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  1. This is why options will burn you. Like clockwork, anytime a TA post gains traction saying how it’s about to pop the next day it’s red 9/10 times.

  2. The boyfriend of this cute dready chick i met at the show tonight seems like he's pretty okay with the possibility of me banging his girlfriend. Lol. 👍👍

  3. Idc who doesn’t agree with me. I’m just going to say it. After the FTX fiasco and all this money laundering in crypto and all the public SBF interviews that MSM is bringing up. I’m not sure how Gary Gensler didn’t see this coming. Either he’s complicit or he’s complicit. He needs to go to jail too

  4. Local Gamestop was packed! probably 60+ pokenerds inside and like 30 outside everyone was confused on where to stand, I had already paid in full so I skipped the line like a boss. Love to see it. Wasnt 200-300 like others but still was nice to see.

  5. Anybody else having issues with yhe gamestop app after the latest android update? Tried uninstalling but I'm still getting an error every time I open it now

  6. Tried posting but don’t have enough karma. Local GameStop Pokémon Pre-Release line up is around 300 people. I like the stock. Scarlet gang.

  7. Now that SBF is relatively open about everything, now a good time to get his thoughts here- for GME…. He would probably be willing to drop all infos he’s got

  8. I bought my niece Mario Odyssey from GameStop for her bday. Many gifts for Christmas will be coming from GameStop too. Merry Christmas Kenny

  9. We determined that a bunch of rich, scumbag dudes had an orgy in the CEX. You know what that's called when they do that in there? That's called a soup kitchen. It's pretty rough stuff. In fact, they even left you a note here. "Thanks for the F-shack. Love, Dirty Ken and the boys."

  10. Really love the people here. We have different backgrounds, different political beliefs, & come from all walks of life. Here, none of that matters. I really love my investment & this community. I've been in this a long time & nothing has changed for me. I buy & I hold. Regardless of who you are, I'm on your team. I want you to succeed and hope you find health & happiness. Also, Bayonetta 3 is very good.

  11. Same my friend. I love bayonetta 3 it’s amazing but I must say I’m not a huge fan of the homunculus. I loved the designs for the angels and the demons so much more. Also I Love killin angels.

  12. The event horizon is the boundary of a region of spacetime (inside the black hole) that cannot affect an outside observer in any way. As an object approaches the black hole, if it crosses the event horizon, no possible movement could cause it to cross the event horizon again. The event horizon is the three-dimensional space where, due to the curvature of spacetime, is impossible for a massive object to escape, as all exits lie in the past- giving it an escape velocity greater than the speed of light.

  13. With all of that negative debt I'm thinking that's great for another dividend but what the hell do I know I literally just ate a crayon

  14. The company needs the liquidity until they turn a profit. The runway is only so long. Shorts are playing a game of chicken with GameStop and retail investors.

  15. Hello, fellow American. This you should vote me. I leave power. Good. Thank you, thank you. If you vote me, I'm hot.

  16. Sometimes I think about that guy back in 2005 or whatever that bought all the shares of that one company and it proceeded to trade like millions of shares after settlement. Then I wonder if the jig is already up and only those at GME know it.

  17. Isn’t it odd that more investors on reddit don’t find the large amount of drsd shares compelling? The remaining float as per computershared.net is 60.45million shares with 89.3million already registered to Apes. This coupled with there being 100%+ voting in June 21 (trimmed vote) means the company is hugely retail held, which is also evident by the constant uptick in drs each quarter.

  18. I think since Jan 2021 I've been green on gme for maybeeee a week. Crazy how much you don't care about daily movements when that happens. I would have sold at 500$ in Feb 21. They dun goofed.

  19. The power of the stonk compels me! I just said that out loud to my wife. I wonder how many romantic partners out there have had to adjust during this saga. This shit has made me weird(er).

  20. I know this isn't what the echo chamber of this sub wants to hear, but it's pretty pointless to do that. Just stay sober and drs instead

  21. Heath Tarbert, now Citadel's Chief Legal Officer oversaw the CFTC from 2019, approx 3 months after FTX was born, all the way until January 21, 2021, 1 week before the GME buy button was turned off.

  22. I was once hit with back-to-back blizzards in my area. It was absolutely brutal. I'm talking a gosh-darn lot of snow. There was so much snow, we had to eat it. Only some of it was yellow.

  23. Wow, so check this out, I just got perma-banned from Gaming for posting about Gods Unchained. I was tired of everyone hating on Shatner and saying that NFTs are a "scam" or "just a theory," so I wanted to explain that they are in use right now.

  24. Only a couple more days to come forward before the SBF sex tape comes out….for the love of all things are good I hope he comes forward…

  25. If celebrity net worth amounts on the internet are accurate, Shatner could buy more than 3,000,000 shares of GME. That’s about 1% of the company. The man is 91 years old. Will he go where no man has gone before one more time?

  26. I know it was a while ago, but were the DTCC or any brokers held accountable for the fraud they perpetrated through the stock split?

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