Pushed back inside the triangular conflict that started Sept 7th, but the wind is finally changing. (Disclaimer for the T-Allergic apes : this is for hype and speculative purpose, just like the majority of the posts in this sub. Take it as a weather forecast and move on if you're not interested.)

  1. If you notice the turn around at the top of today and the section specifically after that with the long red candles, you can clearly see that it’s an indicator that I’m going to keep buying and DRSing.

  2. Just because people like triangles doesn’t mean that they don’t like (purple) circles. You don’t have to be a dog person OR a cat person, you can like both. Inertiaaaaaaaaa has a pretty good track record of using TA to point out when we can expect volatility in the price (not predicting up or down, just that there will be bigger than usual price movement). Bollinger bands are tighter than they have been since Aug 2021, probably even tighter, which indicates a volatile price move is coming soon. I use a script that monitors velocity, acceleration and jerk of the price and it is also showing signals of a significant price swing in the next few days. I’m thinking to the upside due to the positive divergence of the RSI. … as always looking forward to seeing what happens next! Been appreciating your posts over the past couple years, thanks for sharing and not letting the haters dissuade you.

  3. "wind finaly changing" To what exactly? I see No difference. Triangle, as always we almost bresk thru, then shorted back to shitty żonę, and nothing is gonna happened for next few months. Then another triangle will be drawn, with talk that we croosed some shit on a weekly, monthly smth etc, and last time it heppened we had runup to nothing.

  4. Bought right at the dip and accumulating. We are in a Wyckoff accumulation scenario, and sad for those who aren't loading!

  5. I don't play with options. I'm just interested in understanding how this stock of us moves, which is 95% algorithmic processes repeating the same equations again and again and leaving geometric clues and patterns behind.

  6. I’ll bet you 10 GME shares the wind isn’t changing. By next week Friday, the price will still be under $30. How confident are you? Wanna make a bet?

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