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  1. Have a great day today apers! You are beautiful! Anyone know why webull reports “current price” as way above ask/bid very often? Their support was… unsupportive to say the least. Somewhere, where webull looks, it is traded at 28.58 on and off.

  2. Rents in my neighborhood are now solidly past what I pay for my mortgage. I only bought this place 4 years ago. It’s insane.

  3. I asked the sec when the yearly FOIA reports get published for 2022. For some reason the SEC thinks the year ends in september and so to find out what really happened with my FOIAs from last september I need to wait until now to see the report.

  4. I'm going to spend my first million bribing prison guards to force ken griffin, the financial terrorist who committed perjury, to give me a vigorous rimjob after a week of eating exclusively Taco Bell.

  5. Short interest isn't short volume, and the former is both underreported and fake. Short volume doesn't really mean a whole lot, but one of the top posts today explained it well. Try Google.

  6. Before the 401k, the most common way to save for retirement was through an employer pension plan. Such plans became popular in the 40s after the war, attractive to those who had survived the uncertainty of the Great Depression. The idea was simple: some of your earnings would be retained in what was effectively a corporate bond to be distributed after a certain point in time.

  7. Things are so expensive now. I'm legitimately worried about the next year and my parents too. I might move back home next year so I can help them with bills because my dad's old and can't work because of disability. Even working as a dev, pay increases are 100% not keeping up with inflation, I can't imagine the toll these price increases are taking on other single people trying to save up for a home and a car and stuff too. it's seriously really scary

  8. I am excited to see all the good that comes after MOASS. I am a small bonobo who plans to hodl for the high score. I can’t wait to do good humanitarian efforts once I don’t have to work again.

  9. Same here on all points. The silver lining is they're getting to stress test their process on a very forgiving and devoted group of people here on the stonk.

  10. Stadia dying is a great example of doa product. Google wasted tons of money to prove this product isn’t a fit for the market, GameStop won’t burn precious cash chasing the same dragon.

  11. Not clickish, just desperate to see kinks where they don't exist and quick to downvotes people who don't see the same links. Tgere are a lot of low quality posts tonight. I just ignore it, doesn't change my position

  12. Thanks everyone for coming. I called this flat meeting because there are a lot of shitty low-quality and even FUDdy posts on the sub tonight. Be better. Now I'm going to floss and go to sleep and I expect to see this place cleaned up by morning or I swear I'll cancel the keg for Darren's coming home gathering and you KNOW his hot sisters were going to come to that

  13. Anyone know what really happened to Fruitsaladnft? I keep seeing conflicting reports on what occurred on the marketplace?

  14. Just caught the rona for the first time. Any suggestions on remedies and what OTC medicine to take? I still have my smell and taste but got a hell of a headache/body ache and chills

  15. I took copious amounts of Tylenol and Dayquil/Nyquil. At first it was mostly Nyquil because I had no interest in being awake. Slept like a champ for those first 4-5 days.

  16. Time. Thats what worked for last january. It was terrible. Body aches and tiredness i can deal with. For some reason towards the end i had the worst sore throat.

  17. i caught the homie omicron for a few days, just take everything and drink everything and switch from smoking to edibles and it'll pass

  18. Ape - I saw you on a flight to Las Vegas. I didn’t get to say hi because I was far back in the airplane. But good luck and hope you get more tendies in Vegas for DRSing.

  19. I just played Kiraverse and it was FUCKING LIT! The movement feels excellent, the guns feel excellent, and the game looks WAY better in-game than in pictures/screenshots I've seen. The movement mechanics felt on-par with Fortnite/Apex but felt surprisingly unique (I was worried that it might feel like a rip off of apex movement but that was not the case). What excited me most was how addicting it was. This is all PRE-ALPHA with a skeleton crew development team in 1 year. They are partnered with GameStop and IMX, have integrated cyber crew, metaboy, BAYC, and many more collections. You will be able to play to earn Kira token which you can buy skins, guns, items, and other NFTs with that you own and can resell on the IMX marketplace for IMX/Eth. You will be able to wager on games and stake Kira token on competitive games for a prize pool. I still maintain that Kira will be a Fortnite killer (see my post history) and playing has affirmed this feeling. Jacked to the tits 🦍

  20. Can't wait to get on the beta! Or something like that.. I haven't bought cod for the first time in 15 years because of this.

  21. if you dont have the patience to wait while the PPT pulls liquidity out of a market crash how are you gonna have the patience to hold through the ups and downs of a MOASS

  22. Superstonk has changed a lot since it started with the great migration. I haven’t heard anyone call anyone a paper handed bitch in forever. It’s to bad, March 10th 2021 I panic sold a little. Then I noticed in the comments some ape was calling out anyone who sold as paper handed bitch’s. And it was at that moment I knew this was a special place where you could feel secure enough to hodl and not be a paper handed bitch. Oh and how could I forget the closeness you get to your fellow apes when called a retard whilst ape refer to themselves as retards. Its all political correctness around here now.

  23. And there it is ladies and gentle apes. The T+2 dump. A sea of red as the Asian markets open. Like a clock. So many Tuesdays buyers going to regret buying during the Pump.

  24. Over 30 tomorrow and I read the book of genesis out of the Bible over the next 13 days of my work trip

  25. I got an email from my bank today saying they were raising the interest rate on my savings account. This is the 5th time in less than 2 months they have raised the rate.

  26. Imagine what it must be like to be up against a bunch of motherfuckers who are like: not today? Must be tomorrow 🤷‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🤷‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️

  27. Been here for almost 2 years. I’m fully expecting everything to be blood red tomorrow and I’ll be as zen as ever.

  28. 🎶Any major dude with half a heart surely will tell you, my friend. Any minor world that breaks apart falls together again. When the demon is at your door In the morning it won't be there no more Any major dude will tell you Any major dude will tell you🎶

  29. i miss reading comments like “you magnificent beautiful apes 👍” which would really hype me up and get me on all fours hopping and grunting like a large primate 🦍

  30. Mann I’m hurting for a RC tweet. I wonder if that bitchass Netflix documentary comment about his tweets made him decide not to tweet going into this run

  31. Did morale drop when dfv had to go dark, I don't think so. This rockets gonna launch no matter how hard they try to squash the hype.

  32. many moons ago i would use popeye's three piece meal for bulking whilst training. was one right near my subway stop at days end.

  33. Hear me out... everything going on unravels, the fed prints quadrillions to fix the unforseen events (globally done everywhere so its even). Cools inflation briefly, and then the hyperinflation hits x later pushing a global depression.

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