I have 2000 informational GME "business cards" from a friend through vistaprint for guerilla marketing that need to be distributed...

  1. Thought the same for delivery drivers, restaurants with the tip, etc. Knowledge is power awesome job on your efforts.

  2. I wouldn’t consider this investment advice. As started the card asks the reader if their tired of being fucked over by Wall Street & gives a link to go read. I think it’s clever & an absolute great way to spread the word as many people are infact tired of losing their retirements, self directed investments & investments that they purchased by following coke rat Cramer. None the less, I haven’t went this far to help, just conversations so I’m in no position to judge op’s actions as if I’m any better.

  3. I'd love to see the design. We're sharing designs for free on the site/in our own sub. Maybe we can share this one too!

  4. It's quite bare-bones. Nevertheless, I really just want to get them out and in the hands of other people. There's only so much I can do around here with them.

  5. I get this if it's orchestrated crime but this is basically the equivalent of saying "hey this company that's a really great investment is having a 100000000% off sale to buy a percentage stake in it!"

  6. I would love to distribute some “Wall Street pain” I’m a broke ape so if you wanna send some I will scatter them in my area but I can’t afford to make my own.

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