. One as a future gift to the daughter of a dear fried that is expecting, and who is invested and DRS'd on my advice. One for my shelf. And one to stay in its first edition package

  15. I once heard that every force has the same opposite force that will push against it. I believe the current world is run by pure evil. Every day I get convinced this group is the good that is fighting back.

  16. I'M SELLING YOU, GME!😭📝👋 ██]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] 10% complete..... ████]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] 35% complete.... ███████]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] 60% complete.... ███████████] 99% complete.....

  17. Please God, let moass start because RC gives a children's book as an nft dividend and that's what destroys massive terrorist institutions.

  18. Hate to be that guy but when I was originally introduced to ss waaaaaay back a huge huge part of getting my shit DRS’d, making sure my shares were on book holdings was extremely important to me. From how I understood It; It was the only way to know that my ownership was in book form and those shares were being removed from The dtcc.

  19. Anecdotal and a bit of a trust me bro: months back there was a lot of discussion going on about Plan vs Book and someone on here or a closely related sub was getting disproportionately upset. Like absolutely freaking the fuck out about them being the same thing. They were seething with vitriol and getting really personal with people. They were name calling, digging into peoples comment history, attacking peoples’ hobbies/looks/etc to anyone talking about terminating their DRIP in order to Book their shares.

  20. My dad thinks working from home is just being lazy because he never keeps up with the times regarding anything and because he retired before the pandemic.

  21. RC writing childrens books will raise the stock price/our investments how exactly? Another nothingburger tweet. The tinfoil/'cryptic' drivel that has ensued is both hilarious and cringe.

  22. Yeah, because the illustrations don’t line up at all. Come on man, it’s not even tinfoil. Look at the fucking pictures!

  23. The continued strength and growth of the company will raise the value and stock price. The Chairman attending other aspects of his life and goals is cool and in character with his expressed morals and philosophies. I think that his twitter is an appropriate place for him to express that, and this forum is an appropriate place for investors to discuss public activities of company leadership

  24. "At Chewy, we had manic discipline when it came to how we spent money. The company-wide culture of frugality stems from his example. Free cash flow was our unwavering governor of growth. We grew Chewy from $200 million in sales in 2013 to $3.5 billion in 2018 while spending just $130 million in capital, all of which went toward opening distribution centers across the country and acquiring new customers."

  25. I consider it distinctly bullish that RC is confident enough in Gamestops turn around and path with gaming that he has time to write and pivot to books. Granted, he was probably doung different things with right and left hands time simultaneously the last few months.... so sexy

  26. Cam you imagine if next dividend won't be extra shares, but physical books that are exclusively for shareholders and aren't sold anywhere?

  27. I know it’s anecdotal but you know how sometimes there are little hints your where you are supposed to be in life? Well, I posted “I have this gift where I can only read RC tweets.” in the daily, and then 26 minutes later RC posted on Twitter making his book announcement ☺️

  28. Wonder if RC issues the special dividend to those who spent $200 at GameStop in the form of his new book release?…

  29. How would that go with the people that are just as enthusiastic about the stock and where the company is headed that didn’t spend $200? It wouldn’t and would piss a lot of people off. So no.

  30. The only timeline that matters, the one you’re on, the one where all the world is chaos, all data is flux, and there is only one constant… and that is the fact that the best parts of Steve Cohen ran down his mothers leg.

  31. Kind of a new ape here… who is exactly “ryancohenismydad”? Also is this book thing a small, big or huge deal? Thank you In advance. I need to gain a wrinkle or two

  32. RC tweets, RC interview, RC publishes book, RC reveals teddy, RC is king, apes go bananas, and some entertaining tin foil stuff. Amarite?

  33. a few electrons, a few photons, a few memes, a few shitposts, rc is an author now*... nothing important though

  34. Have you asked yourself, if some of the hints and easter-eggs in the teddy-books are a bit toooo tinfoiled? RC knows exactly, that not the smallest detail will be lost or overseen by this bunch of autists in here. I am convinced, that each and every detail has been planned with the same accuracy as the pivoting of my favorite company.

  35. Fuck this sub this weekend. What a shitshow. People look insane trying to correlate these books to “hidden” messages. It literally says it’s the lessons HIS DAD TAUGHT HIM. Awesome he published them, buy em if you want, but how does GME profit & benefit from it? And what’s w the book vs plan bullshit all of sudden. Old ass topic. Also, some not mentioning one will sell your fractionals shares when you switch it!!! So pay attention. FFS NFA

  36. It’s really doesn’t matter from some time I don’t enter to superstonk for a lot of reasons, there are only 2 important things to have in mind, DRS numbers by Gamestop in their earnings and waiting the inevitable MOASS to start, when the MOASS starts everyone will know regardless if you lurk here or not.

  37. It is maximum tinfoil but I do agree that's a strange angle to draw a piggy bank and there's a lot of coincidences there to the culture here to fully discount it.

  38. I have a proud degree-by-mail in numerology and am working out the page numbers to animal ratios, and let me tell you hwat, it's getting interesting! Just you wait!!!

  39. I was thinking about it earlier, maybe he respects the hard working Chinese people but despises their authoritarian rules and scams??

  40. out on an afternoon walk to pick some mushrooms (black trumpet, hedgehog, chantellere, dat gourmet thang - don't you worry, the liberty cap stock is also fine this year) and come back to new rc tweet teddy bear mayhem whatin the heck be goin on laaa - made a nice mushroom pie btw

  41. That's a pretty well known game! It's actually fun, you just run around as a goat and do stupid shit a goat would do if it could ride bikes, shoot it's tongue out like a lizard, etc.

  42. Lol. I was just browsing through trending on Twitter and one of the categories was "Ryan Day" and I was, like, "oh, how nice! Is that what we're calling 11/19 now in honor of the Book King?" And then I came back to earth and realized it's a football guy named Ryan Day.

  43. Just looked my first DRS statement from September 2021. I thought I had a 115K account number, but it turns out I have a 11.5K number with the checksum.

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