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  1. What’s going on, SWISS banks bought a shit ton of shares yesterday: Swiss national Bank 615K shares,Zuericher Kantonalbank 33K shares.

  2. So the ftx platform may go bankrupt. And individuals with funds tied up in that closed loop environment can either hold (a) crypto which may go to zero or (b) tokenized stocks which theoretically should still be backed by a 1:1 share after bankruptcy?

  3. it's already bankrupt... it's got an $8bn hole as they were leveraging customer funds, printing FTT, and backing startups through Alameda

  4. Because it's trading in the 30s, but that has more to do with FTX than us, because GME apparently isn't the only one it's happening to.

  5. Anyone else notice that all this crazy shit, massive dips, not only happened after election day but.. right after Musk sold another 4 billy in robot car stock?

  6. I hate to keep beating this drum but you will notice that every fall guy of this financial bear cheating cycle is under 50 years old and with a relatively minor institution.

  7. Hey can someone help me with a question please? What happens when 100% of the free float is DRS'ed? I understand that It will prove that there's manipulation since if every share is locked up, it shouldnt be possible for millions of shares to be possessed in brokers? Therefore proving a giant crime is happening. But what will happen then? There is already blatant manipulation happening and every law enforcers are looking the others way. Sorry if this question seems stupid I'm really curious.

  8. They were using tokenized GME on ftx to quietly siphon off the Moass. Prove me wrong. Cz and the Canada connection found out and pulled their money . GG.

  9. I’m so lost over the events of the past 2 days. Binance shit talked FTX. Then they were supposed to buy FTX then they backed out. All of crypto is dumping (I really wish LRC wasn’t a part of this 😅😂). Stock market dumping and GME decoupled from the market towards the end (thanks to my purchase of 4 shares). Now all tokenized stocks on FTX is skyrocketing and no one knows why?

  10. Critcal Margin Theory is on Point Like Accupuncture🎯 GME ran a >1 Negative Beta for months. It was all over the map in comparison to the remainder of the market. Today, and for some time lately, The Stonk moves in a proportionate now/now time signature. It's drops, move basically in unison (at a ~3x) rate to whatever the rest of the market (the collateral) does. They have no choice but to short it if the rest of the market sinks or they risk contrast exposure and consequent FOMO!! There's definitely a Hard Deck as well, because the Apes are DRSing their shares but the abusive short selling just trickles more synthetics into the market every day. Somehow however, Liquidity is Drying Up. There's No Question. It's Not Sustainable They Truely Havent Figured Out a Solution for this little 🟣DRS🟣 conundrum they've created. But it's "business as usual" because it buys them the moasst time⌛. My hypothesis is that private equity is being pulled(has been for months) from the market knowing what's coming. The only thing left will be inanimate Pension Funds, 401ks etc. (us Simps) left to foot the bill. They'll Drop the Bags on ZYX Financial. Next up; domino liquidations, eventually Interrupted Of Course by "Too Big To Fail", all at the taxpayer working class investor's expense. Algos have been Sideways since Computershare got involved. Tick Tock 💎🚀🙌. The more things change.. It's Been 571 days Gary..

  11. must resi-st nfgghhhuhhFUUU-🤓 lol hi akschually a salad is considered any cold dish with a various assortment and not typically restricted to just veggies or greens hehe ✌️

  12. Is teather starting to depeg. Same shit happened to it with Luna now its even worse. If you dabble in crypto Buckle Up your anuses because Solana is going to $0 tomorrow.

  13. Which due diligence is this? I don’t remember what role crypto could have. There are some due diligence i did not read.

  14. I dont know what that is unfortunately. Sometimes it's overwhelming the amount of things that I am so ignorant about that are discussed on this sub

  15. Not going to lie, I have seen an increasing amount of shittiness and ignorance in the sub lately. I mean, in addition to the normal levels of regard. Good thing I don't need this sub to buy and hold

  16. There's a level even lower- where ppl think they need a comment section on YT video when Reddit goes down 🤣🤣🤣😅🤡📈📈🚀

  17. Just bought some tickets for this mexican lotto called Melate which is offering 20 Million USD in 20 minutes. Here I solemnly swear to use 19 Million USD if I win to DRS as much as 19 Million USD can DRS.

