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  1. Sleep Stonking again. I just woke up to Rocket launch 🚀 , phone blowing up with all the people who didn’t listen about DRSing their shares, and even people who didn’t buy GME at all (Those poor batturds just blubbered like babies) Don’t wake me we’re just getting the good part

  2. I will be bringing a bubble gun into tomorrow's show. I expect some will greet me as a hero and liberator, but with others, I will encounter fierce resistance.

  3. So… question. One day, I’m sure, Ready Player One will be a reality; it’s inevitable. Would the currency system in the metaverse work on something like GameStops NFT marketplace? It’s the bare, bare, absolutely bare bones of the system right now I understand, but is this the first step towards RP1?

  4. Well, yes, for it to work the players should have full control over it. A fake economy controlled by the industry would make no sense in such world.

  5. Maybe Icahn buys FTX 🤔🤔 he’s got “6b waiting” and in Sam’s Twitter DMs w/ Vox guy he said some people might help him. And imagine how busted that would be… were Icahn to own the 2nd largest crypto exchange…

  6. Not directly about GME, but a few days ago Jim Cramer said we should buy Activision blizzard stock so I immediately sold all I had. Now they just announced all blizzard games being removed from china. Thanks Jim, couldn’t have saved money without inversing the greatest.

  7. Bankless podcast episode “How the ftx Meltdown happened” has a pretty good take on the sec’s position and really puts in perspective what what’s the lowdown from the crypto worlds point of view.

  8. I like the stock.😎👌 I'm here for the memes. I'm here for the DD. I'm here for the DRS Numbers. I'm here for the Shitposting. I'm here for Justice. Here for Reform. I'm here for the HYPE!! I'm here for community and education. I'm here for the TA that gets drafted with crayons on napkins. I'm here for both the NSFW and the Eyebleach Apes alike. I'm here for RC and DFV. I'm here for the story, the history, here to witness and experience the saga. I just want everyone to know I'm here for it.. Edit: a

  9. Thanks to the international phone numbering plan (ITU-T E. 164), phone numbers cannot contain more than 15 digits. This is 100% unacceptable.

  10. This can’t go on for another year, right? These WS fuckers are a vexing bunch of twats. Stealing our time and money. Fuck you, pay me.

  11. Guys, there's a Super Big Mac Wedge Salad Dorito Breakout about to happen. Just gotta ride this Elliot Wave through the channel to Friday's Sexttuple Witching Day and T-77.

  12. I need my GameStop monies so my wife will let be buy a basketball hoop that mounts on the roof and lowers down in front of my garage.

  13. It’s very disheartening when I’ve pleaded with friends to DRS their fucking shares to no avail. Really makes sense why we only have 200,000 accounts. There have to be so many goddamn synthetics out there given our DRS progress. 1000% SI minimum imo, new tokenized stock dd’s have me bullshitting 5-10,000% short interest

  14. I know folks have moved on from Icahn a little lately with the crazy FTX saga, but my personal latest Reynolds’s Wrap snack is …

  15. Okay so not to be that guy again but what's our catalyst here guys? This is the longest I have ever seen our dear stock trade sideways. Where is the price volatility of old?

  16. Catalyst is DRS. Most people won't believe the story until then, the others will ignore cause they've been brainwashed to believe they can still win playing the current game. DRS is the game changer for actual market reform.

  17. Cash has no real value. Might as well buy something with it, like shares of your favorite stock. Boo! Spooky words!

  18. CatsKillCrypto claims to have worked for one of the original SOES bandits trading shops. I'm curious if he's ever met Josh Levine. Ethereum is the new Island, and what Island was is now NASDAQ.

  19. Sounds like we've all found our own happiness, I'm genuinely happy you found yours. Kind of you to be thinking of us even in spite of your new found joy <3

  20. Hypothetically, could GME issue an nft dividend for a game like habbo hotel, where the token grants shareholders access to a shareholder-only lobby where we can talk free from shills?

  21. Why is it whenever a company releases a statement saying something like “____ is fine. Our customers have nothing to worry about” they almost immediately crash and burn? Is this how the wealthy communicate?

  22. I am really struggling financially, my gf is starting to lose faith that we can afford a house or kids or even our apartment. One thing I know for sure. I AM NOT SELLING

  23. Times are tough, fren. We all need this MOASS. Desperate people do desperate things…that’s why we’re holding. We will never leave.

  24. 🍻 here's to all you SOBs pulling back the curtain and holding for the inevitable....Pop goes weasel cuz the weasel goes pop ♾️

  25. My state: you may not own a naturally occurring plant because the Devil resides in it and encourages carnal interracial relations.

  26. Don't forget buying a gun and everclear within 1/10th of a mile of one another. Zero problem. But you want some weed, well that'll be one felony, bro

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