FTX Tokenized Securities Offerings were probably used to survive margin calls. Swaps are probably for leverage. ETFs are for Naked Shorting. Here are my predictions if you want them.

  1. I’ll leave the options to people who know what the fuck they’re doing (or to those who are comfortable losing money). Shares only for me.

  2. Good writeup. You may be right, but as we’ve seen, there are always black swans that can bring about a crisis sooner than planned. Buy and hodl.

  3. Oh yeah, could blow up in their faces at any moment. There seems to be some large players on the other side that will probably have to be dragged out of their offices kicking and screaming before they'll give up though. And Wall Street doesn't seem to fight fair. I just hope we get video of the meltdowns

  4. Yeah, I'm definitely not smart enough to have come up with the ETF witching waves stuff. Just tried to find some hard evidence that backed it up and write a DD for the smooth and wrinkled by someone who feels a tiny bit wrinkly now.

  5. I have also seen other DD writers mentioning that there is a likelihood for suppression that will last through March... I think that seems correct, based on what we've seen and what you've presented here.

  6. Yeah, DRS is still and always the best move, but if we ride the witching waves to some extreme lows in March then I might buy some calls while I DRS for cheap. Not financial advice though, this thing could pop at any time.

  7. Do you anticipate DRS numbers rising having an effect on these cycles or the games SHF are currently playing? Where we are now will be a lot different by Spring, im really hoping more stuff breaks. Great write up!

  8. That's the thing that will be really interesting to watch here in December. How close do we peak to the witching date or are we into the second half of the witching wave? I think both point to trouble for naked shorters.

  9. great write-up. it all makes sense now. trillions in tokens - they were used to fudge the numbers and say they were meeting increasing margin requirements. My question is - how can we put a stop to the GME printer?

  10. Honestly DRS, hodl, time. Nothing new there. They're going to have to buy shares to close FTDs based around witching dates. One of these witching dates the pool of shares that they can buy and borrow from to cover and again try to close as many FTDs as possible is going to be too small because there are so fucking many DRSd shares and not enough people selling. Their naked shorts will become FTDs and start leaking out onto the market, they'll start getting desperate and the price skyrockets. SEC and DTCC act confused/dismayed/betrayed, "HoW CouLd ThEy!? We HaD no idea....."

  11. Super stonk is the only place calling it a Tokenized Security Offering. It’s a Security Token Offering. They’re trying to shoehorn it into RCs tweet.

  12. Yeah, I haven't jumped down that rabbit hole as hard yet. I've just mostly read DD and tried to apply all of the SEC shit I've read to how I think it could have worked. I'll fix that, thanks

  13. You are correct, I forgot his name but someone on the gme nft team mentioned Tokenized security offerings in a tweet a while back. It was in regards to electric car company

  14. I've read that TSO is a fairly recent term and is different than STO in the sense that it is tokenizing [something, anything] that may not necessarily fall under the definition of securities. So, your house for example. It's just tokenizing an amount less than or equal to the collateral value of an asset such as the value of a company for instance, or the value of the properties it owns (blackrock). What would happen if a company decides to use it's London office as collateral and then liquidates and closes that office after bleeding it for capital?

  15. I've seen that mentioned, too.. But if you Google "TSO cryptocurrency," there's at least a Forbes article that mentions it. Regardless if it's the current way to reference it, at least it appears to have had merit at some point (kind of like "not your keys, not your crypto" has become "not your keys, not your coins").

  16. Can someone confirm that Security Token Offerings, that are backed by the actual security, cannot be used as a locate?

  17. TSOs were created as a fake assests...see we own tokens that are worth the same as $GME. Ftx says they have the shares we're good, we have collateral. Another layer of rehypothication.

  18. Exactly, TSOs would have been perfect collateral. That's why it's interesting that the token hits, a ton gets bought up, and then naked shorters go on a buying spree of GME to cover FTDs and exercise large amounts of retail call options. I think they really underestimated the retail buying pressure that they would be competing with on that fateful day in January 2021. Luckily for naked shorters, they had bags of shit FTX TSOs to use as collateral to their toxic GME FTD positions. Do anything to live one more day or whatever, right?

  19. Market crashing in spring 2023? Bro Market has been crashing for like 10 months already.... we are closer to the end with everything happening then spring 2023

  20. I think everyone underestimates peaks to bottoms sometimes. March 2008 financial crisis went from like December 2007 peak to like March 2009 bottom. We are going to have some big drops and could have a ways to go. Wall Street Billionaires aren't just going to lie over and die, they'll do anything to survive another day.

  21. The DTCC has already given blessing to the idea of tokenizing stocks, which may or may not actually be backed by the underlying.

  22. I'm just saying it makes more sense to me than them using the TSOs to hide naked shorts. I did a deep dive on the rules of naked shorting and TSOs should not work. They might work if they've been exercised and FTX has agreed to deliver. Basically with a sell the SEC needs to see long shares, short shares matched to a borrow or to shares that are out for delivery. Or synthetics, but the SEC doesn't talk about those anymore and they just look like long sales to them.

  23. Sorry, hopefully I'm wrong and it rockets because of the December witching window. Maybe DRS numbers will be enough that they won't have a big enough pool to cover from in December. That'd be fucking sick.

  24. What if the volume spikes are a result of the “issuer” selling more tokens into the market. It would make sense to sell a fuck ton at 300 or whatever we were trading at as of Jan 29, when the token was released

  25. After almost 2 years of reading all of the informative DD I thought I might have developed a wrinkle..... Then this DD!!! Nope, I'm still smooth!

