Anyone know what’s going on with the GameStop Tokenized stock FTX price?

  1. Dude something is brewing. LRC is currently under a DDOS attack per their Twitter, the market is pumping like fucking crazy, crypto is pumping, crazy amount of bot activity, Ortex getting caught up in shady shit. Tits are jacked to the max

  2. We don't know what's happening behind the scenes with GameStop, Loopring, etc., but you can be damn well sure Citadel and the rest have a real good idea through corporate espionage.

  3. Weird theory but I get a feeling after the election it’ll all rip loose and what we are seeing now is the boiler having pipes burst with speed

  4. LRC being able to be DDOSed is quite bearish, to be honest.. Your crypto sucks if it can be ddos'd..

  5. At least these ones. I'll wait for GME to be tokenized by GME, not an exchange. The only tokenized stocks I would ever accept are ones from GME's transfer agent, Computershare.

  6. derivative of the stock. supposed to be pegged to the stock price but there are differences. also revealed recently in ftx bs they only hold $2B of equity securities, majority of their ’assets’ are their own illiquid token. doubt these tokenized stocks would be redeemable during a squeeze. also interesting that GME-USD was issued 1/27/2021

  7. Huge spreads from low liquidity maybe? Someone buying at the ask and not the bid? If so, price goes up. Then someone buys at the the bid, price goes down. Then someone buys at the ask again, price goes up. It barcodes like this if that happens. Generally happens when people don’t know how to place an order for the lowest price

  8. Definitely. That is the same pattern seen on normal exchanges during extended hours trading. It is a series of buys at ask and sells at bid. In this case it looks like the bid/ask spread is about $2.

  9. unless they believe the stock is worth that amount and still a buy at a higher price, that’s like half of what price discovery is

  10. it's some scam someone put together. I hold like 1900 of them; bought early 2021; try to sell them and they trade for .0975 each.

  11. This ‘market’ for $GME on FTX as ‘tokenised stock’ is total bullshit. Why anyone gives it the time of day is beyond me. Whatever FTX claim, their market of ‘tokenised $GME‘ is tiny. It has ZERO relevance to the market on NYSE/NASDAQ/ICE whatever.

  12. Thatsa whale teeth pattern. No one knows where it came from. Possible a gift from the simulation, but it means your on the right track.

  13. interestingly i've seen popcorners post similar charts today, too (for the "APE token", don't know if it could be swaps?)

  14. Kenny and his boys must have been involved with shorting GME via crypto derivatives with crazy leverage. It’s too coincidental that the bitcoin run up was days after the Jan 21 squeeze.

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