If they used the GME “tokens” as a method to fulfill FTD’s, shits about to get so spicy

  1. All they have to do is get another bag holder to create a new token. I can’t wait for this to pop off either but come on…. They will crime til the place is burned down around them

  2. I would be there are other exchanges. We should see it reflected in the cost to borrow I would think. Popcorn ran to 44% on Friday on the CTB.

  3. Idk how it's spicy. They'll just make another similar token, fabricate a couple hundred million of those, and call it a day.

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  5. I’ve read this assumption a lot now, but haven’t found any real proof yet that it is actually possible to use a derivative like tokenized stock to locate actual shares. I think it would imply that the owner of the token has the right to exchange the token for actual stock (pretty much as the USD would be exchangeable for gold in the days of the gold standard). So far, I have yet to see the evidence. If not, it would be the same as using CFDs or swaps to locate, and to my knowledge this is not the case.

  6. I'm also very wary of the assumptions being thrown around on using tokenized exchanges as locates, however, I did see a popular post highlighting the terms and conditions of FTX's GME tokens, in which it said that the owners have the legal right to exchange the token for actual stock at any time.

  7. A reasonable person would agree to your logic. The whole market structure is far away from any reasonable thinking. Edit: just think of SBF explaining to create a token without any purpose. Now you have generated a minimum 20 million $ market cap.

  8. If they managed to get this one at the drop of a hat during the sneeze I've no doubt they can get another, and another,and another

  9. Am I understanding correctly? FTX created tokenized stocks (stock derivatives) - including GME - with no collateral behind them.

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