How exactly does CS collapsing impact GME’s ability to squeeze?

  1. How were the DDs able to confirm that Suise inherited Archegos' bags without Suise having to disclose it? I've been around shortly before the sneeze and I am still just as confused with OP here with the Suise-GME-Archegos connection.

  2. So far it seems Debit Sus has short position dumped onto them by ol' billy Hwang. If that's the case, if Debit Sus goes down they will have to close their open positions which should flood GME with legit buys. But the shorts could muster up enough monies to buy up their short exposure to buy another day.

  3. They are moving the hot potato upwards. I can imagine Jpower will hold it within a few weeks and will say to his friend Bidon that he has a hot potato and doesn't know what to do with it.

  4. Please, please use 'CrS' (or something else) as opposed to CS when referring to Credit Suisse, since 'CS' has been used exclusively for Computer Share on this sub.

  5. Bruh if you are to dumb to go on a credit suisse post and then get confused between credit suisse and computershare its on you not me.

  6. Swaps and shorts. Basically Archegos like many other SHF had a small short position and a huge swap position. Swaps are cooler because they are not public so you can do it repeatedly with risky banks and get a ton of leverage.

  7. Everything won't cause gme to squeeze. We have seen so much bs and nothing. It will only happen wjen gme announces something massive which can take sometime but supposedly in 2023 so we will see.

  8. No. The bags just go to someone else. It’s only when the final bag holder collapses where this takes off.

  9. I remember reading a DD last year that detailed why a market crash does not = MOASS but the MOASS DOES = a market crash.

  10. OP, you may want to change the title. I almost had a fucking heart attack when I read “CS Collapsing”. I automatically assumed that stood for Computershare… not cool.

  11. Scared me bud. I was like “shit computershare is collapsing???!?” It’s credit suisse yall. Definetly not the post to read first thing when you wake up 😂

  12. It doesn’t. Ppl here got mad at the lady in the Netflix series when she said something bout yolo let’s destroy the economy but come on here and preach how the economy is crash and is excited! News flash, economy crashes, gme crashes as well!

  13. Mi assumption is CS will have difficulties to access liquidity, and at some point will be margin called and positions close, no matter what they have in portfolio

  14. Did you search the forums and the DD library for your answer first? The reason I ask is because it's going to be a long answer & very convoluted, more suitable for a post than a comment.

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