they are trying so hard this has to be the most pathetic thing I've ever read. I've never everrrrrrr had an issue like this

  1. If GameStop tries to increase it's sales and customer base... "GREEDY RETAIL PRACTICES EXPOSED BY GAMESTOP INSIDER!"

  2. God, when I worked it retail cellphone/home services sales, we were told, "do whatever you can to get the customer's driver's license so you can do a credit check on them and confirm them for service." I saw people who said "we want to see if you're eligible for our exclusive in-store offer," then run a credit check on them. I had one manager tell me, "if you get your hands on their license, it will be easier to keep then in the store." Like, fucking obviously? Youre holding a hostage at that point.

  3. I have lurked the workers sub. I understand some complaints and know there is always room to improve but come on. It’s 99% loathing. Why work there if it’s that bad? Definitely being pushed and fluffed up for awhile now

  4. You also generally dont seek out a place to vent online when you're happy with your employer/service/whatever.

  5. Last thing I’d want to do is work all day at a job I hate and go home and bitch about with a bunch of other people off the clock.

  6. Pay attention to their complaints because they are all real and accurate to working there, you should ask yourself as an investor why Regional and District managers got large salary increases as well as stock in addition to their bonuses while frontline employees doing actual work got stiffed for the last 5 years. I sold 2200 dollars worth of pro-cards and warranties last month as a part time employee and got paid 1300 dollars for it. Pro cards and warranties are 94% profitable to GameStop

  7. I have gone to my local gamestop and heard an employee complain, and I told them about worse retail jobs I have had, it always shuts them up. It's usually just last kids who haven't had many other jobs that complain

  8. Man just stop giving shills the exposure they want. There are infinite articles out there against gme. We do not care cause we just like the stock.

  9. Exactly. Why do people think its important that every hit piece is brought to this subs attention? Comments are never allowed so we can't refute the articles publicly. We all know its BS. Theres enough shilling without apes adding to it.

  10. For those not in the UK the Sun is the UK's most hated tabloid publication, specifically for their coverage of a sporting disaster that blamed victims among among other horrendous things during their coverage of it.

  11. My recent interactions with the stores were fine but the employees do put up with a lot of stressors, especially from other customers. Retail labor will unfortunately always suck no matter how many benefits you offer.

  12. I worked retail there. We never screwed over customers. We bent over backwards for customers, a-lot. And yeah, used games are more profitable for the store, duh! The GME warranties are comprehensive. Amazon warranties are not. This guy needs to go cry to Bernie Sanders cause his expectation that the business model shouldn’t make money is some genZ whining.

  13. Interesting! The Sun has published an article on GameStop when there are no stores in the UK? Who sent them this article to publish then? Because it's not like their journalist found that scoop on their own and thought it worth publishing...

  14. Damn here I was thinking GameStop was a charity 👀 Whoever wrote these must have a chimp with a pair of cymbals for a brain.

  15. Yes, a retail vendor wants customers to spend money. There aren’t any profit margins on new hardware or games, so to earn money, they offer services and warranties. At the end of the day, it’s a business.

  16. I went on the Xbox store. Was looking for Black Ops 2, for the 360. Felt like replaying the story for the hell of it, and lost my disc a long while ago.

  17. I bought Battlefield 2042 brand new for $24 CAD and it was labelled as $79, the guy at the counter said yes this is real, happy customer.

  18. Wait till this guy hears about EVERY COMPANY EVER TRYING TO UPSELL EVERYONE ON EVERYTHING EVER!!! low effort as fuck

  19. I read this, and can not beleive how bottom of the barrel they had to go to to make a bearish article. I don't think this Cody guy will ever make money.

  20. Clearly these aren't going to dissuade us, are they laying down bad press for when folks are contemplating FOMOing into the moon lander? If so, it's fucking weak and going to be innefective. Carry on

  21. Typical moves you see the same thing from apple paying content providers to slag off samsung for the exact same faults there product has but worse mostly,you dont see the same from samsung who never talk about there competition giving them no publicity and only working on better products for there

  22. These were on the top of my google feed this morning. I had actually never seen any prior “promoted” GameStop posts like these on there prior to these two, lol

  23. this guy is an idiot... speaks on behalf of nobody and is considered a nobody in terms of the company. he still made the news because he said something negative and he works there.. to the news companies.. this is what they know how to do. create falsities where they do not exist.

  24. I had the displeasure of reading the article and it's so fucking dumb lol. He's literally just saying basic business information 101. Such as, GameStop makes more money from selling pre used items. Yes. Of course. Literally any company selling pre used items makes a higher profit margin from this

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