  18. We out here hoping for GameStop to drop more so we can lock this shit even faster. It’s a buy and wait game, and I got plenty of time and money.

  19. Is there not a link to re-direct you to the GU website? Think you have to be signed in there to claim - not sure which page tho 🤔

  20. It doesnt. FTX and GME entered a partnership very recently, but FTX just shit the bed and brought the entire crypto market down with it.

  21. DD always said we'd rise like a pheonix from the burnt ashes of the market. Still gotta wait for spy and voo to take a mega dump, they're not close to their bottom.

  22. Holy shit. If GameStop were to purchase FTX, that would give them a prebuilt crypto exchange for onboarding and off ramp.

  23. Hope ya'll got your fill on today's dip. Initiated a transfer of more cash money to buy tomorrow so 100% chance we gap the fuck up before it settles.

  24. someone in the comment section said if i put my tinfoil in the microwave it would get shiny and hold its shape but it actually caught on fire wtf happened was my tinfoil magic

  25. When they announced the FTX partnership, everyone in this thread was jumping for joy and saying how it is another significant step into adding value to the company’s NFT ecosystem. With the FTX implosion today, everyone is saying it’s a non-issue and barely worth a thought. It can’t be both, so which is it?

  26. The most interesting development rn is not crypto prices or FTX collapse but GME’s current test in distributing NFTs to Power Up members. This going well is one GIANT LEAP towards distributing the NFT dividend. It should be considered a field test.

  27. It genuinely is lottery or food stamps for a lot of us. I didn’t mean for these to be my options, I just wanted a modest profit to begin with, but here I am. Those are the two options. Either try to take this to zero and let GME buy the float for 100m which would royally fuck SHFs or watch it spiral out of control and transform financial markets forever which would also royally fuck SHFs. We can wait for years if needs be. We have waited our entire lives and this is our only hope. Can Citadel last years more? Oh and BTW we are continuing to hold, buy and DRS the longer this drags on. SHFs are truly the dumb storm troopers of the universe.

  28. For me, I’m so deep green it would have to go back to 2020 prices for me to be red. And if that happens, I’m simply selling my ass to buy more. There really is no losing this for me. I’ll be destitute if GME reaches zero, but I’m willing to wait in a bread line for my conviction. I’ll ride it to delisting if I have to. But the fun part is that will never happen. So either this remains sideways forever and my investment holds value, or it goes up. Both are okay options for me.

  29. Question - the DRS bot used to show the average number of shares. Am I smooth as a marble and don’t see it or is it removed?

  30. The DRSBOT has twice daily update posts at 2am UTC & 2pm UTC, these update posts include a lot of detail but also the 'old' version of the "shares added" comment with the fuller table that includes the bot average.

  31. Given that Jordan Holberg and Spike NFT, both senior people working in the GME NFT space, are joking about it on twitter, I’m guessing minimal impact. 4D chess Cohen might have even factored in this happening.

  32. GAMESTOP YOU SAY?? Isn't 🎮Gamestop🛑 also sitting on like ~A BILLION USD CASH with virtually no debt and some $200MM Earmarked for Share Buy Backs? I heard their Chairman, Warren Icahn can also increase his position significantly should he a see another attractive price point. I'm pretty sure they have a small Army of Diamondfisted investors, who are 🟣Direct Registerring Shares🟣 in Their Names, pulling them from Cede and Sponging up any liqudity (or illusion thereof) that might exist in the stock. Apparantly, they may even be slowly launching an NFT Marketplace which one could argue would give them licit and rational reason to issue 🚀Dividends in the Form of NFTs🚀 to all their Sharehodlers. That could be a bit of a quandary🤔 for shorts. Is that the Gamestop you are referring to? Or am I thinking of another Gamestop?

  33. An ape helped me set up my GameStop wallet yesterday to play God's Unchained and I'm hooked already. I'm stoked for the future of gaming.

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