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  1. I think we got some momentum when they knocked down the price to 22 bucks. Regards rage bought a lot of shares as a response. Now those rage babies are settling in Computershare, but I believe we will slow down a bit.

  2. Any apes ever watch lobosjr? He does a month long charity stream for st Jude's children's Hospital and always has one person who donates MASSIVE amounts. That persons un is Cassandra (I think spelled slightly different though). Wonder what the odds are that it's Burry. Nothing to do with GME but I think that every time I see this person donate.

  3. Can someone remind me the significance of the reverse repo? I know it’s insanely high but what does that matter?

  4. Can't really call it partnership if you're just selling their money cards. Otherwise Gamestop would be in a partnership with Steam, Microsoft, Sony etc.

  5. Dude, it's fucking insane. At no point in time or history does it sound like a good idea that works out well.

  6. Honestly as long as that DRS number keeps going up I’m here to stay and I’m going to keep buying 2 shares each paycheck. I’ll do that til I’m dead if I have to.

  7. Adjusting my will… so if I die before the moass, my life insurance and personal belongings will be converted to DRS gme shares for the infinity pool ha, or for a beneficiary of my choosing

  8. Anyone having issues pulling 3ther from Coinbase? My withdraws are not going through. BeeTC withdrawn went through fine.

  9. Exactly the reason locking every available share off exchange is a necessity. If institutions are lending back and forth ad infinitum, cool. If they're using brokers' street name shares as locates for options, cool. If they're using phony tokens as collateral pretending they're long a naked short position, cool. Register them in your name. They're digging their own grave

  10. It’s wild because they have to do 150,874 crimes a day and all I have to do is nothing. Will be the easiest $5.935e11 I’ll ever make.

  11. I've been hype a Blockchain dividend for almost 2 years now, but I really think retail needs to take a massive chunk off exchange to prevent institutional fuckery. Lock up shares they are lending and then drop the nuke.

  12. It will be a day absolutely no one sees coming. We will all wake up and see the ticker is in the thousands. Mentally prepare to see this image. Reddit/Twitter will be down. manifest moass

  13. So there was a guy, Sam, who tried to be a bank by creating a crypto exchange. This "bank man", would take customer deposits and pass them to his hedge fund who would gamble with them. He made everything look real good by creating their own collateral coin that they pumped up in value. Well one day there was a mass dumping of this coin, it exposed the fraud. And he wasn't under the protection of the bankster cartel who has cornered the market on money printing and thus received no bailout emergency loans. His company was Fried.

  14. Ya know what if these CBDC or CDBC or whatever the acronym is called are implemented, I’ll just demand my work pay me in ETH if it comes down to it.

  15. I'm on RIF and posts started showing up fully on the front page without me clicking on them, like little previews and i cant find the setting to make it not do that again. anyone know?

  16. Spoke to fidelity about moving my 529 plan into a stable portfolio. The guy couldn’t even tell me what the interest rates are in the stable portfolio or bank deposit portfolio. He called the other division and they told him “we can’t provide that information”. Wtf!!!

  17. So with FTX collapse and decreased ability to cover leverages and possibility for Marge calling, is now an opportune time for a Whale to buy in big on GME and push the lever for a takeover? Does the collapse set the path for someone to play big and win?

  18. That awkward moment when you all find out that at MOST people are gonna be entitled to (if anything) cash value of token GME stocks.

  19. If you hold any crypto in any CEX move it out asap!! It’s the same idea as shares that aren’t DRS’ed. not truly in your name.

  20. I moved mine off of Binance, Coinbase, and Kucoin into my GS wallet this weekend. AMA if you have questions on how I did it

  21. If you're being serious and you want help, legit look up an anonymous group by you. I'm an alcoholic in recovery for 5 years, and AA was rad when I started getting sober, just for having other people opening up about dealing with the same shit. Took away any stigma or feelings of shame. It's not as lame as the movies make it out to be. Also free coffee

  22. Realize your addiction is a problem and you’re throwing away money. You MIGHT hit big but you’re USUALLY going to lose.

  23. so now they can publicly get away with a ponzi scheme idgi bro like actually worse than living in third world country the financial markets are beyond corruption

  24. I wonder at what point the “winepresses of liberty” will come out. You cannot continue to deny justice to the wealthy without that resentment ultimately boiling over.

  25. I think its quite possible Putin inadvertently delayed MOASS today by starting WWIII, possibly on accident. Which is definitely not on anyone's MOASS bingo card.

  26. Bought Ragnarok and Horizon and $60 of playstation money (for ps plus sub) from the one true store today. PowerUp has already paid for itself.

  27. I'm proud as hell to be part of this community of individual investors. We've taken ALL the FUD, propaganda, lies, smears and blatant psyops that Big Money can throw at us yet we are 100% unfazed. That's something to be proud of.

  28. To Anyone worried about selling from Computershare or the idea floating around that ‘If you don’t log-in to Computershare for a year they will get rid of your shares’…. Let my share my history with Computershare with you.

  29. I'm 99.9% positive that's in the plans. Why else create a marketplace. I'm sure once the finer details get ironed out and the company is turning a profit that this board will reward their shareholders with a 1:1 Blockchain dividend.

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