NFT Giveaway: “just a glitch” Short Destroyer (Ape Version 1/69) 🔥🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️ Giving them all to superstonk! 🚨Drop your L2 wallet address 🚨 Most upvoted comment will be the meta description along with username for credit. 24 hours GO!

  1. Just a quick update. This NFT and the NFT I shared in a different GME sub yesterday will be part of the new Short Destroyers “Multi-Mint” collection which will all be given away here in superstonk.

  2. Congrats! I made sure you got one of these for winning the upvote contest! Check your wallet and check the meta data 🤣

  3. One small step for pirate monke. One giant leap for apekind. Super cool! 0x0e5A3ec727e4Ff7667E7903a55e8e74a16cE106b

  4. I have been buying the stock and that's all I do. What is this L2 stuff and what's the main purpose?

  5. I will be creating a Short Destroyers video game with my NFTs. Eventually these guys will be playable on the SD video game.

  6. Reminds me of watching TV back in the day..😂before we went digital and had manual tuning....Great work....

  7. 0x1fC457F49E102473398368c98f9D8019c19d842B DRS Not your name not your shares don’t end up like those in crypto not your keys not your crypto

  8. À la Justice League Flash: "Ryan! It's D.R.S.! D.R.S. GME! It's the key!... Am I too soon? No, I'm too soon!"

  9. Glitches get stitches. I need me that NFT my bro. What do I have to Rick Of Spades to get it? 0xAf1D2677199901C70116988535e15C4c4cd79935

  10. To finally breach the eye of Moass and document the experience was a dream but as we grew closer, the intensity was forcing us to wonder out loud if we would make it. The only thing that was clear that day was this was bigger than any of us.

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