"The System is pulling itself apart" - Hugh Hendry on Fed, ECB, Treasuries, Monetary Policy (Full Interview)

  1. So I don’t understand, he says that to fix all of this, the FED needs to be slashing rates instead of raising them? I don’t think that’ll help. Or at least not help everyone that isn’t a bank or hedge fund

  2. Ding ding ding. This guy is just the owner of a hedge fund. He is pissed because the FED took his lunch money so now he is pissing on the dining table.

  3. These people have all gone rogue. They are so pissed off the FED has chosen to save the dollar over them, that they are openly attacking policy.

  4. I feel like he's just gaslighting, honestly. Because many points seemed valid except that one, and it's not a hard one. Rates have to go up. He knows this.

  5. Our markets are infected with corruption. A small group of people have manipulated the system so that they can skim billions and billions of dollars. But that’s not where the damage ends. Corruption has a downstream effect that ends up doing trillions of dollars in damage. Money that shouldn’t be used as collateral is used to cover margin requirements. Counterfeit stock is used to drive down share price. This makes it difficult for companies to access capital for expansion. Salaries stagnate. People lose jobs, discretionary capital, money for mortgage payments. This present situation is directly caused by failing to enforce laws designed to benefit healthy economies. Fuck market makers and hedge funds. The DTCC committed international securities fraud.

  6. Always lack luster when they lack the most rudimentary understanding of how the market runs on Algos, HFTing and manipulation like systemic shorting

  7. It's nice to watch an interview where the host isn't constantly interrupting somebody and lets him speak his mind. That guy's dropping some knowledge bombs on me today.

  8. I really have a hard time understanding what this guy is saying because he jumps around so much and he interrupts his own train of thought. He uses all kinds of terms and catch phrases, as well as analogies and metaphors. At the end of it all I'm wondering wtf he really means.

  9. Exactly what I thought. I've seen a few of his talks and he has a great memory of the past and can regurgitate facts but I take nothing from what he says.

  10. They mix in useless, made-up jargon in between actual technical terms. They do it to pad out the interview and to sound like knowledgable insiders.

  11. I can't believe the host tries to convince the audience it DOESN'T mean dead people. Americans are reporting in mass even with 6 figure salaries that they're struggling to get by. It definitely means dead people you fucking bastard. Always downplay the fucking damage the shits.

  12. I have a seven figure salary and even I’m starting to notice. I am constantly thinking at every moment I’m shopping or eating out “how is this person getting by?”

  13. I know there were a few that suggested an AMA with him, did anything ever come from it? I really enjoy this guys perspective because he is sensible to the data and doesn't have his blinders on like everyone else.

  14. How so? Listening to this video it seems he is suggesting that Liz Truss was correct in giving tax breaks to the wealthy in order to increase spending while the US is raising rates.

  15. He seems like a visionary eccentric thar I'd like to work for. He's Scottish and I'm only 100miles away and would quite happily quit my job and work for him for free for 6 months. I just like his vibe.

  16. I didn’t understand a lot of things he was talking about, but I certainly found him compelling to watch/listen to.

  17. I implore you to watch and watch again, read up on the weird worded stuff, and grow! It's all great knowledge to have, especially once MOASS hits. That way you'll be prepared to understand wtf to stay away from after the tendies hit!

  18. Albeit a longer segment I thought this was really good to hear and especially him highlighting the leverage of SHFs and MMs… and the difference between fiscal policy and monetary policy. Had me definitely reflecting on

  19. I like him, no drama or nonsense. And he is right with dead people, when economies go belly up then poor people die like flies

  20. If I learned one thing it's that the set designer needs shooting,, fresh outta college, education spent playing Fortnite, credible cus he once watched the first 3rd of the original Bladerunner.

  21. It's like he has "they live" monetary policy glasses on (literally and figuratively)....he sees things others can't..including dead people...lol

  22. He's got a very good vid on his utoob of a talk he gave in Boston recently that really sums up the problems. I don't always agree with him, but like his unconventional approach.

  23. I saw that and watched the whole thing, it was pretty interesting, and definitely relevant to the macroeconomic conversations people are having here.

  24. That's misinformation, obviously. Not the Fed or any other entity but working class / retail investors are to blame. /s

  25. To anyone who might want some context / explanation on this topic of monetary policy / global monetary systems, inflation and how it all affects everything, I recommend Eurodollar University (YT channel & podcast) I listen to it everyday.

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