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  1. Decentralized exchange has been the holy grail. No counter party risk because it's trustless, no hostage taking because it's permissionless. No crime because the rules are immutable.

  2. GG: here's a $2.64 fine for naked shorting 3million shares a day for three years. The SEC continues to crack down on finicial crime and it is a glorious day at the SEC

  3. Okay so I had a theory about this. Most legal cases require precedent(s) and that’s what helps build cases/arguments. What if the KimK fine is a way to pave the road to fine the big players who are abusing the NFT/crypto markets? KimK would be the martyr in making this happen!

  4. It’s part of a legalized criminal enterprise designed, supported, sponsored by another legalized criminal organization to extort, confuse, cover…and blind us the level of corruption that exist to the largest legalized criminal organization the world has ever known……..

  5. Just because somethings a fact of life right now doesn’t mean it’s acceptable and cannot be changed. It starts with putting fraudsters in jail to deter future frauds

  6. Same old same old. Punishment doesn't fit the crime. As long as politicians are allowed to take bribes (donations) nothing will change.

  7. And as a former sec branch chief you were complicit in all of this also. Amazing how u all come out of the woodwork when u don't work there and not earning millions

  8. I like n dislike your comment as not everyone is as greedy n evil as kenny n co like Dr T she is cool some people can’t stand the toxic ways so separate themselves

  9. Do we chastise a recovering addict for sharing a post about how bad heroin is? Or do we take the experience and word from a person with first person experience in said subject as a pretextual warning/ heads up?

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