What mean?? New GSD member Citadel Securities Institutional - Effective Monday, Nov 21 ??

  1. I believe this is Citadel joining the big boys club and being able to use the FEDs open window dealer as lender of last resort. Maybe since the shit coins went to 0 they desperately need collateral.

  2. 2 trillion is now considered normal. I remember when people doubted 1 trillion would happen because it never reached that point...

  3. Isn’t it saying the opposite? That all participants need to report their netting (buy/sell) trading activity with Citadel Securities International to the FICC? This language is hard to read, so I’m not sure. I wonder if they identified a risk at Citadel and are trying to gauge counterparty risk?

  4. maybe since Citadel is now a participant under FICC netting, the DTCC wants to not just take citadel’s word for it, but it wants toknow how much business is done with Citadel from other clients? Possibly to establish updated risk management models? How much Citadel has to put up etc ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  5. It basically gives them a seat at the table in “…handling new fixed-income issues and reselling government securities. The division provides netting for trades in U.S. government debt issues, including repurchase agreements (repos) or reverse repurchase agreement transactions (reverse repos).”

  6. They are on the list of companies that are going to be bailed out. Government insurance on their company

  7. The wording of it says that if your firm does the service of netting (buy/sell) and deals with citadel, you need to report to FICC about the details.

  8. I told you guys in a recent comment....they are handing the keys to the cryoto space to KG. They are handing everything to him because their political lives depend on it. The people supporting this are the SAME people that benefit and supported SBF. People need to wake the fuck up.

  9. Not going to lie, this Kenny G fight is definitely a tough one. He’s like the boss battle of all boss battles. Every time I think he’s fucked, he pulls some strings and recovers. It’s ridiculous.

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