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  1. I've been mantaining a $0.69 balance for the last 2 years. My CU raised the APR of my account to 2% today to tru to entice me to keep cash in the account. But I'm wise to their rehypothication ways.

  2. Caved and watched the GameStop doc on Netflix… I think I will drs more tomorrow… that got my blood pumping… how they subtlety paint the narrative and leave out key elements

  3. Apeman, ah-ahhh-aahhhhhh! Fighter of the Hedgeman, ah-ahhh-aahhhhh! Champion of the stonks! You’re a master of karate and friendship for everyone!

  4. Has anyone experienced someone completely vanishing? The only evidence I can find of this person's existence is the text chain and an old website. All social media is dark. I guess they might have ghosted, but she was my cleaning lady and never turned up. Not sure what to do.

  5. Just figured up how much revenue GS got from all of the creators combined on the NFT marketplace for the past 30 days and them taking 2.25%.... $107k. Woof.

  6. If you go look at buying put options against the spy for middle December, the price doesn't get super cheap until you approach the 200s

  7. I never thought I would be so sad on a day I got a very nice raise at work (25%) but basically told to fuck off bc I really wanted less money so I didn't have to work every other weekend. I am missing out on valuable family time as my kid is growing up. I'm taking my raise and buying more stonks but a part of me really knows it's about so much more than the money. Time I should be spending with my child that I miss I can't get it back. Fuck these people.

  8. For what it’s worth, Dr. Trimbath has been getting spicer and spicer the last couple of months. Y’all noticed that?

  9. Gme could very well buy back stock: but that's going to happen as they sell more during the astronomical squeeze numbers. If the stock were to fall far bellow the squeeze metrics... it would only make sense to utilize newly raised funds to buy some back/privatize as a whole. Potentially creating another squeeze.

  10. How many of y’all check SuperStonk everyday? 🤦🏽‍♂️ Edit: be careful for those who on here too much. There’s so many illusions of truth’s present on this sub that goes unchallenged and internalized.

  11. I agree..tbh I read everything with a pound of salt knowing the only guarantee is apes aren't leaving and

  12. All you numb nuts that think RC just walked away after issuing shares as dividend, Just stop. Go look in the mirror and take a deep breath.

  13. Some guy's on TV, caught some famous baseball guy's baseball. Saying he could have 2 million dollars for that ball he caught. I'm like, shit man, that's like a fraction of a GME share!

  14. Anyone want the biz in madden tonight? PlayStation if anyones interested. (I exclusively use the Jets so just a heads up)

  15. I decided to have some drinks tonight. But I'm poor, so counteracting with slim jims and corn chips. Life is what you make of it. But life could be way better with champagne & name brand wheat thins!

  16. Steel Reserve will get you fucked up on a super budget. Brings me back to my teenage years gettin punk-drunk......and also my twenties......and still into my thirties.....

  17. Please help: This is my first time buying. I am in Australia and used interactive brokers to buy my GME. Today I get a message that I am at risk of them liquidating my position. They said: "Please note that we do not issue margin calls and should this cushion erode and your account no longer remain margin compliant, it will be subject to forced position liquidations. To ensure continued compliance, please consider depositing additional funds to increase equity and/or closing or hedging positions to lessen margin exposure." I have only ever bought crypto before and don't completely understand what this means?

  18. is it true GME is going to sell more shares soon and thus diluting? since they are burning cash and are going to need more in the coming months.

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