Kira Genesis Collection on IMX coming to GSMP tomorrow at this rate! Get them before they're revealed and you get a battlepass! It's random which ones you get and they'll release a rarity guide for everyone after it's over! Kiras will act like a game pass + more, can rent them out for $ etc..

  1. This is probably the first and best use case for a gaming NFT to offer what we’ve been dreaming about regarding NFTs in a AAA game. Kiraverse needs their users to succeed as much as Kira’s users will want Kira to succeed. Once the public sees ppl making money playing video games and trading video game NFTs everyone will flock to try it themselves.

  2. You can use your gamestop wallet, IMX L2 ethereum funds to purchase one of the un-revealed ones from the IMX marketplace. They're releasing up to mint #6500 tonight, and they'll release the rest tomorrow. After that it the mints will be revealed (best knowledge I have atm) and the collection will be released on the GSMP for all.

  3. when the minting is done it will reveal itself, we'll either get card attributes then or later when the rarity chart is released. It will appear immediately in your GS wallet under the Immutable tab right now. I can see mine.

  4. I’ve been using the Brave browser / wallet for this exact reason. It’s a little finicky when it comes to IMX-specific purchases, but otherwise has been pretty seamless to buy on GameStop’s marketplace and view my NFTs there.

  5. When you say Kiras will act as a gamepass do you mean only people with one of the 10,001 Kiras can play the game? And have to rent a Kira just to play? Confused on the rental part

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