Why are we confining ourselves to Reddit? We should be trending on every platform there is.

  1. Holy shit, this is great. Top comment and I assume it will get lost. But A): what is your format for business/Super Stonk cards?

  2. Because those platforms are notorious for censoring/ silencing anything that goes against the mainstream narrative, spreading misinformation, division and propaganda and abusing/mishandling peoples personal information (especially facebook and TikTok). They are not to be trusted and would most likely only harm and alienate this community.

  3. I also really enjoy being able to participate without having to use my own name and face (I swear I’m not a shill I just have social anxiety).

  4. We actually do not need any one else. People keep talking about FOMO, I do not care. I want apes who DRS and are long gme to keep drsing and not giving a fuck. I could see RC ventures and others buying more after the unveil the full marketplace though. Power to the players. Power to the investors.

  5. Sometimes we really do need action. Like commenting on rule proposals, sending letters to SEC/DTCC, shareholder voting. It's not often but yes, action is needed.

  6. This is the beauty of the whole thing. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about GME or any other stock. Buy, hold, DRS, shop is the dissenting countermove to all the corruption.

  7. There is more to do though. Hold is though to get us to MOASS. It is NOT enough to change the market corruption.

  8. The power that apes have and makes them legally untouchable is the fact that they are just individuals making individual choices. The fact that these apes found their way to one specific - superstonk subreddit just shows that each ape is doing research and looking for gme related DD.

  9. You must be late to this. Every social media platform when searching for GME brings up trashcorn stock. I'm good where I'm at.

  10. Exactly my point. Apes fix that with an official SS account. They flock their and the likes and trends fix the search algorithm so it brings people to the right place.

  11. Worse comes to worse, that'd be a last resort post-MOASS when the world shock is over and the majority start to move on

  12. Sure but how can apes* expose market corruption to the world in this little space. Apes* have been screaming it for 2 years and no one hears them* cause they've been confined here and think this is safe. This is good.

  13. Shilling is expanding information on market corruption, liquidity issues, naked shorts+swaps, etc to other forms of media other than Reddit?

  14. Bro, the fact that so many accounts with no flair and no ss history are here explaining how dumb you are, is a good sign that you're right. I agree 🤝💜🟣

  15. We are triangulated by the mainstream media (which is being used as surrogates by Wall Street hedge funds) to crush our GME trade thesis.

  16. I think you’re assuming a lot here. I know many Apes have been spreading across multiple platforms because we’ve connected there (randomly) like when someone says “Hey! Are you the same jbitterly from Superstonk?” Then we start these same discussions on other platforms like Truth Social (I’m banned from Twitter and boxed in on Facebook). The folks over there GET what’s happening here because they’re fighting the same battle but more on the political side. They aren’t investors by in large. We are attempting to change that. At minimum they understand that all this madness is connected.

  17. They want us confined here that’s why this sub is manipulated. If we could scream out everywhere in matters of weeks this would be viral and hedgies would be fucked for just a smal % of new Apes Learning about DRS think: If company can’t speak publicly about it. They are tryna do the same with us. Not let us speak publicly about it is one of the SHF manipulation tactics.

  18. Because most of us are idiots. We’ve read DD and understand it enough to bet on it, but I imagine when most of us try teaching it to others we come off as regarded or cultists.

  19. i can confirm I have watched both my mother and sister's eyes roll when I try to explain, and when someone asks me for an email with some links it winds up being 13 pages long to try and shoehorn it all in.

  20. What I've found is we come off as doomsdayers. I worked in offshore investment, and doom & gloom is big with that crowd. There's always been conferences/books/interviews with people saying the economy will collapse, the Fed is bad, fiat currency is worthless, etc.

  21. An overabundance of caution early on when the perception that MOASS was "any day now" has lead to an entrenched mindset that resists calls to action. After seeing the elaborate cointel psyops that the existing financial system is willing to wage against the truth, people are understandably a little reticent to be seen as the nail that sticks out.

