DFV is waiting at ComputerShare.

  1. DFV as an approved creator on the NFT marketplace and his only NFT is a screenshot of his purple circle. 1/1- 741 ETH mint price. Would sell instantly

  2. For me it was all clear when Gamestop added DRS numbers to quarterly reports. No companies do this from what Ive read. That is unique, and that is the most obvious signal this is the way.

  3. So after the split, if that was DFV, he would have 800,008 shares. Like we used to do with calculators to say BOOOOBS in elementary. Tin foil hat on

  4. Why would the man double down, twice, just to sell lol he’s in it forever, I anticipate that if he truly is a time traveler, he will know where the top is.

  5. Best tin foil hat theory I have read so far. I love it. But you have my vote Sir HFs just can’t compete with the apes mentality. They are sooooo fukt!

  6. Add in the “Not a cat” which he said under oath. ACAT being the system used within the DTCC to track shares, DFV has been not A CAT since at least February 2021

  7. Pretty sure this was after a small hiatus after his last position update, when we got a streak of meme only posts before his sleeping kitties post to close it out.

  8. also the whole i’m not a cat thing… as in i’m not ACAT (Automated Customer Account Transfer) bit more subtle than him being like “my name is DR. S” for no reason in congress lol

  9. I've always held the belief that the initial DRS numbers posted in the first prospectus at 5,200,000 shares was a low key hint that DFV DRS'd his 200,000shares even then. That is just my tinfoil hat theory. No proofs haha

  10. I forget whether gamestop, or rc - posted an ambiguous ‘new high score’ tweet with absolutely zero explanation, sometime around spring ‘21 iirc. Also, i recall rc using this emoji 👊 in a tweet, i believe it was in april ‘21 on the date dfv’s 12c leaps were set to expire (and he exercised + bought 50k more shares in his final update post) - again, no explanation, no reference. I believe that date was 4/16?

  11. Not to burst a bubble but the chances are much higher than that. They are a transfer agent, so there are A LOT of companies that use them for their record-keeping. In fact,

  12. he's not waiting in line he already drsd, that's just his future prediction of us waiting in line

  13. A million dollars a month selling CC? That’s a little high. He could do it if he wanted to actively manage the positions and risk selling CCs that could definitely end in the money. Alternatively he could comfortably make like $80K a week selling safely way OTM weeklies.

  14. In the blockbuster card moment, Will Ferrell steps out of line and yells his order. What was his order? Can you get it at computershare?

  15. Huh! Beyond far fetched… That said - I am in! 🦍 (btw have you watched latest GameStop docu on Netflix? Mofos totally portrayed DFV as pumper and dumper.. 😡)

  16. Seen a few posters post this over the last year or so. We’ll not the block buster transfer agent that is a new 1 to me

  17. DRS MOTHAFUCKAS. Everyone talks about grandma being stuck in the cage til the floats locked, but DFV IS IN THE CAGE TOO.

  18. Fucking time travel man strikes again. Can't understand how the time cops ever let DFV get away with this, but they earned their donuts alright.

  19. thank you.... i was puzzled back then regarding this. it all makes sense now... however my tits are bleeding sir, but still thanks

  20. Isn’t there a limit to how many shares you can direct register each year? I thought there was a post about it like a half year ago where a guy tried DRSing a ton of shares after he got a big inheritance but they only allowed him to DRS about half of them.

  21. Some dude just came into my shop and asked if we sae the gme netflix documentary, which I have, amd ibstarted spilling info that he was unaware of thatbwas not in the documentary... He didnt care, he sold already... But, he said something that im unsure about... He claimed that keith has a offshore account in the caymans that is tied to citadel... Idk how he would know that or where that came from and he left before i could ask him... Has anyone heard that before or is that dude just all worked up cause hes a paper handed bitch? Personally idc about anything at this point... Im 100% drs and those shares dont even exist until we squeeze, ide hold the rest of my life just out of retarded spite for the system... But im just curious if anyone else has heard that before.

  22. First i have read about the computershare and BNY melon connection Has there been any looking into this? Or is it not malicious

  23. Doesn’t matter, the shares are literally under your name, if computershare goes under, the shares are held within GameStop ledger itself.

  24. Let’s be clear he has never said anything about DRS. Yet it popped anyway without it… yet it’s supposed to help now for some reason? Ever since drs started the price has consistently dropped

  25. I couple of months ago I watch some SHF manager state they opened a short position in Carnival, this was in MSNBC or something but from that point forward I’ve been watching carnival and it’s right in sync with GME

  26. Time Machine Traveller DFV is! The clairvoyance is just genius! But better than that is his humanity.. that he wants to help people with lesser foresight than his (which is 99.99% of us apes).

  27. It’s hard to say. Part of me says he probably sold much of his stake a long time ago. To reveal that would maybe threaten the mythological status we hold him in. Personally I would welcome him back regardless of how much he still holds. I know a bunch of you are gonna shit on me for saying this but there is a good chunk of people who have been making big $ off the swing trades all along while we just hold onto hope. For the record I bought at $30 on up into the $200s. My cost basis is around $130 and I hold quite a bit in both CS and my 401k. I’ve passed up countless opportunities to make $.

  28. Lots of companies use computershare are their transfer agent. This isn’t a theory. You’re pointing out a very common commonality and jumping to conclusions.

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