We GREEN today??

  1. i say hold on tight cuz the entire market seems to be melting up, i suspect something is happening in the background.

  2. Could it be that some big players are trying to close shorts across the board and get liabilities off their books before a complete crash?

  3. Didn't the money machine spark up again? Who's recently been given a HUGE maga dollar loan? Or is this profit coming back from high interest rates and gas prices

  4. This happens often lately. I’ve started to take it as a swing signal on my other assets - a big green day on both is followed by a big red day. My swing proceeds have been mostly going into GME (which I’m not swinging).

  5. Green is nice, but sadly - zen goes both ways. 10-15% swings just don’t cut it anymore. I even suspect the price doubling or dropping by a half won’t affect my areolas anymore 😕

  6. Grass is like a stop light. Green means go, yellow means slow down and red means, “where the fuck did I get this grass?”

  7. Whole market is bouncing (like a dead cat). This is the part of the roller coaster where you make sure your seat belt is fastened.

  8. Not sure if anyone else saw this, but around 7:00am pacific the VIX & VXX shot up and every ticker and main indexes dropped for a few seconds, then it went back to the trend for today. It was weird.

  9. RSI was WAAAY oversold on SPX. Dead cat bounces are frequently face ripping in a bear market. We also had a big gap at 370ish. Lots of over shorted stocks are having some covering right now. I don’t expect to go much higher considering we are sitting right at the critical margin line.

  10. Oh I was surprised it got propped up with all this talk of a csus crash. Guess it’s a dead cat bounce. Good for you!

  11. Hold my brother. We are in the last bounce of the market and we seeing lower lows post split before take off.

  12. Could green surges like this be short covering? Maybe they are forcing credit suiss to buy into their shorts? I mean they wouldn't dare touch gme but everything else maybe?

  13. You people watching the ticker everyday can forget keeping your nerves when moass actually comes. If this excites you then those hands aren't diamond. Only phone numbers from this bitch! Head down, stay zen and drs.

  14. Been here the whole time and not leaving :) but I still like watching bc I’m waiting for system implosion and curious about these swaps

  15. Pretty relevant if you ask me.. I understand some are too zen to watch ticker and that’s fine but as a 2 year ape I’m still curious wtf is gonna happen on a daily basis with the DEBIT Susie debacle going on

  16. Sooo idk if you’ve been paying attention but we’ve essentially been trading sideways since end of August, we were at 27ish now… back to 27ish. Posts like these make no sense, stay zen buy DRS hold.

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