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  1. Just going to be straight up here. The crime we see happening in the financial markets is very rarely about just one thing.

  2. Gmerica should do an epic outerspace Jean Claude Van Damme doing the splits on some moon rockets at the next big sporting event. World cup, super bowl, etc

  3. Could someone kindly explain to me why the gamestop token appears in coinbase and below its information it says the following: "Ryan Cohen is the chairman of the GameStop Tokenized Stock project. He is also an active trader in the project." What does it mean? As if I were a tomato please! 👍

  4. CZ is no better than SBF, if you see the type of shitcoins he listed in the beginning of binance you will see that he is at the same level if not worst than SBF.

  5. I’ve been in this play so long I remember when we thought our shares were real just by transferring out of robinhood. Fuck, I was smoothbrained back then. I still am, but I was back then too.

  6. https://web.archive.org/web/20221114000834/https://www.marketwatch.com/story/bedazzled-by-money-democratic-ties-to-sam-bankman-fried-under-scrutiny-after-ftx-collapse-11668120947

  7. Politicians generally are corrupt, with maybe 3 or 4 exceptions. Same with billionaires. And 3 or 4 is being generous

  8. Does this FTX stuff prove the DTCC committed international securities fraud or what? They obviously didn’t distribute the splividend properly to an exchange based out of the Bahamas. Open shut case, right?

  9. no matter where I go ftx is there... it was just a few billions it won't affect any of the house of cards of the SHF when the crypto market is about a trillion dollars and that's considered small then the derivatives market won't bat an eye. this is not the small domino which triggers moass sadly

  10. I honestly can't if this sub has been invaded by bots due to the FTX shit or if people are actually this clueless about the difference between tokenized stock and actual shares.

  11. I've observed that there is something about strong emotions that make people ignore the logical part of their brain and reject arguments and new information. This is a form of online manipulation to over stimulate people and make them less skeptical.

  12. The Superstonk thesis is strong and continuously upheld. Branches have been trimmed to maintain the central trunk, for sure. The DD is solid, crowd-sourced, and updated.

  13. I wonder... with this whole tokenized stock thing... is it an argument to say nft secured stocks isn't secure? 'Cause they totally can be if you use the right system to trade. You can't exactly plug a new technology into an old device and expect it to work properly.

  14. I used to but it started showing up more so then I reported as misinformation and still got them. So now I don't interact with any ads

  15. How does the kiraverse game/process work? We buy some access for $120, then mint it (what’s minting btw?), then play when it gets launched or we can just wait till it’s actually out and play for free?

  16. I'm sure you will get a freebie and/or player to use pretty sure they wont require you to buy one these are just the genesis mints

  17. Already sick of this FTX shit. Get over it. It won't effect the stock. Just stop. Seen this sub go through so many things to only just DRS.

  18. Shower thought: It goes beyond payment for order flow. It’s every click and in app/on-site action up the the order (or cancellation of one) that gets monetized. All that data tells a story, paints a picture for sentiment and where the pressure is coming from. It’s like when you search for a flight enough times the price rises just for you. The broker sees all this action around stocks way before the order is placed (or not placed) and they can manipulate things behind the scenes, sell your data, the analytics, etc.

  19. i’m imagining RC reading the tinfoil from this sub with his head in his hands. that’s the great thing about drs, none of the noise matters

  20. I like to picture RC in a Tuxedo T-shirt, ’cause it says, like, ‘I wanna be formal, but I’m here to party, too.’ I like to party, so I like my RC to party…. I like to think of RC like, with giant eagles’ wings and singin’ lead vocals for Lynyrd Skynyrd with like an Angel Band, and I’m in the front row, and I’m hammered drunk

  21. Agreed, I'm not getting shook out. That being said, I'm not sure they can afford to fake a squeeze at this point. Sure, they have multiple avenues to head fake but interest rates are up, liquidity fairy is running out of options (ha! pun), and (if the DD proves correct) swaps are about due. Plenty of fuckery ahead, but I think $45 (og battle of $180) is a major tipping point

  22. Guys guys… I’ve been away a while… ngl, I’m totally zen… but fellow kids, can you tell me what’s happening with FTX? Like whaaaaat, amirite?

  23. Shit bro, are you referring to the ftx that was likely letting SHFs use tokens for locates, whole potentially stealing billions of dollars. Damn, how dumb are we for investigating this new rabbit hole that seemingly is even backed by an old RC tweet.

  24. A related thought to my last comment - I don’t understand why karma farmers try so hard. All you have to do is come to the daily and say a few key words/phrases and boom, upvotes. If my calculations are correct, you guys enjoy the following;

  25. My ex girlfriend spilled tea on her laptop and fried it, and she kept saying that ‘she should know better because she had been handling electronics for years’. I pointed out that it was her handling of the cup that was the problem. She didn’t appreciate the distinction.

  26. https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/yslt1s/exceo_of_ftxus_worked_for_citadel_and_jane_street/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb

  27. Remember when people were saying brokers weren’t buying shares and just crediting money to investor accounts? Well basically that but with a tokenized security of GME among many other securities and coins.

  28. Is there any reason why Hester Peirce "Crypto Mom" isn't part of any of the conversation regarding the SEC while we see huge fraud unfolding in the crypto space? Oh, wait actually, I think I know.

  29. ‘Hey mum, everything is fine, I definitely haven’t set the house on fire, you don’t need to come home early, in fact why don’t you stay out a bit longer… what do mean, you didn’t ask?’

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