Computershare posts have slowed since Q2 earnings

  1. I've only done my initial first share post in GME orphans. That was a single share and I now have ~130. While I like the bot, I only care about the number in the quarterly report, so I can't be bothered to sort out a screenshot every-time I buy more.

  2. Well I’m not allowed to post on here so you don’t get mine Edit: There’s a chance people are posting elsewhere. Like on Millertimes DRSyourGME.

  3. I don't post my numbers and also have recurring buys. GameStop's official numbers are the only ones that count.

  4. Karma went up to 4800, just tried to post this morning and failed. Also I posted an update on my last purchase and got no updoots

  5. I've been spurring the people I've convinced to buy. Convincing them to DRS is harder. They're convinced that their shares are safe in their brokerages.

  6. I suspect we're being forum slid. The Credit Suisse posts are coming in left and right. Probably in an attempt to drown out Computershare posts. Coputershare posts are the way. They are afraid of them.

  7. Have not posted for the bot. Excited to see the numbers on the next quarterly report. Leaves a little mystery to not know the true numbers. DRS

  8. We got enough people who bought, they just need to be motivated to DRS. But it’s not that easy to convince the waiting ones.

  9. Nah. OP is right. I can’t link but check Millertime1216 page, he’s posts CS account numbers and September was very slow. Spreading awareness should be top priority.

  10. The problem is that inflation is crushing me right now and I have zero dollars to DRS. Prob DRS too much lol I'm hurtin right now.

  11. If it makes you feel better I'm on the phone right now DRSing 600 shares I moved from my ROTH IRA to standard account.

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