WTF! 😆

  1. it goes to show, Gensler & SEC are all about populism. their regulation is nothing but a show, playing off shitty talking points in popular shill media. look at this shit, Gensler went out of his way to make a video that warns you about celebrity endorsements, and to this day hasn't told a soul about DRS, what the actual fuck. his advice for retail is nothing but dumb fearmongering and misinformation against social media. can't wait to see this goon in prison for life!

  2. Probably doing it to keep marketing down for crypto. They are afraid of it. Freedom of speech goes bye bye. Its not even a stock. She should counter sue and bring up the SEC investomania video… same damn thing

  3. LMFAO, is this for real?'s Monday morning and not even 8am. I don't have the energy to verify this until at least a cup of coffee. But, for the love of God no way it's true hahahhah.

  4. Reality is stranger than fiction -- after the pornhub accusations they ignore wall street and go after an influencer known for T&A. SMH -- but really

  5. From Paris Hiltons Entourage, to Ray J’s porno slam piece, to Kanye’s wife, to Crypto Market Manipulator.

  6. Probably what the SEC did when they couldn't access Pornhub, so they went to search engines which still allow some content 👀😳

  7. The theatre of the absurd only gets weirder with each passing day. Glad I’ve got a ticket - multiple tickets locked safely away 😉

  8. With a celebrity it's not the fine it's the fact it'll discourage other celebrities from marketing and supporting crypto

  9. Funny enough the first time they saw her on footage was her film with Ray J, they’ve had her in their sights ever since lmao 🤣

  10. I can't help thinking they've had this lined up for awhile waiting until they needed something to throw to the media for a distraction.

  11. It’s a message. They need to attack DeFi if they want to implement their own centralized currency. This idiot they are charging is a good vehicle to start imprinting in the minds of the public the idea that “crypto bad”.

  12. It’s also a low key attempt to brand all crypto as “securities” to the masses, which is an important distinction that gives the SEC and CFTC the ability to regulate it. And it will probably work, sadly. Motherfuckers!

  13. Anyone notice how he keeps trying to push crypto as an asset/security so the SEC can be the only ones all over regulating crypto

  14. If you at a Venn Diagram of Pornhub and Crypto time wasting, Kim is actually right in thr middle. That's how they found her

  15. This is great news! Now that they’ve established a precedent, the SEC can go after all the media, banks, etc that said putting 10% of your retirement in crypto is a safe investment.

  16. How ‘bout when Cramer tells people to “buy, buy, buy” a stock that shits the bed or “sell, sell, sell” a stock that HF’s squeezes… that’s not manipulation, right?

  17. I thought SOP for SEC was to combine a bunch of fines into one to make it look big. So they must be planning on going after a bunch of celebs and total them to $10 million for affect.

  18. Notice that her fine was more than the total she made! The SEC is attempting to show normies that the fines are not paltry percentages of the illicit gains! SEC - start fining WallSt firms more money than was illicitly made!

  19. Before this, who the fuck would have bought a coin on basis of Kardashian shilling it? After this, its almost as if i wanna buy coins on basis of Kardashians shilling it.

  20. so I have an idea, maybe if we make deepfake ken griffin sex tape and upload it on pornhub he will go after him

  21. Ask yourself why the SEC is cracking down hard on crypto, but not on actual crimes in the stock market.

  22. that fuckn nut sack, really? excuse me gg kenny has a huge asscrack in his face you go get that man, not some random celebrities you old horny creepy fuck bald wimpy dick

  23. This sounds like they just wanted a reason to seize her ass’ets.. SEC rolling up like FREEZE! Hands to the wall!😎🍑

  24. The SeC have been on pornhub. Huh 🤔. I don’t buy it. Kim K just entered a private equity partnership with Carlyle a few weeks ago. Carlyle is a bit of a slimy wallstreet organization that buys cheap properties all over the country to rise rents on tenants. Just a small fraction of the upstanding business of Carlyle group. I guess my point is, this is a club and I’m not in it. They use Kim k as a “new” false precedent, but I don’t buy it.

  25. So is Gary going to do anything about that cokerat on CNBC. Or is that more of a "if people listen to that idiot, they shouldn't be allowed to have money" -thing

  26. This case is definitely just an optics case. The Kardashians are easy targets for that. But all this will do is challenge others to do the same I would guess. With the Kardashians viewed as ditzy influencers, someone will come along thinking they can get away with it, because they're smarter.

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