Did RC legal team contact Coinbase? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ It went from fake news "Ryan Cohen is the chairman of the GameStop Tokenized Stock project. He is also an active trader in the project." to "Ryan Cohen is the chairman of GameStop."

  1. I fuckin love seeing this type of ape action! The hive mind of scanning everything and anything to do with the company and leadership we all believe in.

  2. I guarantee he reached out the second he saw this, he could technically sue for libel too, false claiming someone backs or is CEO of your project is against the law

  3. What's your twitter name? I know bstrat515.loopring.eth also made one get pretty recognized (around 137 likes and 54 retweets) but she didn't get that backlash. I'm anonyman.loopring.eth on twitter.

  4. No fucks?? It actually said he was chairman of the GME Tokenized Stock project or are you making a joke? Because that is major fraud if it claimed he was backing it.

  5. Iโ€™m trying to get in touch with compliance to learn more about where the info came from. Anyone know if I should be asking for a specific role? (Compliance officer?)

  6. This token isnโ€™t actually on Coinbase, I suspect that itโ€™s a scam coin. Coin base allows to search any coin but this one you cannot buy.

  7. I'm gonna go on a ledge and say "The Gamestop" legal team had nothing to do with it and Coinbase only decided to take action because its been all over this sub.. and we all know they are watching us like the slithery grease balls they are.

  8. This is still misleading. Gamestop or Ryan Cohen doesn't have anything to do with GME Tokenized Stock.

  9. Well it seems like Coinbase should be sued for/by anyone that lost money based on the false knowledge provided by their website. Does that make sense?

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