  22. You realize "We" isn't market manipulation. We as a community are literally just providing market data and reporting on market corruption. None of what "we" say is financial advice. All of it is just spread of information.

  23. Why? So we can have no control of what gets downvoted, that’s what makes this so great. Sounds like a good way to push a false narrative and further damage the ticker.

  24. I like knowing this stock is being locked up by other like-minded people that know the true lower limits of where this can go. Many outside of this sub will sell at lower limits and only decrease the potential

  25. I go around with my friend on bicycles wearing a white shirt and tie and knock on doors asking people if they’ve heard the good word of gme. And instead of candy this year handed out brochures telling everyone of how they can be financially saved if they have faith and DRS.

  26. Whos confining u to reddit? What platform is suppressing u from ur millions of followers?? Let me guess... elon shadow banned u!!??? Am I right or am I right?

  27. There's an apple article that mentions superstonk for the first time ever. They mentioned the sub they are not suppose to….seems like an odd timing.

  28. Its important to understand that like politicians mods are subject to change over time. Us older apes and most especially those of us who have been on reddit for over a decade have seen some things (insert Vietnam, kitchen ceiling, chichiuaha meme).

  29. No brigading rule is fucked. Don't be a dick obviously, but these mods can't stop you from speaking truth wherever you want to.

  30. Reminds me of “Don’t Look Up” when DiCaprio’s character starts trying different media platforms to get the word out and yells at the children viewers on Sesame Street to tell their parents.

  31. It’s all suppressed man, twitter, TikTok / all controller platforms where only allow listed topics are allowed to bubble up

  32. I see games, books, shows etc now popping up on the GameStop NFT marketplace. Why cannot one if those programmers make a chat site in an NFT or based on NFT to keep the riff raff out and the narrative true?

  33. I’ve always been wondering about this as well. The most effective way to DRS the float faster is to spread the fkin message, make it go viral. We’re not even spreading it on Reddit. I see 10million people on subs like antiwork complaining about the very things we’re fighting. We put ourselves on lockdown, very conveniently for SHF

  34. I'm just a crazy wanna be investor to all my friends and it'll probably remain they way until it's time to divvy out those "I told you so"s

  35. Been saying this for ages. Isolating ourselves. And being isolated by those who are trying to control it all.

  36. We go to other subs that are fighting for something worthy and attainable. Offer our extra muscle while we’re waiting. Like a side quest. Make new friends. Intrigue new investors, build alliances when we need to amp up.

  37. It's because we act like fucking idiots everywhere else. Anyone who tries to represent this sub or this community on any other platform has gotten out of hand and downright greedy or became an outlet for misinformation and bias opinion. It puts a single face on a group of 300,000 people and, let's be honest, most of the people here are so lost in confirmation bias they can't even repeat the DD that got them there.

  38. We couldn't even keep our best DRS marketing effort inside this DRS focused sub because division and hubris and FUD undermined it.

  39. Oh just another post trying to incite some kind of movement on toktok and calling superstonk SS in the last 24h. Not sus at all.

  40. The power that apes have and makes them legally untouchable is the fact that they are just individuals making individual choices. The fact that these apes found their way to one specific - superstonk subreddit just shows that each ape is doing research and looking for gme related DD.

  41. At risk of being downvoted and banned or whatever, I think there are a few stocks out there suffering the same corruption as GME is. Instead of being in competition with them or disliking them, despite how terrible they are, we should really be pulling together and fighting these bastards as a bigger group. I’ve always said that the problem with buy and hold is, they know our strategy which means they can f’k with us a whole lot easier and control the situation more, since they are dealing with certainty and not volatility. Yes we have DRS but it’s perhaps it’s time to start thinking outside of the box?

  42. Platforms like Twitter and FB seem to shadow ban anyone talking about “meme stocks” mainly due to who their major investors are.

  43. Terrible idea. The average Reddit user is already more intelligent than the average Instagram/Facebook/Twitter user (i know its fucking appalling) just on the fact that Reddit is very crowd-sourced and community based which leads to some accountability and information gathering being done, plus actual conversations and debates (somewhat) in comments.

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