People keep posting completely normal price charts and going "look, crime!"

  1. Old apes have taken a back seat to watch the show. New apes in the front row raging while the old apes stay zen.

  2. January 1987 ape here. I stay silent because it feels like I've been doing this a lifetime. I get angered sometimes because of the crime but I also understand that they want angry people. Angry people make rash decisions like gasp selling stock.

  3. Prehistoric ape checking in. Have my popcorn and lift chair to watch the new apes experience their market rage

  4. Dude seriously, it's hard coming to this sub nowadays and seeing all these dumb posts being looked at as credible or the same 5 recycled phrases. I just like to scroll through sometimes to see if I have missed anything big

  5. New apes changed the whole sub as well by complaining about everything if it doesn’t mention DRSing. I fully support that and am 98% DRSed but the sub became nothing but that. If you visit other subs you can still find all the people that used to post here now posting other places.

  6. lol look at my comments in this sub that’ve been downvoted. A few months ago that would’ve been widely agreed with, but now it’s being downvoted. It’s just basic trading knowledge. I’ve worked in sales and trading for a major bank and I’ve worked as a prop firm trader. I feel like I probably have a decent amount of knowledge of how the markets work, yet I’m being told by some crazies that I’m wrong. This is why outsiders can’t take us seriously.

  7. A lot of people only look at the GME chart, it wasnt until I added indexes and other stocks to my watchlist I saw ours and most stocks move together or with the market. Now I get excited when GME decouples from broader movement.

  8. Nobody bothers to correct the bullshit anymore, as the same misconceptions keep popping up for the hundredth time. Sane ppl just zoom out of this sub. There's enough of insanity going on in the world elsewhere already. There's not even entertainment left here as most memes have become just poor quality recycled garbage. There is maybe one interesting post per week, which is why I haven't unsubscribed yet

  9. I think a lot of people forget the end goal here is to make money, learning about the market is cool and all but I want a return on my investment and right now DRS is all that matters, everything else is noise to be ignored.

  10. Herd mentality is the most powerful force on earth. It's why manipulators focus on creating it through fear, excitement and various emotional responses.

  11. Thank you for posting this. I believe the silent majority of apes understand that this sub is by-and-large run by ultra smooth brains.

  12. Feel this. If you try to spread reason in those threads you get mass downvotes. Let’s try to be better than that.

  13. I'm going to screenshot this post and say "look crime"! Then I need someone to screenshot THAT post and say "look crime!"

  14. Exactly! A screenshot with just, "look a crime lmao" is nothing but karma whoring. Explain why you think it's a crime.

  15. I feel like there needs to be an education post on how the stock market operates in order to distinguish crime from normal price action. And I agree, the silly posts can make the sub look bad to a serious investor.

  16. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence is going to visit this sub, see people be wrong just like everywhere else online, ignore stuff that's obviously wrong, and keep looking for high value information. It's not a crisis that people get things wrong, and here's why:

  17. Yupp, it's very annoying. Also everything is not bullish. Like this whole ftx blowup is not AT ALL bullish. It shouldn't be very bearish but definitely not bullish. If we want to get on a blockchain we need crypto to be understood and adored, which is the opposite of what's happening at the moment.

  18. I unfollowed all GME subs for this exact reason. I've been holding since Jan 21 and have all my shares drs'ed. Every couple of days I come back on superstonk just to take a look. Ngl I feel like my mental health improved after leaving GME subs, I'm no longer anxious, no longer spend hours on Reddit scrolling through ss, and I no longer have gme constantly on my mind. I don't even check the price anymore, I just put multiple price alerts on webull to notify me when it goes up

  19. Bs gaslighting from someone that hasn't been through all the fucking bullshit the mafia has done and keep doing. Just trust that apes have very good reason to be suspicious of everything, every fucking thing they have a right to shout crime at, and nobody needs to jump in to save the asshole crime syndicate here.

  20. My Mom said I was so cute that if I did not marry the captain of the cheerleading squad, it would be a crime.

  21. When our beloved stock dropping 50% within 20 minutes, that is just normal behaviour, like it did in marts 2021. Everyone of us, that has been here since RH and the famous flash crash in marts 2021. Can no longer see any validity and trust in this market. I know yelling crime doesn't help, but We have been here to long, and seen to much irrational behaviour of the market, to not calling it crime. The market is fraudulent, with the support of the legislator. Facts

  22. you mention dark pools dumping orders all at once as though that's ok? Darkpools are crime in themselves and shouldn't really exist apart from for legit large orders from institutions etc. So people calling crime on things coming from darkpools is a legit call.

  23. "...anyone with real knowledge of trading..." -- do you mean the hedge funds that had double-digit negative returns in the last 2-3 years, and underperformed the market?

  24. Thank you for calling this out; it's absurd, and reduces the credibility of the entire sub for any non-idiot that might come here to review the DD.

  25. As soon as GG admitted that 95% of retail trades go through a dark pool, I knew that this whole thing is a farce. Crime? maybe some of it. Unethical? you bet your ass.

  26. It's the worst when you see large price fluctuations in premarket or after hours on low vol. Whats the conclusion? Crime of course.

  27. Example - CPI came out and markets thought the number was good news, active funds reenter the market. Stocks go up. 100% normal and expected behavior.

  28. It's because no one has any interest in understanding the market. The answer to everything is "buy.drs.hodl." zero interest here in anything outside of those topics. It's become even more of an echo chamber, to the point of a militant cult recently. David Lauer is now a shill here, because he spoke about terminal in a thread about DRSing he made on twitter. He spoke the 3 letter trinity word, and still was labeled a shill. It's sad. Used to love coming here to read and learn. Now I scroll for 5 minutes past hundreds of purple circles (accumulating 200 shares total between all of them), before giving up.

