FTX.com is a separate company from FTX.us(GameStop partner). FTX.com only trades derivatives and not actually crypto assets. FTX.us does trade crypto assets and is operating normally.

  1. Yup f the noise. Even the one that now says binance will buy ftx business outside of us. All the fud from the past few days. All meaningless as we know gme is what's important. They know it too

  2. I get a feeling this part is going to get drowned out in the current FUDswamp but hopefully gets highlighted more once everybody calms down.

  3. Dude, I’ve been involved in crypto since 2013 and am more than happy to answer any questions you have about all this dumb shit. FTX.US is completely separate from FTX. Getting a license in the US is no easy task: you have to play by the rules. FTX (on the other hand) is notorious for parasitic flash crashes and scam wicks that fill their in-house hedge funds pockets (Alameda). It’s an open secret that they’re trading against their customers for profit. They offered 100x margin leverage for crypto derivatives for YEARS before they cut it back to a more modest 20x margin leverage. All of this is basically bullshit. Binance is making a back door play to fuck with the liquidity of FTT and force FTX to liquidate other assets to post collateral. That’s it. The main thing to take away from all this: who gives a shit about FTX crypto gift cards. It’s been a nothing-burger from the beginning.

  4. It says "both domains belong to the same platform", "FTX.com and FTX.us are operated by the same company". Where does it say they are different companies? Please stop rushing to post things that you haven't verified.

  5. Can someone explain why the FTX coin is crashing if FTX.com only trades in derivatives? From that binance dudes tweets it sounds related. Or I'm too smooth to understand all of this and should go to sleep

  6. Because this post is wrong. Saying FTX.com and FTX.us are different companies is like saying Toyota Japan and Toyota USA are different companies.

  7. I’m all for being technically correct, yes FTX.com and FTX.us are different. But the optics of being involved with FTX in anyway looks horrible atm. Downvote me all you want, but consumers won’t know the difference between “.com” and “.us” if all they see is “FTX” on all the branding.

  8. The tweet is saying that binance.us and ftx.us are different companies, not that ftx.us and ftx.com are different companies.

  9. Do yall really trust SBF with your crypto? I find it absolutely hilarious that GME HODLers, who for over a year have been championing decentralization in crypto, would fall for trusting someone like him. His whole business is built on taking your private keys from you so that you can margin trade your crypto.

  10. So Ftx was f’d on liquidity and cz said ok first give me my 2 billi back then we will help you. Big brains

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