1. When the walls come tumbling down the shit is really going to hit the fan. They have no way to unwind this, apes are so regarded we don't even know how to sell, it's just going to keep getting worse.

  2. I followed the fidelity daily top 25 for like a year straight as well as the international top 20 weekly. For fidelity which we can assume the data is about the same everywhere it was like 80% buy 20% sell order flow and the international was often closer to 90% buy 10% sell. Understanding these are total orders, who ever was selling large quantities to offset smaller buy quantities would either eventually run out of shares to sell or…. Insert all the dd here.

  3. Thanks for the comment. This chart below shows below the zero horizontal, the rarer days fidelity (and indicatively) all of retail sold more than bought. Generally days with big up swings. Likely the majority being paper handed day traders.

  4. I feel like it will definitely dip again, what with FTX gme shittokens not being a thing soon. They'll want the price good and low.

  5. Great analysis on a nicely collected data for better understanding. What OP has presented seems the most conservative numbers because if I'm 50 times more than pre squeeze being conservative investor, I can safely say most routine GME buyers have brought way more than myself. The period of time this fuckery is ongoing, I can assume at least 20 times the float have been in the pocket of retail whale 🐳

  6. I just can’t understand how we are only at 30% of the total float DRS if this is true. If this FTX drama doesn’t convince people to DRS then nothing will.

  7. I failed A level math. But I have a knack for seeing patterns in data. This may be empirical evidence that Fidelity is complicit. I’ve just not bothered to count the retail accumulation on their books. They may head scratch when their customers already own the float. To clarify, Fidelity Report the buys vs sell orders among their retail customers daily. So this gives a daily trend. The SEC data gives real shares per odd lot on a daily basis. Combining the two gives an indication of odd lot market trend over time, which can accumulate or decline. Please download the spreadsheet and take it to the SEC

  8. Is Chart Exchange reliable for this kind of info? As an alternate take, looking for all volume data you can download a .csv with about ~2 years worth of daily "short volume"/total volume.

  9. I love how different methods come out with similar results. I did a short volume analysis back in Feb/March and came to the conclusion back then it was like 300-400%. (It's on my post history).

  10. This is great to hear. Slicing and dicing the data in different ways yet the hypotheses stands true. WTF is the SEC? They all know Wallstreet is fuk’d. Thanks for your DD!

  11. Excellent post OP 🏴‍☠️ Remember when Germany confirmed 80% of float in Germany alone? I wonder whatever happened to that?

  12. Thanks! This data didn’t delve into dark pool trades. Who knows what fukery is going on there. Still the entire float being bought every 4 months is crazy. While the SEC stands by. I’m gonna look at how much Fidelity retail owns in a bit. That’s likely over a full float! They all know on the dark side. Criminals. DRS!

  13. nothing will happen when the entire float is locked. There are 100s of millions of synthetic shares floating around. The stock will continue to function as its normal heavily manipulated self. Algos trading between each other.

  14. I don't comment much here anymore because we've got a lot of baby apes that, while their enthusiasm is admirable their willingness to talk when they shouldn't is not, this is the reason I stayed in the first place. And beds and towels was the same. When I see the entire fucking company trading multiple times in a day, or in a week, best believe I'm fucking paying attention. That isn't retail, that's naked shorts. It's been 84 years, but I know I'm eventually getting paid.

  15. Wait, this is just SEC Odd Lots combined with Fidelity customer order data. You're under-counting, because you don't have round lot orders through other brokers. This is a floor of retail ownership.

  16. That’s correct, this is very likely the minimum purchased since the sneeze. Now, think about the amount retail owned before the sneeze as well. Now think that if this is the minimum, what would be the likely maximum?

  17. wait... so that means only 5.5% of everyones shares here are DRSed. there can't be that many shares locked away in 401ks and IRAs, can there?

  18. Yeah. And there’s plenty of ppl who won’t drs all. I won’t. I just don’t want multiple points of failure period. I’m keeping shares in more than 1 broker and a majority in CS

  19. If 94% of retail hasn’t bothered to DRS they are unlikely to be even active on here. I’ve a lot of friends who bought ones and twos after the sneeze and when I see them and ask have you DRS’d they always say no not yet. Perhaps FTX domino will incentivize them again.

  20. Splitting FTD’s instead of forcing a buy-in because no dividend to allocate? Who’s counting? Certainly not the SEC…

  21. I got my brother to play his first game of gods unchained tonight and I helped register him to GS wallet, but I think I was too drunk to link them. But that’s still an unrelated win right???

  22. See my post from about a year ago when I go to estimate the float - my estimate is about double that so that’s interesting also. I’ll ready your post on full in an hour

  23. It means the market cap is 5X what is shown. The brokers are swimming in cash that belongs to the collective. And they say SBF is a fraud🤷‍♂️

  24. So you really think retail bought over 500% but has only drs roughly 30%?? These numbers aren’t adding up

  25. 6% of 540% retail ownership has been DRS’d. 33% of the real float. Check out with 140% sold short 84 years ago

  26. It’s post squeeze across all markets reported by the SEC. Are you trying to give the hedgies hope? ‘Help me SBF you’re my only hope’ KG 😂

  27. This only counts post sneeze. Accumulation of cellar boxed nakeds for years gone by previously are surely many times more?

  28. Theoretically the float could be DRS’d in 4. But there are early adopters (SS) mainstream and late adopters. We are turning parabolic on the DRS wave. Gonna Catch up as soon. As we have a 🐈‍⬛a list 😆

  29. Even if this is accurate, it was just a ton of FOMO buyers who almost certainly sold very quickly after. A small fraction of them might have kept to this point.

  30. Did you look at the data? That shows in the graph. you can see the spike up then down then the level followed by the grinding accumulation over years. FOMO then FUD but then HODL and DRS.

  31. So to even say 100% is on the absolute low end? Good enough for me! Especially since its post sneeze, not even all time.

  32. The absolute bullshit that get upvoted to the top here blows my mind, and reminds me how desperate bag holders are for any good news

  33. Weren't many of the odd lots also criem-based (not just round lots), from HFT between conspirators using the same shares? There were those several days when a volume traded representing multiples of the free float, and ape assessment was fuckery involved.

  34. This means literally nothing if those shares aren't DRSed. Shares held in brokerages will just be loaned out or ignored.

  35. MMTLP —> BBBY $42 Strikes —> GME for me and I think a lot of Apes on here are on the same boat. If my plan works then I will be part of the next big DRS wave and will hopefully be a ripple in the surge

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