Credit Suisse has un-closed GME short positions hidden in Swaps from Archegos

  1. Who else is holding the fusion bomb that is Archegos? Weren't Nomura, JP Morgan Chase, and Goldman Sachs involved?

  2. JPM, Goldman, and Morgan Stanley are also neck deep in the mayo swaps. This doesn't end well for them.

  3. I think JPM and GS were the first to dump the Archegos bags, but who knows for sure. If they aren't holding that turd there's probably a stack of others anyway

  4. Probably lots of Hedgies. I don't doubt that they divided whatever Archegos was holding amongst themselves to survive another day.

  5. GS and MS both dumped early though, that’s why CS was so fucked in the first place. They left CS holding the bag.

  6. Credit Suisse is one of many holding GME shorts. They’re hoping this sacrificial lamb will vindicate what we all know while also hoping to put it to rest.

  7. SUNDAY REWIND SPECIAL! Here you can view the original discussions we had one year ago when Bill Hwang’s Archegos imploded leaving Credit Suisse with tremendously heavy bags

  8. Those were supposed to expire in October of last year though. Still interesting they would need that many for any reason though.

  9. Plus the other short positions these clowns all hold counter party risk for. We think GME Is the only short? No way, they dug too deeply and too greedily across many companies. They are probably trying to actively box dozens or maybe hundreds.

  10. Rocket Mortgage (RKT) was one of Archegos' short positions that was either partially closed or fully closed when Archegos blew up.

  11. Absolutely. Not gonna name any other companies that I think are possibilities, but I think a certain electric car company was expected to go out of business in 2015 and so the sudden growth in 2019 has led to... a nearly trillion dollar company in a company that only recently became profitable.

  12. I’ll bet they want to time the marketplace release (V.1.0) with the next run up/short close kaboom so that the insane price can be attributed and excused on its big release and success during the market crash

  13. Just watched a video from may 21 on this and the commentator actually blamed naked shorts and that cs mist likely had other hidden swaps and derivatives

  14. I think the next couple days will be telling. Will the narrative shift to blaming GME holders? We can’t let anyone forget that the hedge funds are responsible. They’re the ones that took the risky bets.

  15. I don't think they can publicly call us out yet, not until it's over. They wouldn't want all the extra FOMO piling in before MOASS. But by then it will be too late 🤑🤑🎉🎉 so FUCK 'EM

  16. We’re approaching another T69 cycle, this time after the splivy, no one is selling as evidenced by the daily volume, and looks like CS et al are holding some huge swap bags…

  17. Imagine being in a meeting with a dozen international banks and being the person to say “we have $10 billion dollars left, but we have $120 billion In exposure.”

  18. OP, you're an absolute champ for adding what the acronyms stand for above them. If you were here, I'd kiss you on the lips

  19. Shorts never closed they just doubled down lol imagine being on the hook for over a billion dollars and only getting 19 million in return hahahaha whoever signed that contract needs to be on the degen sub

  20. I feel like they created all this jargon & BS just so normal people don’t know the crimes they’re doing. So they made it complex for that purpose

  21. Made the Sec ignore crime due to not knowing what they read. Plus made the public ignore stuff as it's too complex for people to understand.

  22. I think we’ve been wrong about Archegos having GME short position. I’m somewhat convinced now that Archegos was LONG on GME. Credit Suisse went SHORT on GME as a hedge. When they organized the drop in VIA, GSX; etc, they were able to margin call them. Then, when they were ready to fuck things up, they SOLD all of the GME longs into the Market on Flash Crash day, hoping that unloading that massive bullet would panic the Apes and cause FOGF. We didn’t, and they only got it to like 170 or so. And they still had all the shorts they sold into the market as the hedge for their long exposure from Archegos. GME was a reason why their (Archegos) portfolio value skyrockets in late 2020. MSM is lying, as always.

  23. This theory makes sense.. it seems archegos was going long gme to fyck other hedge funds and they were able to organize to knock out archegos .. net effect is lot of the hedge funds are still short gme including capital suisse.

  24. They are the bank. The hedgefunds have the shortposition which they have to pay to the bank/broker. If the hedgefund can’t pay rhe bank then they have serious more problems. Otherwise not.

  25. Wait, we still can't see the swaps though? Or is this enough evidence to see that they CS is holding the (part of) the short position? CFTC blocked all transparency because they don't want the world seeing crime, i. e. Aiding and abetting.

  26. Buy buy buy buy buy buy DRS the writing is on the wall get your Uranus tickets because the train is about to leave the station

  27. They’re trying to start WW3 just to cover up for their entire fraudulent market completely strangling itself to death on their own greed.

  28. I have been saying this since the first member of congress implied we should get troops involved in Ukraine. They did the same thing in the post 911 days. They did it to hide the 2 trillion dollars in government spending that they could not account for, and what part of the pentagon was damaged in the attack? The records department. Just saying..

  29. This explains the very recent post trying to argue thay Archegos was actually long on gme. They are trying so hard to hide their hopeless position.

  30. Anyways we're getting paid and the evil doers will go to prison. Their families will be investigated too.

  31. Only if we force that to happen. The rich stay rich for a reason. They know spending 50% to save the other 50% makes more sense than trying to spend 10% and losing it all.



  34. Question, this suggests that there was an attempt to cover short positions, but didn’t the SEC report determine that shorts covering was only a “fraction” of that day’s trading volume?

  35. In case they are forced to close, I'll happily sell a few of my DRS'd shares to them for... checks GME floor... $100M each, a bargain

  36. If , lets say for example the Deutsche can use the 47 trillion from derivative to buy GME to such prices, then they cant even buy half a million shares

  37. Remember these firms all share the risk because of swaps......and if one gets fuk then another one will be moar fuk....and moar fuk and moar fuk......🩳🏴‍☠️☠️

  38. This evening, I took a little trip by tram and paid a short visit to the CS headquarters at Paradeplatz in Zürich. I wonder why the lights are still on...

  39. "Unclosed short positions"--yes and when I walk out of Walmart with an Xbox without paying I'm not STEALING, I'm just unclosing my return.

  40. I’m been looking all the weekend but I remember reading something about Melvin closing out all there shorts out by September 30 I wonder who has that bag a shit?

  41. I remember an article about Debit Suisse last year that they a a very small percentage of positions to settle from the Archegos incident. 1% of infinity turns out is a death sentence

  42. For the last 18 months they’ve been thinking we were sending them shares each time we said we registered our shares with CS. Sorry buddy ol’ boy, you’ve got the wrong CS. You all can’t touch our shares anymore!!

  43. Call me a pessimist but this will not be what ignites the rocket. We've been burned too many times for me to think that they're just going to let Credit Sus go down.

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