The most patient investors in History are right here in this sub. We’ve come a long way, baby!

  1. 2 years? Easy. But the constant FUD attack from all direction, during the whole duration? Made it a lot easier, and also fun.

  2. Tbh sitting on my ass living pay-check-to-pay-check isn’t all that hard when there’s 1000s of apes sitting together

  3. A chance to finally use my time wisely. Not have to wake up coz I got to go to work but because I want to start living.

  4. Not only spelling Warren Buffett wrong but also thinking he talks about you. He would never invest even a single penny in a company with bad fundamentals like Gamestop, not even at the time he did his cigar butt investing where he searched for bullshit companies like Gamestop. Please leave him out of the cult, he doesnt deserve to be in the same place like you "InVeStOrS"

  5. When you see a quote on a poster, do you think the person who wrote the quote was thinking about you? Lol seriously what a weird take, it’s just an “inspirational quote.” I doubt people who work in a generic office who see an inspirational quote from like, MLK thinks “oh man he was thinking about me in this shifty office job!”

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