  26. Is gme in the December witching window now? Hence the price lift or is it yet to arrive? It's about a month until the 3rd Friday of December, the 16th.

  27. I think it's possible and quite likely FTDs are hidden all over the world and short positions are also hidden away. Eventually during witching dates those FTDs need to be unwound and rewrapped back up basically. Eventually the FTDs will unwind through all their little hidden loopholes and spill out onto the market, probably around a witching date. It doesn't matter where they're hidden, they'll eventually come home. DRS shrinks the pool of shares that they can borrow from, the float is all the shares they can fight to buy. Once those are gone the FTDs will keep leaking onto the market, until they're forced to start trying to buy shares from the people who DRSd? Smells like MOASS

  28. Yeah, I haven't jumped in on them much, but I was confused by the little research I did. Are you sure they're not synonymous, Wall Street has like five names for everything?

  29. great DD, only thing I disagree with is looking at the shape of the market and where it is in its cycle of crashing, it crashes in dec and well, moass comes after

  30. It's possible. If GME is surging into December 16, 2022 and then still surging into January 16, 2022. Then I'd strap in for MOASS.

  31. Sorry for the hate you're about to receive. Mentioning dates here attracts weirdos who start chanting stuff about options being the devil. Don't take it personally and don't try reasoning with them, they're insane.

  32. Oh I knew mentioning call options on GME was a risk, but I figured those who know what they're doing might appreciate it. I've been riding the witching waves successfully with a tiny bit of fun money, but I also get some people would rather DRS. DRS does shrink the pool.

  33. Thanks for the detailed write-up! Do you have any explanation for the Jan 7, 2022 price jump which started AH the day before. It seemed connected to fake news about the upcoming marketplace but it feels like an obligation. It doesn't quite line up with the witching theory so I was curious if that was some other swap or something. Let me know what you think of that. Thanks again!

  34. Maybe I'm getting it wrong...but all my smooth brain understood that hegies with your story are buying time till March 2023..Sorry but I will do opposite and be my own MOASS and buy even harder now and DRS... Thanks anyway for your hard work..

  35. I'm just saying my money is on Spring. Witching Dates seem to be the key though, so it could happen in December (next Witching Date is December 16, 2022). I have no way of knowing how DRSing will effect their FTD covering, but I do believe MOASS will kick off right around one of these witching dates. I think March just looks like a pretty strong bet based on how FTDs effect the price in March and DRSing in March will be even larger. They have to buy and borrow a lot of shares by mid March from a shrinking pool, but they also have to do some of that by mid December so, we'll see. Don't wait to DRS if you want to DRS it shrinks the pool.

  36. I hope OP DRSed some shares. Talking exactly about when we go up and when we go down is usually done to create new paperhands. Please note, there are no paperhands here who wish to sacrifice millions for a few hundreds.

  37. So much of this I understand in the bigger picture. I have to reread this. Thanks for the summary I needed it. Setting up my next 6 months to drs

  38. The banks announced their plan to drop a CBDC in 12 weeks which would be mid February, just before your prediction. Wonder what that’s all about?

  39. Call Options 😂 Yeah.. no.. I am only interested in DRS and locking the float, and let the chip fall where it may.. and when

  40. I'm just saying if my predictions come true and GME is bottoming out in early March and you get all the money you can together to DRS GME for cheap. Maybe think about buying a call option for fun if you can. If my predictions have been right so far then GME is about to skyrocket and you can sell that call option for more GME if you want. Also, call options are sometimes hedged by buying shares, buying pressure on GME helps.

  41. They could just halt GME for hours in March no? Stop the trading, say its a technical issue and nobody but us will care. SEC, DOJ etc. Aint doing shit.

  42. In order to do that, they need to borrow shares from an ever shrinking pool. Put simply if they need to borrow say, 10 million shares and there is only 7 million available because of DRS they be fuk'd.

  43. At risk of being called a shill, I include a part in my 88 page write-up where I address the DTCC stuff briefly. Honestly, I think "DTCC committing international securities fraud" is a red herring, forum sliding, and misinformation wrapped up in one. Naked shorters have the tools to operate within the current rules and still hide naked shorts. Meaning they sell shares of GME as long, but they're really naked shorts.

  44. I want to note that you ignore some aspect of the unsucessfull short swap: Sure the Swap writer/bank can buy a put to hedge the exposure, but now the put-writer needs to hedge by shortselling or be naked a put. At some point in the Chain there are naked positions beeing hidden.

  45. hate to say it or happy? March 2023 is great, by that time around half of all outstanding shares should be DRSed

  46. Hate to say MOASS could still be a little ways away. Happy to think we can and I will DRS more which makes MOASS in March even more likely.

  47. Given the recent revelations, what if… brokers are selling shares that don’t exist, every time someone buys a share through a broker they are then able to use that phantom long as a locate?

  48. buncha Irrelevant plots, highs and lows Predictions, witching waves and windows, pushing GME options... smells like gingerballs in here..

  49. Don't worry I won't include call options on GME in the video version I'm trying to put together. I'll focus on DRS and how it shrinks the pool.

  50. This is a lot to read plus 88 pages. I'll wait until our historian Elegant-Remote6667 has this 88 page behemoth logged and in a safe place. Weird links and great promises have a way of leading to dark corners. My skepticism says Be Cautious here.

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