This is still one my favorite Burry tweets. The trend has been continuing. Random massive green days in an overall bear market

  1. I suspect MM's. Ripping money out of the hands of Put buyers, then doing the opposite when the gamblers buy calls instead.

  2. Fed creating bulltraps? No, just normies asleep at the wheel flushed with normalcy bias and think the free ride never ends and that bad times only happen to the before-times people in the grainy internet history videos you sometimes accidentally click on YT.

  3. Gotta wonder what the costs are to make today look good knowing damn well it’s all on fire. Now that Q3 is over they have some new gas to burn so I expect to see this ‘rally’ disappear as fast as it came in.

  4. Failing brick and mortar investment bank, credit suisse is up 1.4% and GME with 1 billion$ cash and technological pivot on the horizon is up 0.5%. Totally natural!!

  5. These 2% up days aren't even the massive ones Burry is referring to, the top 10 single day increases are all in the 8% range. Proper bear market rallies rip slow shorts face off, and we haven't quite seen a true 1 day BMR yet. Since bearish sentiment is so strong across the market right now, uptober seems like the perfect time for one. October has been an up month around 80% of the time in midterm years.

  6. Glad someone said it. I listen to his financial tweets, not his political ones. It’s not hard to separate them

  7. He is lame and has nothing to do with gme the dd available here is much more relevant. I personally just downvote and report. He also deserves no credit for what’s going on with gme.

  8. No he’s not. He does not own gme and has little to nothing to do with gme. He has been predicting wrongly the fall of the economy for 7 years with his stupid tweets and interviews.

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