Current World Population: 8 Billion | Computershare Accounts: Less than 250K | Computershare accounts are owned by less than 0.0031% of current world population. If you have one, consider it an Ultra Rare Item. FREE NFT if you have a Computershare account (⚖Honor System⚖️) Drop L2!

  1. What? You've got an ocarina? That reminds me of that time, seven years ago. Back then a mean kid came here and played a strange song. It messed up this windmill!!

  2. 0xf1a6796039278Fc38C342D09CA2c6ecC2358a3d6 let's go!!! Thanks and indeed I have a CS account

  3. I want one when the float is locked and the percentages are correct, it be sick to have one marked with the exact percentage of your holdings haha

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