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  1. Reasonably safe. FDIC insured and all. Now if you’re asking if that money will maintain its buying power, that’s a different matter altogether.

  2. All this awful news lately for the economy/global economy yet futures go brrrrrrrrrr. Not worried though RC is smarter than me

  3. Hey all, ELI5 how does low volume mean that the price is going to sky rocket? Doesnt that mean that there aren’t buyers just like there aren’t any sellers?

  4. I checked out for the past 5 months. Still holding. Have I missed anything big? Any reason to be hyped or is it business as usual?

  5. Things are unraveling and I’m just 🧘‍♂️ it’s a strange feeling knowing the shares I have sitting in Computershare are just chilling and the financial world is scrambling.

  6. Computer share just said they don’t have my shares ! When three months ago fidelity said they didn’t have my shares either ! WTFFFFF

  7. PSA!! Be very wary of sleeping with heaters on !!! I just had mine fucking catch fire , started smelling wierd and j look over and it’s literally flickering yellow inside and it went BBZZZTTTT and sparked a bunch of green and Blue right as I unplugged it

  8. Depends. Obviously pretty healthy and fit but running doesn’t really build a ton of muscle. Like that one family guy episode where Brian starts running .

  9. Hello I'm digging in to find the answer myself but thought I'd post here to see if anyone knows off the top of their head. My dad had called TD Ameritrade about a month ago and told them to send all his shares to Computershare, except they haven't done it yet. What should he tell them when he calls in tomorrow and/or sends an email?

  10. Speak with a compliance officer and ask why TD doesn’t have your dads best interests in mind by not doing as he requested. Next time get a DRS confirmation number that way if they give you the run around again you can file complaints with proper enforcements like any of the alphabet agencies. Also He should call

  11. My husband is finally convinced he should take the tax hit and get 401k funds out. Goes to do it and sees its down 27% so even more convinced. Merrill Lynch screen goes from removal process to a loan page immediately. He tried 3 times and it happened every time! He's going to have to call, and he's a sick fuck that will enjoy explaining his 401k isn't bank fun money, they can crash and burn just fine on their own dime. I can only hope he doesn't do it at the crack of dawn so I can be droppin' some eaves

  12. I got a promotion, a merit raise, and a little bonus from work today. I'm going to start an autobuy on Computershare for 10% of my pay now. I don't make a lot, but it's the most I've ever made and I'm feeling really good about my investment.

  13. Gamestop should buy that wutang album anyway and release it as nft dividend after they launch the wallets and marketplace for android

  14. None of the documentaries talk about the fundamentals of Gamestop and its potential. NFTs / blockchain / web 3 is the future and Gamestop is on the cutting edge. I'd invest on the fundamentals regardless. These documentaries focus on a stock squeeze / naked shorting and not the companies direction and fundamentals. When these world's meet in the same asset there will be fireworks.

  15. Do you regret living on the wrong side of the Atlantic Ocean when you look at the calender and realize that it is still Monday for you while it is Tuesday for me😎

  16. Remember how the majority of Chinese real estate securities have been frozen since March? Well the few that are still trading hit new 52wk lows today.

  17. Obviously the world is still quite full of braindead motherfuckers, but these cocksuckers are not going to be able to spin a narrative like how they did in '08.

  18. Wen spend evenings watching old movies in a rocking chair, wearing an old timey nightgown and cap, dog in front of the fireplace, and a platter of breads and cheeses

  19. Charcuterie, a dog, a fire, flannel, and old expensive whiskey. 10-50 acres maybe a little creek or river. Bob Ross just.painted it in my head rip ty Bob

  20. Been so busy doing estimates for my business after this hurricane that I just got my first chance to look at the ticker. Not a huge day but hey green is green. Oh yeah fuck you ken

  21. Bought XX more from Fidelity last week and today t+2 settlement. Just finished call to DRS them into CS. Buy, DRS & Hodl

  22. Just wanted to say that I love this sub and being here with all ya'll. From folks becoming inspired to quit smoking/alcohol, to folks taking up running after watching 7.41mi guy run daily for almost a year now, to folks educating themselves on this crazy web of financial crime, to folks bring treats for Gamestop store employees...this sub has had many positive effects on many our lives.

  23. Seems like similar to when RH iPod. Rich insider informed people buy in early pump it get retail to buy in and immediately dump their shares on them.

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