They are fighting each other?Are we there yet?

  1. Hmmmm seems to be a lot of guys wearing suits on twitter being very knowledgeable about this situation all of a sudden, seems sus to me.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were shorting their own stock, as long as they make money they don’t care who’s on the losing side!

  3. Not too mention many many posts over the weekend saying it would be bloody then it’s on a huge relief rally… smells like a bull trap.

  4. All weekend, every social media platform, msm, reddit subs that must not be named.. have been pushing the “market collapse” narrative. This weekend was insane, just constant non stop pushing of banks going under.

  5. You can trust them. That’s why they’re wearing suits. Everyone in a suit is trustworthy. Didn’t you know?

  6. Exactly. If around 3% is "the most shorted bank" and GME is shorted by what, 50-70% every day? How can 3% mean anything in the larger picture?

  7. Yeah it was the one with 540000 presplit and it was on Bloomberg for a day then disappeared the next

  8. I think this is hard to prove. Their 5 Year CDS rate is very flat while their 1Year CDS rate is all over the place.

  9. Funny that such rules exist (especially cause it was created as a result of 2008) while simultaneously some lobbyists state short-selling would be essential for price discovery.

  10. Me: There are also rules against dressing up as a janitor and peeing in the Executive Lounge Coffee Pot…

  11. Before their collapse, Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers were heavily shorted by other banks/hedge funds. They ate their own.

  12. OP, it’s not like there is honor among thieves. Banks aren’t some organized global cabal…they are more like gangs. They may have alliances but ultimately don’t give a shit about anyone beyond their own.

  13. Anyone else remember the 2 million puts on GME that BNP Paribas had open that we all saw on the Bloomberg Terminal?!

  14. Honestly, short selling is bullshit and needs to be banned immediately. There is no longer any faith in the markets because of thia open crime. The SEC AND DOJ are literally useless in their current form and need to be reintroduced with new leadershop and a defined mission to protect the consumer/citizen. We have gotten way over our skis at this point because of their complicity with crime. The whole thing needs blowing up. This country has gone off the rails with horrible leadership and criminality.

  15. Short selling, when done properly, is a useful tool to weed out badly managed or worthless companies. It is limited to what shares are actually available to borrow. Short selling is not the problem.

  16. The more of the weakened big banks fall and sell off valuable assets, the more likely some the less weak big banks will survive.

  17. It reminds me of that lovely story told in the movie Skyfall about how they rid the entire island of rats with a buried barrel, some coconut, and some time.

  18. If you want to know which banks are relatively safe to having a bank account with just pay attention in the coming few months.

  19. THIS is what I've been waiting for - for the rich to start sharpening their knives and licking their lips while they look, not at us, but at each other.

  20. I think earlier DD showed bnp paribas was one of the counter parties to the short bags. This is not shocking to me.

  21. Wow, if only WE had the power to short the banks/hedgies guilty of shorting everyone else. We could make a killing watching them drop into the abyss.

  22. Can you feel it? Can you? That feeling where we all are going to be poor at the same time. Like one big happy ass soup kitchen family. Amen.

  23. Glad I'm DRSed! Lots of good reasons to do it but fear of something like this happening were the thing that really got my ass moving.

  24. BNP investment branch is very small and there was rumors of BNP doing a hostile takeover on Societe Generale.

  25. Flatbrainer question: would it be possible for them to open such a big short position on bleeding banks to use them as collateral against GME?

  26. Can anyone tell me what happens to the people who took a loan out of a bank, if the bank goes down? Does the debt just vanish?

  27. At what point do we look at things and say "You know what? This whole shorting thing is dangerous and maybe we shouldn't let people do it."

  28. This is a european’s worst nightmare. They are the deposit bank for many brokers in EU. They have refused to respond to any of my requests of information on how or where the trades are done and where my securities are held.

  29. I just had what can only be described as a brain twister. Are they trying to pull of some kind of reverse short squeeze/trap? Make their stock super low and shorted to try and pull money away from gme and kick that can just one more time? I’m extra smooth brain right now. Trying to form a wrinkle.

  30. Super SUS. Seems like thee old look left go right strategy. All of a sudden massive puts being placed on banks so liquidity can’t be placed on other assets that may increase in the near future.

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