RC knows the SHF playbook because they tried to buy him

  1. And I would bet anything that he's recruited the best financial legal team ever assembled. They are brewing something potent, no doubt.

  2. When all of this first started, other users found each individual member of cohens legal team and I recall them all being top notch all stars and they all had finance and market related experience.

  3. I want a company where the chairman role is decentralized between all the shareholders...there are hundreds of billions here at stake and I'm concerned about RC and his family safety. Only with a true distributed and decentralized leadership we could have a company really safe from these financial crooks attacks. People can be killed or bribed, a community with a shared idea is far harder to counteract.

  4. Or...stay with me now...or, he can hear the future. (i.e. Pansychism or Akashic Records type stuff.)

  5. whoever programmed this simulation is manifesting Elon Musk. Trying to single handedly save Earth in first person. SpaceX gives children hope for a brighter future. Tesla single handedly forced an entire legacy automotive industry to electrify and now Twatter giving (eventually bot free) human free speech to the entire world.

  6. All of these billionaires, ceo's, bankers, hf mgrs etc are in the same social class. I'm sure everyone in that club has a passing knowledge of what is going on as it is probably discussed at the golf clubs, private events etc.

  7. Dig into AA's past and you'll know he was a SHF plant for awhile. Read the Swapcorn filings for the last 18 months carefully enough, and what you see is a "company" that was certain to cut its shareholders off at the knees at the behest of the short side.

  8. Sherman was actually a positive. He kept the company afloat and helped it survived. Even DFV mentioned it. They just transitioned to someone else because they aren’t just brick and mortar which he specialized in. He was actually the right guy for the job at the time which was why he stayed on with Cohen for the transition, they were just surrounded by other incompetents.

  9. Forreal tho, im just sitting back,, eating popcorn and playing my games. Wiping off the sweat with these nice soft gold-mine colored towells...what a time to be alive

  10. AA’s statement of there being no synth shares of popcorn isn’t him bs-ing. Yeah I think he’s a shf bro, but I think that line is just serious. He’s blown their float up so many times that any short who wanted out had plenty of opportunities.

  11. You had me at “non-kinetic war”… everything after that (and including) went over my head. This tells me you must be right.

  12. So stop putting money into retirement plans at banks? Stop keeping my money in banks go back to cash in safe in floor? Go back to paying bills with cash? Take the money out of there hands and it’s what hits them in their wallet?

  13. Adam Aron has a long as dodgy past with hedge funds well into the past, if he was bought out it happened many years ago. More likely he's just always been a dodgy mf

  14. And yet he has gone quiet… how do we know this isn’t just another bbby play for him and retail is another pawn? Not against RC but ppl give too much credit for us not to be on the moon already

  15. I'm confused. Do you guys think SHF is long on popcorn and using it as a hedge against GME or don't you?

  16. I think it was a distraction (not a direct hedge) against GME, much like the silver distraction. But,🍿 took on a life of its own and got away on them. Now they (SHFs) are just trying to reign it in. AA seems to be enjoying the limelight and adulation, so hard to tell if he's bought and paid for. Time will tell.

  17. Ultimately RC (and ~800 thousand Apes) may be attributed as being the one who broke the HF's destruction cycle of financial markets...and started America on the road to a more legit/stable/honest financial system.

  18. yeah, these HFS in particular like to threaten physical violence when things aren't going their way. and the stupid allegations against RC and the bbby cfo window jump, could be the reason for his silence as of late.

  19. I don't think AA sold out. Retail knows GME is the og SHF PITA. It seems to me both companies are addressing the shorts in a different way. It makes sense to try everything to beat your opponent. AA is in his golden years and just might be pushing the legal envelope. I do hodl both cause "fuk'm that's why" but don't preferred shares get a higher $% if and when a dividend is issued? My GME is mine and not for sale.

  20. Problem with that is popcorn started a couple years ago with like what 50 mil shares? That's now up to 500 million plus another 500 million of that hideous frankenstein ticker that nobody voted for. Insiders selling and not buying, dilution after dilution after dilution. As an outsider its horrifying to watch a company shit on shareholders like that.

  21. Lol you desire to talk about AA when this is sub is about GME. Highest FTDs in the market and gaining public attention and you talk about it’s enabling SHFs to cover. This sub is becoming just echo chamber garbage.

  22. This is how I know sticky floor is full of unironic tards. Gayemcee has about 140k FTDs and a notional value of about $1.2 million on those. APEshit has about 400k FTDs worth around $2 million notional. Apple has 55k FTDs at over $9 million notional which is triple sticky floors combined FTDs. SPY has 176,000 FTDs worth a whopping $76 million in notional value. Shut the fuck up about sticky floor having most FTDs in the market. It’s not even close to true

  23. And what is your conclusion? Knowing a playbook, devising a strategy to defeat it, and then executing it are all completely different things.

  24. Ridiculous hoop jumping. Tell me, who has "the worst smear campaign" and aren't you smearing with this nonsense?

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