  29. It's the modern version of 'The boy who cried Wolf' and they don't seem to realise it. Every time they say crime it diminishes the chance of anyone listening when real crime is found.

  30. The evidence of crime is that there is no way to inventory a valuable commodity. This commodity is a stock and it has value because of scarcity. If no one is keeping track of how many shares are sold---shazaam-- fractional reserve stock trading that can be traded at will without affecting the price. Of course it's crime. In the digital age, no one is showing an interest in a daily, weekly or monthly inventory of the number of stocks sold. We're talking about a very easy software fix. I call BS

  31. This place is full of people who have been investing 1-2 years, only ever owned a couple of tickers, have zero formal financial education, but think they're experts on the stock market. IMO the pure nonsense and unadulterated bullshit posted here daily is going to keep serious investors out. Anyone with a financial degree would take one look at this sub and think we're all unironically regarded

  32. I'm sure it is, but those posts aren't evidence of anything specifically criminal. They teach people to overreact to things that aren't out of the ordinary.

  33. Thank you for taking the time to create a post to say this out loud. I have to roll my eyes at way too many posts lately.

  34. The thing though is - price charts and TA in a completely fraudulent market, why bother ? It makes more sense if you treat it as a casino.

  35. A green candle only means that the close price of the candle is higher than the opening price of the candle. Volume does not matter and you can't see on a candle if there are more bought than sold.

  36. This dude trying to sell logic and common sense for the criminals of wall st. Yeah everything is good now since we’re dealing with all these honest people in government and wall st. Yeah sure buddy haha

  37. Finally someone's said this, I'm getting annoyed at how many posts I'm seeing that blindly call out any movement in the market as crime. It's the worst when CPI numbers are out and the market does a big rally or dump, we're in a recession, market volatility is to be expected. Of course there's crime that's being committed in relation to GME but blindly pointing at any event is just plain ignorant. The worst is as OP said, any potential new GME investor with a basic understanding of the market would take one look at all these brainless posts and label everyone here as cultists. I know for a fact that if I was an investor who knew barely anything about the fuckery going on and I saw 10 posts screaming crime about the smallest things I wouldn't ever come back to this sub.

  38. Yeah, it’s annoying. But after almost 2 years of seeing it I just do my part in down-voting them and moving on.

  39. This sub has not been a serious place for a long time. Its over run with lottery winning pipe dreams and uneducated accusations.

  40. Could not agree more. It’s extremely frustrating and sharing actual knowledge or having a real discussion gets you downvoted. Makes me honestly avoid the sub sometimes and I was here since the very beginning. Every time I see that shit I think that we do indeed look like a conspiracy theory cult. It ruins our credibility.

  41. Reading your examples I came to the conclusion that you don't understand most of what you are saying. CPI is down but inflation is up for example. Maybe read up on some definitions.

  42. The market was up on month to month CPI being down. But that is a pointless metric. The only real comparison is year over year, not month over month, and CPI was up during this year period in October so inflation is actually increasing.

  43. I know right. OP is kind of correct that there are people showing charts and saying crime without an inkling of reason behind it. Might be for the memes. But OP gives reasons that show that he doesn't understand most of what is going on in the markets. lol

  44. Honestly I’ve visited this sub on purpose maybe thrice in the past three months because the level of retardation has blown through the roof.

  45. 51% bought would be green, what are you talking about, every trade is a buy and a sell, there is no 51% bought.

  46. A candle is summarising many many trades. Some of them are short and some are long. If 51% are long the candle is green

  47. Ya it’s like a ton of people here want us to be a blind angry mob. We started out critical thinkers but lots of immature idiots have been discouraging that lately and just scream “crime reeee!”

  48. Sounds like you are just undereducated and it's a personal choice. Does it feel safe and effective to spill out how undereducated you are?

  49. Yeah. It is starting to look like the popcorn sub where people don't stop and think for at least 5 seconds before making a post.

  50. This is one of the big reasons why I hate this sub. Then if you try to explain why it’s not crime, suddenly you’re a Kenny shill working overtime.

  51. Yes! This has been my bugbear with this sub for a long time and yesterdays post made me cringe. Same with the "crime" comments.

  52. The stock is either manipulated or it isn't. All of the DD corroborates it's manipulation. So even "normal" price action is manipulated.

  53. Again by this logic you could post any daily chart of GME's price action and claim it's proof of manipulation, because you already believe (or know) it to be.

  54. Totally agree, it makes us look like idiots, however, it’s hard knowing what we know and not looking at the market as a whole and thinking “what a scam…”

  55. Well that fact that 10% of the population owns 99.99% of all assets is criminal in and of itself… and it’s not the full 10% trading those assets, but closer to 1-2% (not every wealthy person trades, that why people hire brokers and whatnot)… but also explains why markets move in unison often.

  56. "But I don't want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked. “Oh, you can't help that,” said the Cat: “we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad.”

  57. I really don't think any seasoned investor will go on a buying spree after the release of the CPI numbers (let's not discusses their interpretation). Most are not idiots who believe the narrative that everything is fine. Just look at what large institutions are doing. So in fact when everything is green and you explain it away with "duh, CPI" you become complicit. It is not normal for the market to be ripping on these news alone.

  58. I think the issue is that while everything's not fine - the entire world is seeing similar or worse inflation numbers.

  59. Guilty here of saying “crime” to a lot of these posts. At this point I do it jokingly, because nothing makes sense after all this time. Everything related to gme price is crime to me-except our actions, buying, drsing, holding. I get what you’re saying though and will stop. My bad

  60. There IS a lot of price movement on GME that is NOT normal. I think it is fair to say that often these unusual moves in price and volume are more than glitches. There IS crime going on.

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