Alright so Since August 1st, 56% of total GME volume has been sold short. To add, 25% of total outstanding shares have been Direct Registered. Why is the borrow rate still at 9%? Someone please explain how this is even possible? Supply /= Demand?

  1. All of the liability is on market makers now, they don’t have to borrow shares to short, they’re legally allowed to naked short. Thus the borrow rate is unaffected since no real shares are being borrowed

  2. Because its based on the rate that they are able to print more shares. Notice how when GME and XRT/etfs go on RegSHO, CTB goes up, its because they are limited on what they can print.

  3. The borrow rate is only for retail and institutions....Market Makers gave Gary Gensler the milk to continue to legally naked short into oblivion quintillion INFINITE RISK.....

  4. Basically this, if you remember the spread on the Ortex screen grabs from this...summer? You'd have a CTB Max of several hundred percent, but a minimum of, like, 0.8%, which gave us an average in the 20s or 30s iirc. So until that entity is no longer willing to take fuckall for ALL THE SHARES, you're not going to see the rate be what ti should be.

  5. Don’t know if I really have the wrinkles to speak to this, but, I would think the bulk of this is due to the Market Maker exemption from locate requirements, that Citadel has w/ GME bc they are the designated market maker (DMM) for GameStop shares.

  6. THE DTCC COMMITTED INTERNATIONAL SECURITIES FRAUD by using hundreds of millions of new dividend shares as a supply of liquidity for new/existing shorts while telling brokers to multiply all shares on their books instead of properly allocating the newly issued GME splividend shares

  7. The really critical point to understand here is that short volume for a given trading day or other period is not a number that can be added to existing short interest to derive the new short interest total. The reason for that is that the short volume on any given day measures only the shares shorted and takes no account of the share trades made to close short positions. Most typically, a very high percentage of short trades will be closed on the same day resulting in a short interest at the end of the day that is little changed from the short interest at the beginning of that day.

  8. Yellon disconnected the idiosyncratic risk from the market. Gme is the only stonk in history to be completely taken offline essentially. It’s that risky to system. I don’t know the next play tho, people keep buying hodling and drsing. I could see a scenario where float is locked and it’s still doing this crab walk flat line. It’s just too risky to let it play out at this point. Soo, I don’t know the answer. I’m just collecting history at this point one share at a time under my own name. Hope it works out for us. I’m not selling, I’m in too deep and came too far. They can’t trick me. We either flatline for life, or I’m a zillionaire.

  9. The whole world of finance and governments is involved in a corrupt fleecing of its citizens, welcome to the new world order.

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